Sunday, December 30, 2007

the rest of the rest...

week one of break...lessee, dec17 was my last day off of skiing... since then i've done one race, and 6 sets of intervals... the last week of school is a blur, with 5 hours / night for sleep doing really good. it really affeted my training, as I've been very flat, and tired, both in practice (mine, not the coaching, i can in fact yell good job when i'm tired), and in events...

this week of school it's been just dumping snow... so i've been touring (drive up to mountain at 6 or so, then staying to ski for an hour or two... or going back later... basically i'm thrashed...

today, hadn't planned on skiing (would have made 13 days in a row), but i woke up at 5;15 like clockwork, so i got up, ate, and drove up early in a blizzard. in the parking lot I had to push myself out of a snow drift, but once i get going the car planes out just fine... i had left an important part of my boot in a ski partners car. so i turned around. no problem. beautiful sunrise, or would have been were it not whiteout conditions.

so it's technically a rest day, but i may go do some upper body and abs at the gym. Note: Ski tour means put climbing skins on skis, and skin up runs, before removing gear and skiing down. Usually done at a ridiculously early hour. Could be done in the wilderness, but i'm going for convenience and safety lately.

disregard what follows. it's just for my archive. 17.5 hours. 2 weights. 3 intervals.

12/30 weights.
12/29 Saturday: slept 7 hours. 2.5 hour ski tour, then 4x4 skate intervals, had a hard time keeping up w/ training partner, but the guy is good. Felt better. feeling 3rd interval set of week.
12/28 Friday. Slept 5 hours. Tour, 2 hours, great snow, 1.5 hour classic ski easy. felt flat.
12/27 Thursday. Good sleep. Ski tour. 2 hour I think. Fantastic snow. Then skate intervals. 4x4, with 4 minutes rest. A little flat. Weights.
12/26 Wednesday. Good sleep. Ski tour. 2 hours
12/25 Merry Christmas. Good sleep. Intervals. Classic. 4x4.
12/24 Ski tour in morning. 2 hours. Night ski under full moon.
12/23 Sunday. Good sleep. 2.5 hour ski in pouring rain.
12/22 5 hours sleep. Ski race. Ski'd at 'tempo' i.e., i took it pretty easy for the first half.
12/21 5 hours sleep. Oh crap, I may have rested then! that means....
12/20 5 hours sleep. 2 ski train. with team. then intervals after.
12/19 5 hours sleeep. 2 hour ski. weights...
12/18 5 hours sleep (see the pattern?) two skis...
12/17 5 hours sleep. rest day.
12/16 3 hour skate ski.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

ski race.

10km, 35 min, improvement from this time last year but didn't make goal. this week, 42km sunday, mon off, tuesday, 1.5 hour classic, 1 hour skate(with 4x3min intervals), wednesday, 45 min skate, thursday, 1 hour 15min skate (w/ 4x3 min intervals, and one, 1min), friday, 1 hour skate (w/ a 2min,3, 4, 3, 2) set, saturday, 7km warmup, 10km race, 5km cool down.

i guess tapering wouldn't have killed me.

skis delaminated friday night, so i glued them back together, and got some quick wax on them and made it to the race...

with 10 seconds to spare (literally)... lessee, in the past year, i've had a 'miss my start', fall over in my start, break a pole in my start, and 4 :10 second just in time starts...


tommorrow, something like a 40km ski SLOWWWWWW. 2 more weeks of ridiculous intervals, then a month of easier intensity (maybe one intensity per week, and one race)...

ultimate to follow.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


OK. I don't know if you knew this but my dad is a doctor. In fact, he scored the highest score in the state of Georgia on his medical boards. That is to say, Smith's are good at standardized tests. Anyway, Rodney aced his shit at the Medical College of Georgia, and was valedictorian.

As an aside, my mom or my dad was summa cum laude at Emory, and the other was magna cum laude at Emory. I'm not sure which is which, but my mom was better, and she graduated in 3 years, to my dads' 4. Apparently for all their smarts, neither was smart enough to keep an accidental child from occurring. Apparently they were right in Health class.

In any event, my parents moved to rural Maryland, where my dad entered school, and at Georgetown in Residency, redeemed himself in his inability to be number one in the family. He was served to the National Institute of Health, where he served in early viral pathology research.

Afterword, we moved to a rural area outside Atlanta. I was in 2nd grade, but I was stuck in a mix of city and country.

My mom, despite the fact that she was magna, or summa, or whatever, had been burdened down by 4 kids in 6 years. or perhaps she was bored, or, as will be revealed, capricious, as she was several years away from being one of the few people in the country who passed her CPA exam, all 4 parts, in one attempt... but I digress.

Mom was given a gift: as far as I know, it was the first Vietnamese potbellied pig purchased in the USA . This pet pig turned out to be ACTUALLY, a full on PIG, and grew up big and strong.

Albeit, with 3 legs.

So anyway, there we were, living in Northern Georgia, and as was the case in the 70's and 80's, it was not uncommon for a doctor to be both a doctor, and as was the case for my father, following his passions, a farmer.

in any event, in late 1979, or early, 1980 (i can't remember), our family farm was visited by a traveling vacuum salesman. Now you have to imagine the scene; at the time my parents (now happily divorced) were happily married, but during this era, cable was non existent, north Atlanta was farmland, there was no internet, and my dad was too smart for his own good.

On this particular day, I was home. Technically, I was the 'owner' of this pig. I mean, once we realized 'PIG' was just a pig, not 'Gavroche', we were all pretty OK w/ raising 'PIG' to be food. But like many young children of age 5, I was not a good steward, and, my dad was the de facto parent.

But I remember the salesman showing up, and the conversation went something like this.

The salesman showed up, and asked my father about our current vacuum cleaner. It was late 70's and we DID in fact own a perfectly serviceable vacuum cleaner.  He was however blessed, or cursed, with a proclivity for bullshit, and he brought this salesman in with his usual vigor associated with boring afternoons grilling proselytizers on scriptural detail. he was not particularly devout, but like many southerners growing up during this time, he was fairly well educated in the distinctions between Leviticus law and new testament 'turn the other cheek' issues.

He was educated, even beyond his rather egregious knowledge of 2 season corn growing, viral pathology, and Georgia basketball, in the area of basic fundamental dogma. and more specifically, he was extremely well versed from years of reading Scientific American, and felt comfortable grilling some yokel Yankee in the arena of vacuum technology.

In any event, I remember well my father, gentleman farmer, sitting there with his tie on (as was the case with many gentlemen farmers of the era), meeting with this particular salesman. And as the salesman insisted on showing his vacuum's ability to suck up coffee grounds, etc... my dad kept going for more virulent dirt, and nails, etc. He was being a jerk.. I mean, my dad was a doctor. We had a vacuum. Technically, we had a maid. but, life on the farm had boring moments, and dad was never one to fail to capitalize on them.

In any event, after a couple hours of my dad grilling this young man about venturi effect and Bernoulli law, he finally let him off the hook. But as the salesman was leaving he commented upon my pet pig.

Now, as I mentioned, PIG had originally been named Gavroche (named for the urchin in Les Miserables) but when it turned out that he was not in fact a Vietnamese Potbellied pig, but in fact, a full on HAWG, he became my pet. but as is often the case when you give a pet to a child, care of PIG fell to dad. Well, our three legged pig was extremely bright, and, as the vacuum salesman watched, limped in and out of the door, over and over.

And as he was leaving, the young salesman had the temerity to say to my father, 'Say sir, I'm just dying to know, what's up with your 3 legged pig?' And my father replied with the following story.

'Well son, once, one march, we all were sleeping soundly. meanwhile ,our Christmas tree was downstairs. Now, I admit, I should have disposed of that tree some time earlier, but the fact is, the can of seven up i poured into the base of that tree had in fact evaporated, and perhaps, my tree was a bit dry. Suffice to say, a bit of an electrical spark occurred, and that tree caught on fire.'

At this point, the young man interjected (i was busy doing whatever it is 5 year olds did in 1980 georgia, probably eating pudding) 'so, did the fire burn the pig?'

My father replied, 'No, No, No, sir. have you been paying attention? You see that doggy door there? That pig, raised like a member of the family, ran into the house, and woke me up, and we were all saved!!!!'

the young man replied, 'so, I don't get it. The pig got burned?!!!'

My father rolled his eyes, and said, 'young man you just don't get it. Let me tell you another story.'

'I was out running the combine one time between house calls' (did I mention my father was a gentleman farmer) when it broke down. I got out to free up the blades when my tie (again did i mention my dad was a gentleman, physician farmer) got caught in the blades.'

The vacuum cleaner salesman interjected, 'so the pig got caught in the blades?'

My father replied, 'Ah callow youth.  No,  there i was, being dragged in, when PIG came running out, ran across the fields as my good for nothing son sat at home playing atari PITFALL, ran up to the combine, and... to this day I don't know how or why, came up and bit my tie off at the neck. I don't know why or how, but PIG saved my life!!!!'

The traveling salesman replied, 'sooo did the pig get caught in the wheels?;

My dad replied, 'SON, are you listening!'

The salesman got up to leave, scratching his head, and as he finally walked out the door said, 'sir, dr. smith, i just don't get it. why does your pig have only 3 legs?'

My father said, in the way that only a doctor with too much time on his hands could say,' damn boy, don't you get it! you can't eat a pig like that all at once.'

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well Thanksgiving was pretty adventurous. Saturday, I did bike intervals, and a 2 hour run/hike/orienteering project in pouring rain. Sunday, I ddi a 1 hour swim, and 1.5 hours of core/weights/cardio. Monday, I drove 12 hours to Vernon BC to ski. Silverstar is a great resort. Snow coverage was a little thin, which meant the lower trails were not skiable. But I skied 3 hours tuesday, and 2.5 wednesday, and did 2.5 hours Thursday in a continuous ski, skiing over and down the mountain and back. I've still got this mystery foot issue going on: I can run now, but the foot is stressed by skiing. I'm hopeful it'll 'train up', but i'm busy taking therapeutic (Read, LARGE doses of aleve in the meantime). Thursday afternoon, I drove to Missoula, arriving at 3 in the morning. Yeah... thanksgiving. Friday morning I drove to yellowstone, and skied for an hour. Saturday, I somehow talked myself into skiing in the Supertour race. US Ski team members, elite college kids, etc. Basically, I was totally humbled, but learned a lot. Skated for an hour that afternoon. Got up Sunday morning, skied under the full moon, and then as the Sun was coming up skied back to the hotel, and drove back to Bend.

Some funny highlights: As I was trying to get ready for the race, I was starting to rush to get ready as it neared my 11:11 start time. I finally got my skis waxed for the 16km classic race, and i was trying to put my insoles in my classic boots... and they wouldn't go. So I shove and tuck, nothing happens. Finally I shove it in there and try to adjust it with my hand deep in my boot. That's when I find the hard boiled egg shoved in my shoe.... AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH I yell!!!!! But I actually did not yell AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.

I got a student to stay for the raffle, and I won a pair of nice skate poles... Holmenkol carbon poles.... they're probably worth 150 or so... I told him I'd give him 10% of anything I won... so we decided on 15 dollars as an arbitrary amount for these poles.

I managed to average 10 or 20 over the limit for my 9 hour stretch home, and we made it in 10.5 hours.

I was pretty wiped this morning, but school was great, and a kid gave me a delicious turkey sandwich at lunch, so I finally got my thanksgiving Turkey. Tonight I went skiing at bachelor and just did drills for 40 minutes. About 1.5 inches of snow fell while I was there, so hopefully I'll be skiing decent snow the rest of the week, albeit with a headlamp.

I told my famous pig joke today in class, and was rewarded with a willing victim who, by the conclusion was partially willing to believe that I grew up with a 3 legged pig, commonly left my christmas tree up until march, and had my life saved on multiple occasions by my pet pig.

Frisbee corner: I'm glad the flame war on RSD has come to a close, UNCW is being accused of being cheaters, but frankly in several years of playing against them, I found that they never cheated me. And even their assertion that you needed to be willing to get in a fight to win your ground against them never seemed to be the case. You did need to know the rules, and play hard.

So, I need new classic skis, as mine are slow as christmas. I'm also increasingly impressed by the value of weights.
Also, I've been swimming a good bit, and i've gotten up to about an hour. The race, I think I averaged about 3.5 min/km, which is pretty pisspoor, but it was super cold (makes skiing slower), I didn very minimal ski training this summer, my foot hurts, and it was my first race, and i need new skis. That's enough excuses, I suck, and it's time to work harder and smarter.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

state of the luke, and mild ultimate content.

mon, swam in the am, (30 min) ran in the pm (45min)
tuesday, no swim ran 45 min, then suffered the gym (30min bike, 30 min core/weights (keeping heartrate up) w/ core/squats/chin/pushups, military, vert row/ cable tower axe chops), then 30 min swim)
wed, swim am, 45 min run, 45 min bike pm
thurs, 30 min swim, 1 hr bike, 20 min run

ultimate content. the foot is good enough for the next two weeks: i'll have 2 or 5 hs practices during that time, and we'll mainly roll out the discs and play. we'll have a warmup (5min run, 15min drills) and play (15 min mini) and play (20 min scrimmage)... no discussion of new topics, just see how players are playing.

then ski for 8 days, 2x per day, then it's winter here.

Monday, October 29, 2007

state of the luke

today, 30 min swim (6am), 35 min run, 15 min fartlek
sunday, 45 min swim, 1:45 bike
sat: 50 minrun (20 minutes HARD)
friday, 20 min run, strides
thurs, 30 min swim, 40 min run
wed, 30 min swim, 20 min run, intervalson bike, 6min, 5/5/6
tues, 30 min swim, 45 min run, 40 min bike
mon, 40 min run, weights

foot achy, but improving. running wise, i'm BASICALLY where i was 3 months ago, w/ no overall loss in fitness.

not a terrible injury cycle, all things considered.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

state of the luke.

state of the luke.

well, yesterday, i ran for an hour (slow), and played guitar w/ a friend for a couple hours, and did chores. this past week, i did a tempo run (4 miles at a little under 28 minutes), and did an interval set of 2 miles warmup, then 3;30 (:60 recovery), 4;30 (:90 recovery) and 5:30. i meant to go 'back down the river' but i had a meeting. still some quality.

the sprained foot is still an issue. threw in a couple easy runs though.

today, biked (easy) for 85 minutes, then did the team time trial (3200 m) that i missed early season w/ injury. i was 12:25, so that's OK, better than last year by almost :23 seconds, not where I wanted to be this year, but, injuries aside, i'm at least back to where i was late summer. and i was basically running alone, so no one to race (that matters), so it's really an OK workout.

the team is ramping up for districts and state. I won't actually 'taper' as the entire school year has felt like a taper as i've moved from 20 hours a week to just doing the team workouts. so i'll try to add base training over the next few weeks. my goal would be to go 10 hours, 12 hours, 14 hours, 16 hours over the next 4 weeks, w/ no (or minimal) speed work in there.

in 2 weeks, i'll start the frisbee team going w/ our 'fall mini camp'. basically, i just roll out the discs, but it's a good chance for them to get some play time. in the past we've gone with a one day tourney, but i don't see that happening this year due to a variety of reasons.

last year was a year where w 'underperformed' at state, but we've over achieved in the prior years, and it's not like we collapsed, just failed to make our goals in a year where 3 key losses (injury, injury, moved) took away a few kids from key opportunities to help the team.

in terms of experimenting, i may have incorporate some H stack this year on a limited basis, mainly to train the 'd' to be used to it as all the valley teams play it. i still prefer to develop V stack as opening up opportunities for full field play, but it's an experiment. i'll probably run a simple H stack based on the preferences of the valley teams, which is

disc in the middle, hit the main cutter under, looking for the deep look, dump to handler.
if disc is swung, preference is give and go, look deep, w/ a bounce back and recenter to other handler, then reset.

if we can do THAT, and defense 'that', it will at the very least force the valley teams to go to 2nd and 3rd options. main goals will be to stop easy under cuts, and to deny the up line handler cuts. sounds easy enough.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

state of the luke.

frisbee corner:
vertical stack is much misunderstood and overuse of h-stak presupposes that handlers can't go deep. h stack is a nice modification to what is now a windless national series. this is the year of hurricane chamique, the vertical stack team wins.

9/29/2005 3:42, 3:49, 3:49, 3:49, 3:34.

10/3/2005 3:41, 3:38, 3:38, 3:40, 3:30

9/20/2006 3:37, 3:25, 3:21, 3:20, 3:16, 3:16

9/19/2007 3:45, 3:35, 3:30, 3:25, 3:30. Plus 2km warmup, 1.5 km cooldown.

and last week
3:40 3:35 3:30 3:25 3:30 3:40 plus 2km warmup, 2 kim cooldown. so one extra., tighter group, faster overall.

so, just ok. the foot is just coming around (thanks to my sponsor, aleve, 4 per day). last saturday i did 4x4 minute runs, and a hard monday run, so, it's improving. this past week was the intervals, then a couple easy runs. kids had a race saturday, i did 5 x 4 min intervals, w/ 10 min warmup, 90 seconds between intervals, plus additional easy running for 1:10 total. sunday was a juggling festival, learned 4 new tricks (clubs under left leg, under right leg, 5 ball flash (so i exchange 5 balls, but cant continue to juggle them), and a new pass (i.e, between 2 people juggling). oh, i was driving a borrowed car, so i dropped off the kids i was chaperoning (and my gear) and then jogged home 4.5 miles.

mon, 8 miles, with 10 x 1 minute hard w/ 1 min recovery mixed in at the end.

today, 35 minute run. probably a slow 4 miles. plus weights (3 x squats (bar only, full parallel squat, 15 reps), sit ups in the chair (leg lifts) til failure, pushups (3x20 w/ feet raised), chinups (3 x 7), side leg lifts (in the dip thing), back extensions (3x20).

my foot is improving, but not good. there is some smal chance i'll make it to nationals, but no promises. i MIGHT go play ulty this sunday night. bottom line, i'd be accepting of my numbers if i was healthy, considering i'm a MUCH better cylclist than last year: but i think THINK i'd be 5 seconds better accross the board if i hadn't gotten hurt.

nationals preview.
semis: sockeye v. chain. furious v. bravo. finals, sockeye d. furious by 2.
other quarter finalists, bravo, jam, condors, boston.

ok, i actually think it's jam's year, but i bleed green and red. too many years at nationals w/ fish and chain. so boys, put that last bit on the locker room door and fucking bring it.

my 28th birthday in 20 minutes. school is good. tommorrow, 1000s on the 'slow course', so if i go faster than 4 on them all that's good. the 1000's are longer than a 1000 though, so, i go into it only wanting to pick off some kids.

review of year goals:
guitar: my goal was to be able to play 25 songs. check. but i still need sheet music to do so.
running 5km: sub 18. uh, not looking good. but i've got 1 month of charging, and i'm on the mend. but i missed 8 weeks of training, so if i go sub 19, that'd be a win.
juggling 5 balls: well, i've flashed them, but i'm not fully there
skiing: sub 29 10km on a fast race day: tbd.
teaching: be better. check. accross the board, but i'm still bad/slow at grading. but preliminary work indicates i'm aceiveing the bigger goals (buy in, attendance, participation, mastery) without a bunch of easily graded busy work.

go throwback.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Thousands in the park.

9/29/2005 3:42, 3:49, 3:49, 3:49, 3:34.

10/3/2005 3:41, 3:38, 3:38, 3:40, 3:30

9/20/2006 3:37, 3:25, 3:21, 3:20, 3:16, 3:16

and today
9/19/2007 3:45, 3:35, 3:30, 3:25, 3:30. Plus 2km warmup, 1.5 km cooldown.

That's after a grand total of 6 runs in 8 weeks, and nothing fast since, a whle ago. so, i'm mildly psyched. If i can end this (lost) season in no worse running form than last year, it's a win, and the base training is better this year (i hope i didn't put in all those hours for nothing). I think if i'm lucky, I could run 6 in a couple weeks at 3:40, :34, :28, :22, :16, :10. But given my lack of time running, i'd be pretty happy to just do the same as last year.

Foot hurt bad, quad was fine. Didn't notice.

I'll see what tommorrow brings.

Monday, September 17, 2007

the long road to recovery

So pulled a quad back in late july. Then as i rehabbed that, i somehow sprained my foot. So the training has been prety squashed. Basically, I've been biking. Lot's and lots of biking. Lately I've started running a little, which basically feels like my left foot is running on, oh, say, medium size round rocks?

That said, here's what's going on:
Today, 4.5 miles, 35 minutes (7:50/mile). Core workout (push-ups, no-weight full squats, situps, side situps, back extensions, start at 10 each, then 9, and so on), then 26 minutes of roller skiing. That part really hurt.

Yesterday: Intervals on the bike. There's a hill by my house, it's like a 600 vertical foot climb. I did that 3 times, (13(warmup), 11, 10) then did the top 2/3 twice (5.5 minutes, harder). Before that, set up a race for the kids, plus 1.75 hours riding.

Last week, mainly just ran, painfully, like30-40 minutes per day, and last week, a couple long rides, including a 75 mile day.

The prior weeks look like that, but more riding, less running.

School is great. good classes, great kids. challenging as i teach 3 different classes back to back to back.

Hopefully the foot is healing up. Not clear that it is. But i'm hopeful.

Basic fitness: high.
Biking: Pretty good.
Speed running: shit.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


well, i maintain my years long policy of the occasional injury, but without missing an event. i popped my quad in a soccer game the other day, i went to chip, and the toe cleat on my football cleat (dum) caught, and pop. it may have been contributed by all the squats (fatigue), the bike wreck (bruise)... and the training (20 hours /week).

or it may have been dumb luck.

just doesn't matter.

luckily, while i've kindof limped around for a week, i was able to function in my weeklong job as as a baggage handler on a bike ride... and i was able to tolerate rides of 30,40, 30, 75, and 40 miles, then 30, and 40 for the past two days... so, i'm avoiding atrophy.

but i have a race in 1 month i want to do, plus labor day... and they are both in doubt. but i'm doing my nerdy straight leg raises, and quarter squats, and icing... etc.

the job was sweet. i couldn't have had better co-workers, i was pretty tired, and achy, but i tried not to be any bigger of a d-- than i could... with mixed results.

so, 14 hours last week, which doesn't include the manual labor (6 hours/day, i'm calling it 1 hour per day for training purposes, so it's a 20 hour week)...

um, beyond that life is the usual crazy mess of dealing with life, and getting ready for school, and a running camp i can run at (quad) (ill bike there, then paddle accross the lake... not like a total loss), and more work... and trying to get the world figured out.

frisbee corner:
oregon HS frisbee is in a position where hopefully we can arrange tournaments around cross, so while i'll miss some top athletes, i can at least get year round tourney experience for the team as a whole.... also, summer games were good. towards the end, i was even diving and shit, which was fun personally, and as a whole, the new freshmen look talented... should be a good year. speed at the new positions, fire, diving, and no quit. nothing like a 13 year old screaming by you yelling, LUKE RIGHT BACK RIGHT BACk.... and my favorite...

n... toe-ing the line... "im' in!!!"
andy (frosh)... no way he was out...
luke, i mean andy, keep it real, could you see? what if you made the catch.
andy. thoughtfully. oh yeah. then i guess i would have been in.
luke.. hee hee. just play fair dude.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

first of all...

if you're flippin' stupid, there is no way i would actually spoil Harry Potter and the Magic Thing online. that would be so lame. So read away. Or ignore away.

Next: 2Day. first ever Tri.

results Pretty good result. Could have done better. I had a achy hammy, due to over training. Thats' for those of you you read the blog, and go, gosh, how could dipshit possibly train that much.

Apparently I can't.

But the race was super fun.

Pre Race: I get up at 5, and kind of lounge about. My self requirement is that I eat 3 hours BEFORE the bike. My race starts at 8:25, so I eat at 5:20. So far so good. I pack the bag, grab the pam (wetsuit lubricant), and show up at the race about 1 hour before start. I was the last to register (like, each bike rack has a number, 1-100, 2-200, etc., and it ends at 493. Me). Apparently, that's what happens when you register day before 5 minutes before close. But Some Jackass has followed instructions. Get there early, place your bike, set up your gear. Of course it's some kind of mountain bike with bikerackes, and like 5 square feet of towel with shit on it. Me, I get lean my bike up against the rack, and throw my shoes in the grass.

Ok, the swim. In the water, and yes, there is one good way to warm up the wetsuit in cold water. I'm not sharing. Use your imagination. But it was a down river swim. I was Psyched, right up until I got caught in the gilly weeds. I'm swimming along in shallow water, because I failed to practice in the river, and I can't find the channel, and I look over and some dude is standing up about 2 feet from me. Ouch. Regardless of my poor navigating, apparently swimming for 30 minutes a year is not the best warmup for a Tri. ALSO, it appears you should practice transitioning from swim to bike. I didn't do so well.

The bike was fine. The run was OK. I had a mild hammy that i nursed. IN summary, it was OK.

Lessons for next time.
1) scout the rout
2) practice the trannys. swim/bike. bike/run. totally key.
3) taper properly. resting up an injury is not the same as tapering.

so it was fine.

In the world of oxymoronic good TV...
I'm diggin' John from Cincinatti.
Flight of the Conchords.

That's it.



Yesterday (Saturday) I picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows down at the local bookstore. It was the next to last copy available. I'm nursing a hamstring thing, and I was going to attempt a triathlon today, so I felt a full day of lounging was in order.

Several hours later, my years long exploration of Rowling's England had concluded. And not without a few genuine chills and thrills. And on more than one occasion I seemed to get a little dust under my contacts.

I have a few small problems with some of the literary devices Rowling has utilized in her latest novel. Do they add to the story? You will have to decide for yourself.

First of all, the rather odd choose your own adventure ending did not do much for me. I found it rather forced and contrived, but that said, I did work my way through as many of the various permutations as I could, and I have some comments.

My favorite ending was clearly, 'Harry Goes to Vegas and opens his own Illusionist Show.' I thought that that was fairly clever, and provided a nice bridge from the Wizarding World to the Muggle world. I was a little less enthusiastic about the 'Harry and Lord Voldemort go to Vegas and open an Illusionist Show.' It just made me somehow uncomfortable, and I'm not sure why they needed a group of white Ligers in their show.

I was particularly fond of what I refer to as the 'Annakin' ending. Having Harry 'Strike down the Evil Lord, and take on the mantle of Dark Wizard', well, it does open the door for a whole redemption cycle series. But frankly, While Rowling has for years borrowed heavily from the Genre, this is just a little too, 'StarWars' for my taste, and I'm not sure I'm buying Neville Longbottome as the new Luke Skywalker.

The ending with Ron's broken wand disarming Harry at a MOST inopportune time was brilliant, a grim reminder that fate and happenstance are closely related. As opposed to the overwrought use of deus ex machina in earlier volumes, and in children's literature in general (and tom clancy novels), this is a refreshing reminder that sometimes, well, your gun jams.

Gandalf, er, Dumbledore's return in one ending was OK, seemed a little forced to me, but I mean, Fawkes Phoenix Droppings and butterbeer mixed in the TriWizard cup... can't argue with that.

The ending I like to refer to as 'Dark Phoenix', (X-men homage, not fawkes) where Hermione goes bat shit crazy after 6 years of removing alfalfa and opie's bacon from the fire and getting no credit was interesting. Given Rowlings rags to riches story, and living as a single mom, it's really no suprise that she would upend social conventions in such a manner, but the whole lazer beam eyeballs thing on Ron, well, I mean, I was really hoping they'd work it out, they're just kids.

...LIke in ending 7-B-3, where we look to the future, and the whole thing has unravelled like some protracted 'Beyond the Glory' sports montage, and you can't help but wince at Mary Grandpre's stylized art of a portly balding Harry, reduced to babbling on about the good ole days like some over the hill NFL star with failing memory (can't spell cast anymore) and arthritis (clumsy wand manipulation)...

And I could really have done without the ending in which Harry awakes from a very vivid dream to reveal that he's just a 12 year old boy being kept in a closet under the stairs by his creepy relatives. What the heck is up w/ Rowling? It's supposed to be a kid's movie. It's like the scene in Napoleon Dyanamite, where they shoot the Cow in front of the school bus. But.. that was funny... this was just, painful.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

good weeks.

last week was the largest bulk week of my life. 22 hours. lots of easy... sunday (included in week) was a 40 mile ride, pretty brisk. like, avg 19 mph... so, ok for just 2 riders. then a swim, 15 minutes (swimming in river). monday, 1.5 hour mtbike ride, 45 minute run (not easy, but not hard), plus weights, tuesday (today), 1 hour (plus) mtb ride, 1.5 hours frisbee, mixed the strategies up between 'you go, i throw' and 'modified all super give and go technique'. then 30 minutes of roller skiing, later a 20 minute swim.

sadly, today was the last official day of on campus frisbee at summit, as they prepare to remove 25 feet over several acres to remove sinkholes.

tommorrow, no early ride, watch the tour live, run 50 minutes, get a bike in sometime, get some dentist love, swim...

i should really consider some form of 'taper' for this race, but it's just not that a big deal, well it is, but not b/c i'm trying to win, but because i want to have a good workout.

that's all.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

uh, good day. up at 6, watched the tour, then a fun trail hike/run. 3.5 hours on the trail, 11.5 miles, including rest time. walked fast on the hike, ran down on the flats. fun stuff. super fun. ice cream after.

biked to and from the carpool. such a good time...

yesterday, i rode 1.5 hours, ran 25 minutes w/ 8 minutes at level 3... then squats. then a 300 mile road trip to fish. got into a trophy fish, but lost it when i tangled my line. still, super fun. home at 12:00.

tommorrow, up early to watch the tour, then a 17-51 mile ride. i don't know, and won't know until i go. i need to swim, too, what with this tri next weekend. again, no goals for performance. just want to finish the race in style.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

dueling titles...

i can't decide between...

'I have been to the mountain' and 'Googly moogly i am such a dumb shit'

Got up at 6, had some cereal, turned on the tour. After biking up to frisbee practice this morning with a sack full of cleats and cones, and T-shirts, (10 total, played dutch, and mini, talked about marking drill, breaking mark, and facing mark), I watched the start of Stage 2 of the Cascade Cycling Classic (A big multi day stage race held here annually, Lance Armstrong used it as his springboard after his recovery). I thought, gosh, I should go for a ride. So, I went home, drank a smoothie. And jumped on the bike. I should have had like 2 eggs, some yogurt, etc. Oh, and left say, 3 hours earlier.

Instead, It's 11, and i'm walking out the door. With $5 in cash, my drivers license, and 2 water bottles. I THINK I had pump, tube, tire irons, etc. 80 miles later, I limped home. But most of the ride was awesome. I road to this cool observatory and pass so a couple thousand (plus) elevation gain net... a sweet view (high country lava field, check out DEE WRIGHT OBSERVATORY.

Needless to say, the sparse food i had, and the 2 power bars i bought with my 5 dollars led to some late game bonking. I also got a lemonade. In general Hydration wasn't too bad, I managed to pound 7 bottles (refilling) over the course of the ride... and I ran into two friends training for a 24 hour adventure race, who gave me some fructose and sucrose (like more gatorade, and a vitawater) but i was seriously bonked. And the heat was, well, minimum 100-105, riding for part of it on a good sized state highway, in what all of you (by all of you, i mean, you, the reader (singular))... so perceived / reflective heat was harsh.

I stopped once i got off the highway and walked into a farm field, and stood in the irrigation sprinkler, and stopped again probably 7 miles (yes, a measly 7 miles) from home when i saw some people feeding horses in a barn right off the road... where they not only had water but also a fruitjuice, and a banana.

so i made it.

Parts of me actually felt suprisingly good. My dogs were barking a bit, but 80 miles in cycling shoes will do that, but I kept my cadence low enough to stay in a fat burning metabolism... but i truly, truly truly bonked.

But the view was nice. Hence the dueling titles.

Here's the
I like the 'hybrid' button to see the climate changing as you bike east.

So things to improve: Eat more before. Don't ride 80 miles without throwing in the 60 miler. Take more money. Buy more food. Don't ride in the heat of the day. Don't go by myself (share the lead, share the work)

What did i do well.
Well, I did use sunscreen, looking now, no, i should have re-applied that two. Dumb shit it is. But not two significantly sunned.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i had the money, i bought the pudding.

well, my wetsuit came today. last year's model from f2r, a really good price. you can get custom printing on them. I should have. A batman logo would look sweet, and give me some good halloween costumes for years to come. but i went all black. why do i need a wetsuit you ask? well, i'm a grown man. i'd have looked pretty stupid if i'd spent it all on pudding now wouldn't I. And the wetsuit, on sale, cost me significantly less than the pudding. And if you're not buying 240 dollars worth of pudding, your just screwing around. You did watch the video, didn't you? i'm doing a triathlon in 2 weeks. i should probably go for a swim first. the swim is in a river. the temperature might be 63, at best. as importantly, the wetsuit makes you float, therefore, less Kcalories expended, more speed.

Been playing the guitar a couple hours a day, some progress. Just maded a smoothie, and a pasta salad. Recipes follow.

Smoothie. Put crap in a blender. Blend until smooth. You didn't really want a smoothie recipe, did you? (banana, blueberrie, OJ, water, ice (but varies daily)
Pasta salad: curly pasta, boil, rinse/cool. Add grape tomatoes, finely cut parsely, a cucumber (peeled, cubed), kalamata olives, feta dressing. total time, 10min. Serves, uh, just me. Although, with the leftovers, i guess it serves me, myself, and i.

saturday, an honest rest day. sunday, 2 hours on the mt. bike. Monday, 2 hours on the mt. bike, 45 min run, 5x150m strides, weights. Today, 1:15 Mtb, :30 road, 1 hour frisbee (run, throw, dutch, small field).

For some reason there is this 12 foot diameter hoop. So we set it so part of the hoop was on the field, overlapping the endzone, catch it in the endzone, AND in the hoop, two points. So half the fun was trying to catch a two pointer.

The other half, was attempting to surreptitiously change the portion of the hoop on the field, i.e., during points, when we would get a 'd', after points, attempting to distract the other team, while a team mate would move the hoop. Pretty fun.

Oh, tour's on too. So i've been getting my tour on. Yeah, deep cable.

OK, this PM, gotta go tryout my new wetsuit in the water, then, uh, eat more, and get up, and do-it-again.

Friday, July 06, 2007

movie reviews

pans labyrinth rocks. this is an amazing movie.
i'm very excited about black sheep. the zombie sheep movie. i'm looking forward to placing it on the shelf next to dog soldiers, and the brotherhood of the wolves...

effin' cars

so, today, i rode my bike from 6:30-8, (easy, and lest you think otherwise, easy means EASY), then ran, EASY (i.e., ran at the back of the entire pack... sort of), then lifted... then i had to go to the doctor. but i had to go have some blood work done, so i had to bike to the other office, accross town... so at one point, i have to cross several lanes of traffic, and some idiot trys to pull the cross from one parking lot to the mall parking lot, straight accross 5 lanes of traffic, and i'm screaming obscenities at her... she sees me, i live... now i'm in line in the turning lane (middle of 5) to turn left, and is my wont, i cruise up the lane so i don't have to sit in traffic. technically a no-no, but i did have the option of going to the sidewalk (which you can ride on in oregon), so i thought it was no big deal... it was a backed up red, and i wasn't zippin' through traffic... of course some jackass moves over to cut me off, because i was not only stealing gas (i guess) but also reducing traffic load, and screams, get in line asshole.

so i make the turn, and this cowboy, in a decked out monster truck, covered in galvanized steel plate, pulls over into the BIKE LANE to further cut me off... what the fuck. what's his motivation. i've seen this a 100 times since i moved here (and i don't drive at all). drivers mortally offended by the fact that bikes can move in busy traffic faster. literally lurching into the bike lane, offended that i'm going to catch a light they won't.

wtf. is it fear? i mean, what. if i smash their truck w/ a rock, are they really going to jump out at some 6'2 185 pound dude and get into it? note: if they did, i'd try to steal their car, and barring that, i'd run, but, still... i mean. shit.


so after the hard races, i'm on strictly recovery easy rides / runs/ roller skis/ etc. this means less than 75% of max heart rate, conversational (pledge of allegiance pace) easy work. for at least 4 days, w/ decent volume (3 hours/day)

tommorrow, bike, and swim or roll...
sunday, bike and run
mon, 6:30 ride, 50 min run, pm ski
tues, early ride, frsbee (agillity)...
wed run, swim
thurs... should be first interval set. probably in the pool. sun interval set on run, tues brick (swim/bike)... next week first ever tri. this assumes my wetsuit comes in the mail, the inbetween days will be easy/easy, high volume, low intensity.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

die, duathalon, die

done. 5 and out. terrible time: 101, heaven knows what the 'road' temp was. I followed appropriate guidelines for hot weather racing, and kept my heart rate percentages in appropriate zones: 85 ish for the bike ride (82-86), 88 for the run (82-93). Of course my heartrate according to my watch assumes i'm 25, so i got my heart up to 186. it was my worst time of the 5, after improving on each of the previous four. but after a decent race yesterday, i have nothing to complain about as far as a good workout.

in other news, i'm doing my first triathalon in 2 weeks. a 'sprint' distance, w/ a 750 m down river swim, a 12.5mi bike, and a 5km run. i need to spend some time in the pool and try to remember how to swim w/ decent form. no specific goals for the upcoming race.

frisbee attendance is pretty poor right now: camps/vacations/work interfere. but i'm going to start including some 'agillity work' so that i get some relevant practice as i move towards laborday and more particularly, the regionals.



..kicks ass.


(if you post a negative comment, i'm going to edit it, so it appears that in addition to your comment, you said, "bleah blah blebby blah blah. i'm an idiot". so obviously, it's not in your best interest to be a nattering nabob of negativity (a term attributable to some famous quaker).)

Also, crappy turn out at frisbee this morning, but i got in a throw, and i have my last duathlon tonight at 6:02. Not looking forward to it, because it's 100 F out right now. Strike that. Just went up to 101. F. No, that means Farenheit.

Tommorrow, i'll bike at 6:30, and run at 8:30, and swim, or paddle in the evening.

Same over the weekend. Anything hard will be early: But the heat is supposed to pass after today....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

god bless my underwear.

i really love that song. what's up this week. monday was the workout day, 1.75 hour bike, 40 min run, 4x200 striders, core, weights. tuesday, just frisbee, for like 1 hour, plus the usual requisite biking about... dentist, race packet, etc. wednesday (today) was a 5km. I guess I tapered, seeing as i did a 22 hour week, a 14 hour week, and then an easy tuesday... like a taper, but not. but the result was OK, i wanted to go 6:05 for each mile, instead, I was like 6:10 ish... it was fine. i can't say it was 'off the couch' as i've done at least one half assed interval workout a week for a month. i need to race more, however. it's painful, but visits to the pain cave pay off in dividents. So i was 19:19, 17th loser. My goal is to run under 18 this year... not impossible, but nor will it be a cake walk. Oh, i biked to the run, ran 2.5 to warm up, and then did 3 or so as a cool down... tommorrow is ultimate early, and duathalon 5, die, duathalon, die.

Which of course means, the duathalon, the.

Probably not doing anything for the fourth but read a little, and get the bike ready. Oh, I'm going to go get a flyrod in a minute.

Exciting stuff.

Friday, 2 hour early ride, practice, weights, maybe a late evening roller ski (long easy day)
Saturday, long day, long bike, hopefully wi/ hike thrown in.
Sunday, long ride, need to roll. Got to get some paddling in.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

new deal

Saturday, i went rollerskiing, not long, like 40 minutes (skipped the intervals) and biked 1.75 hours...
Sunday, 30 minute run, and went fly fishing. Pretty fun. a couple hours kicking around in a float tube, wearing waders, first time casting a fly rod. I could basically make the cast, I caught a 12" rainbow and released it... I'm 'hooked'. Going to go get a rod this weekend... nice something to add... there are several places to fish that i can do some nice bike rides to.

Tommorrow, AM ride, 8:30, 40 min run, 4 x 200 strides, core, 10:00 weights... rest of the day nap and read.
tues, frisbee, rest pm
wed, 5km race
thurs, frisbee, pm TT...

Friday, June 29, 2007

time trial / dual 4

so last week was 14 hours of training, plus solstice. i called solstice, playing from 9-3, and from 10-12, plus warm up, 8 hours of excercise total. there's just too much standing around at a tourney. so 22 hours last week. ridiculous.

the tournament was fine, we had 13 most of the time, with a couple pickups later. my 1000's and 800's might have kept me from getting hurt (i'd like to think i have some idea of what i'm doing) but didn't make me quick or fast. something to work on for the next two months. lot of work, but we played 'good teams'

lots of running and biking and some rollerskiing this week, some bike intervals tuesday (4 x 6 minutes up some ridiculous hill, recover 2 minutes) and the duathalon was miserable. i... just... felt... like... crap. oh, and the huge gain from last week was partly due to a shorter course (rather, we've doing 13 or so miles on the bike, instead of 12)... so my times look like this thus far, w/ the outlier in parentheses... 1:04, 1:03, (59), 1:01... so the progress is there, even if i'm grimly dissatisfied with the results. the top times are around :55 for these, so, obviously, i'd like to be there. oh well. i guess as long as i'm improving.

things i'd like to add/change: more stretching, tapering before events, weights. but frankly, i'm a basket case if i'm not outside during the summer. so paddling or double pole skiing (don't use legs) for the afternoons would be good.

frisbee, get a little faster/quicker... that's really about it.

this weekend (my training week ends sunday night), tommorrow, medium mt bike ride (1.5-2.5 hours) and intervals (Running, 3 x 1 mile). Might just do the intervals, and go for a paddle. Sunday, long bike ride (50 miles) up and down to mt. bachelor, hike the mountain. Should be a 4 hour workout... or something like that. Monday, bike intervals, tuesday, easy (frisbee/spenst/agillity/dynos/core type stuff), wednesday, 5k fun run, thursday, cinco de cinco. 5th time trial.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


6am mt bike ride in 55degree weather... set an alarm
8:30 am ultimate with the kids... sweet fields, a few cuts and throws
broken derailleur at 3;00 pm... thanks marshall
new bike shoes... 180 bucks sidi genius...
new running shoes... 75 bucks adidas supernova, 20th pair in 8 years
new pedals... 140 bones
2 flat tires changed 15 minutes as i've got to leave... uh... 15 mnutes and 2 greasy old tubes out of the garage

4 minute improvement on my tt time... priceless.

i'm psyched. it hurt. here was the secret. i changed my heart rate monitor. instead of me being 37, i changed it to say i was born in 1981. Then i went at the same heart rate percentages as last time.

Ways to improve: Better run. 1 min. Better transition. 1 min. TT bars. 1 min. Luck 30 seconds. Taper. 1 min (I worked out 11 hours m-thursday). Best possible effort in 2 weeks: 54:30 That would put me up with some of the better guys in the event. But, it's not a super deep field... just, trying to improve....

In other news, solstice is this weekend. I'm playing with Throwback. My goals are for the teams success first, and personally, I want to play well in a limited manner, have fun, and take care of business.

Then next week starts 1 month of base only plus two more time trials. Goal is 20 hours per week of zone one and two base. This will go on for one month, then i'll switch back to running intervals, play more ultimate, and move towards the fall series.

It'll look like this: Run with team, 40-50 minutes per day, plus strides and core, 3 days per week. Ultimate (low key), 2 days per week. Bike, 2-3 hours per day. Roller ski, 3 days per week, 1 hour. Paddle, 2 days per week, 1 hour. 1 or 2 long events (100 mile ride, or 4 hour hike with poles). Weights, 3 days per week. In august, volume will drop dramatically, and intensity will increase somewhat.

Summer is sweet. Getting up at 5:30 to go play is so fun. Getting up to go to work was fun, but, less so.

I also want to keep playing guitar (3 hours per week) and studying french (3 hours per week) and juggling (3 hours per week).

If i'm on it, I'll also write (short stories, not counting blogging and 2 hours per week, minimum.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

school's out.

saturday, the city league tourney, we lost. my first time watching the finals in 3 years. first loss in tournament play in three years. got jacked up by some guy as i was backpedalling for a huck that was coming up a little short. he dove into my knee... contested the foul call on the grounds that 'he was trying to get the disc'. where the eff to these people come from. knee feels a little loose, but just weak, not like i tore anything... it's been getting better everyday. lost in the semis, 13-10. i played all of those points, and most all day, so, i got my money's worth. they had free beer for the finals.

sunday, rest day. worked on the last bit of grading.

monday, AM run w/ XC team (30 min), then a meeting and finish up checkout, done w/ school by 3:30 then home, then a bike ride (short, 1 hour or so). today, tuesday, bike ride (mountain bike, 7-8:15), then coached ultimate, 8:30-10:00, then ate more, then biked around a bit, then went for a 40 minute roller ski... pretty good day.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

duathlon deux

missed two more games of frisbee, bringing the total number of times i've skipped a frisbee game for something else (discretionary time) to like two... i have missed frisbee for work and stuff. the realization that i should do that was a fairly important step in actually becoming an adult.

that, and graduating from college at age 26. i'm not sure which was first.

dual deux came on the heels of a hard week of running, 3x1000 (plus 2.5 miles running to corse and back), w/ 2.5 hours biking sunday, 3x800 (same warmup/cooldown), plus 1.5ish in the bike tues, relative rest mon wed (30 min biking each day)...

of course, i forgot to press stop at the end of my race, but i think it was better than last time. last time was just under 1:04, i THINK i was about a minute faster. i wore the nerdometer, and kept my heartrate between 85%-90% of max (which is a made up number at this point, as i've not actually tested it in years. i use a number that assumes i'm 10 years younger than i really am) for the bike, and 88-91% of max for the 3 mile run. My impression was that my bike time was worse, but my run time better. OK, what with the hard stuff. I've got the city league tourney saturday: which i'm mildly dreading. it'll be some ridiculous 4 game deal, even though we've had like 80 league games (OK, just 14, but come on, the regular season should mean something) and there are only 8 teams... so it seems like quarters/semis/finals should be fine. Frankly, i'd be OK w/ semis finals only, as it would get better quality games... plus, i still end up playing basically every point... blah, blah, whine whine, yes, i'm from the northwest whiners frisbee world..

back to the dual. i got one more hard fast workout (more 8's, or a ladder) next week, and the race on thursday, plus daily morning runs/ultimate w/ the kids... but it's kind of a taper week for solstice... then all base. I think that will give me better times next thursday, and the week after, and for the final one, i'm going to throw on some aero bars; my only goal for these events is improvement in each one. i'd be happy to average 1 min per event, and maybe get down to the high 50's... there are two guys in this thing that are better skiers than me, (of the skiers i know who do this thing), and my goal is to beat them at a race next year (no small task).

the race was pretty painful, i again had nothing for the run (perceived, at least), and had a variety of aches and pains (arch pain, which i'll tape for next time, and side aches, which i'll try to address with hydration and diet). Probably less fat and protein for the pre-race meal, or an earlier lunch, and a cliff bar at race minus 2 hours.

i threw disc one day this week... but i got my stack o' plastic back... so that's good.

question for people who play more than i do now, or strategery guys... what is the percentage of goals that H-stack teams score on ALL DUMPS to handlers, and ALL comeback cuts from the back? is it just a high school thing where the up line things KILL YOU?

thanks for your response.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


ended up taking yesterday off (slacker)... today, 3 x 800 in the park (so it's something like 800), 3:05, 3:05, 3:00...i got down to 2:45's in season last, but, this is 2 days after another decent interval workout... so it's probably ok... i was at 88-90% ish (i used my nerdometer)... so i had a little room to push... then a 1.5 hour easy ride. left the nerdometer at home.

i need to recheck my max. technically, the max intervals should be 90 plus, but i really didn't feel like it... it was a labor of love... hard to push the 2:45's on grass, w/ no one to work with...

tommorrow, 20 min commuting, 20 min of running, and a 1 hour easy ride. all easy.

thursday, duathlon. friday rest. saturday the city league tourney. in the past, this has been a 4 game, i play every point marathon.

i hope it's a 3 point, i take 5 points off type deal

Sunday, June 10, 2007


meanderings and ramblings follow. brief ultimate anecdote at end.

shaq is running a fitness show. "better not fart on me" he says as he's holding a kid's ankles for situps.
tim duncan is a machine. it's amazing to see him work. the combination of quick decision making on secondary breaks, hustle on the run (after the slowed plantars duncan of past years), and this calculating assasination in the post as he assesses the passing lanes, the double... sometimes the quick move, but usually see whats there, and then a devastating scoring move... the spurs are sick.

so is lebron, but unfortunately, his team mates look like they are trying out for the generals, or whoever it is that used to play the globe trotters...

pretty good weekend. yesterday, a 40 minute run (run to the store to get a new i pod shuffle, picked up some pot stickers and yogurt at the grocery store on the way home, tried to carry the bag in the safe, tiki barber position), then a 1 hour mt. bike ride...

today, 2.5 hour ride, nice and easy, although there was one 20 minute climb (technically, it was a 1hr20 min climb, but only 20 min was steep enough to get hard)... then i ate lunch, watched the repeat of USAvsGuatemala in the Gold cup, then ran 1000's. I was kind of dissapointed. This was the 'long' 1000 grass course, i.e., on the 'short' course i'm 30-45 seconds faster per thousand, but the head coach claims they're both 1km. I don't think so, but we'll see.. I ran there, 1 mile at 7:30, then went 4, 4, 4 (even), then ran home. Last fall on that course, i went, 4:15, 4:06, 4:00, 4:00, but the blog says i was sick, so i'm moderately OK with today, but then i rolled my ankle on the run home, so that's a bummer. Hopefully minor. My ankles don't swell anymore, but it could hurt from 0 days to some weeks. i'ts a little achy right now. We'll see. I'll skip the run tommorrow, but I was planning on running 800's on tuesday. I'll see how it feels. If it still hurts, i'll do bike intervals instead, or just a long easy run on trail.

Tommorrow, I'll do some biking, road if it's warm, mt. bike if it's cold or windy. If my ankle is inconsequential, 800's tues, rest wednesday (w/ like 20-30 min bike), duathlon thursday, rest friday, city league tourney saturday, Long ride sunday, bike mon, 2-4-6-8-6-4-2 ladder tues, wed lite ride, thursday duathlon, fri rest, sat/sun solstice... last week and this week are non frisbee for me, but i'll try to get in some throwing. I've got to find out which kid has my discs and cones, so i can at least take a stack of 30 discs over to the park to throw.

3.5 days of teaching left. But who's counting. After that, it's immediately M/W/F runs with the team, starting w/ 40 min, T/Th low key summer ultimate all at 8:30. I'll be doing early morning MTB rides w/ a ski training buddy a couple times per week before practice, and i'll do afternoon roller ski or biking. after solstice, july is supposed to be all base training for running, any intervals will be bike or the duathlons, and in august i'll go back to running intervals, and skip the bike intervals. July is supposed to be 60 - 80 hours of low intensity, high volume.

Why do i do this? I'm not that fast. I'm not that good at anything. I did do the 'multiple stage 20 m shuttle run' with a PE class friday. According to the chart, it says I have a good V02 max, and i was up with the top 5 of 100 kids, but, who knows... even so it hasn't yet panned out to anything other than being skinny-ish, and being able to tolerate a high training volume. So why the effort? I guess to make goals. I want to go sub 18 in a 5k this year, sub 17 next year. In 10 km ski racing (which is REALLY dependent on conditions), I want to ski around 28 this winter which will demand excellence dedication and dilligence in training quality, quantity, diet, and luck. Never count out luck. I figure I got this Masters season, and maybe next summer, and then it's coaching only and playing only for fun, and focusing entirely on skiing, and off season multi sport gigs to stay sharp for skiing (that was the plan for this year, until frisbee reared it's head).

i ski'd like 120 days this year: 100 skate or classic, 20 days hiking to ski. There were also a couple days of riding the chairlifts after ski days, and at least 18 days where i ski'd in the morning, and then ski'd again in the PM, but just as i would count one ski run as a ski day, 2 skis per day is still one day.

I've averaged a minimum of 8-20 hours per week of training over the past year (15-20 in the summer, down to 8 in the winter on weeks when i was driving, 15 for most of the spring). So like800 hours (guess) training for the year, which has not made me much faster, but has kept me at least as fast running as peak XC, and greatly improved ski times. mainly it's served as a nice ritalin replacement... which, when i was 22, my prescription ran out, and i just... sort of... forgot to go get more...

stay tuned. my pals were at poultry days this weekend. i hope they won. our team has never won in an odd year, despite winning in every even year from 2000 on... i was at two of them...

A story from that... I had a swollen knee after getting clobbered by I THINK paul greff's brother (does he have a brother?). A clean fair hit, i made a defensive play, he made the offensive play, and got it, and landed on me. This either caused a bursus injury, or beat up on my PCL which would finally go sometime later (a ligament you don't really need, often)... anyway, i wrap a tensor bandage around the knee, thanks tina, and kept playing...

late in the semis, i'm point in a zone, and we've got them pinned, and the 6" wide bandage unwinds until i'm trailing 4 feet of bandage... people are yelling do you want an equipment timeout... i yelled 'g-dammit, there is no such thing as an equipment timeout. ' then i caught the 'd', and threw the goal.

that was kind of funny.

i read on the wilmington website that they require players to read the rules. genius. it's so irritating to see people taking 'equipment' timeouts to tie shoes, etc. that said, I actually think it's totally kosher, if you and your mark are OK with it, to just stop cutting for a sec to tie your shoes while in the stack... but that's just sportsmanship. if they aren't OK with it, deal with it... and the new technical time out doesn't include calling a technical timeout after you've turned it over and the other team is walking it up... i think it would probably be OK to do (not by the letter of the law though) when YOU are walking it up... your team garners no advantage at that point...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

duathlon number 1

i'm entered into a duathlon series... bike 12 miles, run 3. i'm not sure if either mileage is correct... registered and all on line, but was late to the start. i didn't wear a watch, as this was my first hard sustained workout of year. some thoughts though... i should have sipped a little more on the ride. i could have rode a little harder. aero bars would have really helped (how much, to be determined).. the run was ok but...

i started the run, and noticed 5 pounds of crap bouncing in my jersey... i was stilll carrying pump, tube, tire irons, cell phone... reached back, and pitched them... then the race director yells out, take off your helmet... duhhhhrrr... i also had a problem getting my running shoes on.

nothing like running after a hard bike ride.... that hurt. then i was running pretty good, then a side stich... ouch.

but i think i was OK. i was hoping for a 58 minute time. don't know yet what i ran.

i missed a city league game for this... mild bummer, but i've paid. i'll miss next week too. but i'll be at the tournament. this week has been a disaster training wise. sunday was a good 35 mile ride, then hill repeats, monday was a 26 minute run, medium, tues and wed i did jack. exhausted for no good reason (i think i'm sick), and i had hs graduation (i ride the bus with kids, and march in with them and stuff)... then today was sweet..

tommorrow i'll probably ride or run for some distance... saturday, i'll hike/ski, or bike/run, or MAYBE go run a half marathon, strictly as a workout... sunday will definitely be bike/1000 repeats...

next week, only guarantees are repeats, duathlon, and city league tourney. will probably work in 2 LSD workouts of 2 hour bike rides and a 45 min run...

go pax.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

good weekend...

3 hour mt bike ride yesterday, tons of climbing, then a 30 minute run, moderate pace.
today, a 35 mile road ride (about 2 hours-ish) then a couple grad parties for kids / parents, then a run (10 min warm up, 3 hill repeats... the first one was up the back side of the measured hill, so who knows definitely a little shorter, but 3 minutes, the next 2 were on the regular hill 3:15 and 3:20 which is pretty good compared to earlier this year (4, 3:45, 3:30) I probably should have done 1 more, but i was pretty fried, and the leg was tight from a bike wrek tuesday...

tommorrow, bike (and frisbee), tuesday, 3-4 1000's (or like 3:30 timed repeats on flat, hard effort) (and frisbe), wednesday, walk (and frisbee), short bike thursday, hard bike and run (And frisbee)...friday, rest (and frisbee), saturday, go big somewhere, somehow... maybe hike South sister to ski...

Monday, May 28, 2007

pretty good weekend...

lessee, friday, some dutch drilll... not super soothing after a brutal bunch of points thurs, but...
saturday, got up and ran for 45 minutes, oh, probably 6 or 7 miles
then a 32 mile bike ride, then some chinups/pushups/dips...

today, a 45 minute hike and then a ski, then a 1.5 hour mt. bike ride...

tommorrow, tbd...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

league night...

season wrap up will follow shortly...
we played the ony undefeated team tonight: we had one loss, the night i wasn't there, and we came out lucky. my preference, in an upwind downwind game, is to protect the breaks, so take decent long shots down wind, avoid anything that might turn it over on our own goal line...

we have 2 games every thursday from here on out. since that immediatly follows a HS practice, and i was tired after playing, and running mile repeats yesterday, i was significantly less than enthusiastic... but i went.

we had tons of turnovers RIGHT on our goal line, even my first flat out, breadbasket drop of the while, but i think we protected the break on that one... i played 18/19 points, had an actual layout block, and on game point, 1 hand block and 2 solid pieces that caused 1 turnover, and should have got at least one more... but we gave it up. bummer.

the lowlight, other than the drop... my team mate throws the first pass to me, it hangs, i circle under it, i'm stationary, i hear the d running down, i jump straight up, catch it, and get PLOWED by a current or recent grad U of O player... i get up, and said something loud, and profane. he said, i shit thee not, 'but i'm not contesting the foul.' i'd love to see video. basically, a player sprints 70 yards, and tackles the punt returner. i'm pretty sure this is discouraged in ultimate, and the other teams reaction was priceless... i get levelled, their reaction is, 'whoa luke, don't get so fired up, it was an accident.
truly, i went straight up, from a position i'd held for a full second.' irritating. there was also the full complement of lame complaining, etc... i pretty much just yawned my way through it...

but, given my lackluster mindset going in, i played pretty well, my ho' d was legit, i had to actually make some diving catches and stuff, stopped some goals up high in the endzone... ran better than i thought i would...

still, sore, tight calf, tight hams... we won the second game 11-9, and i took 2 points off that game... i played like 5 hours of ulti today... too much..

so we're probably in 4th of 8. for the tournament, if it's run under normal competetive guidelines, it might be worth our while to move up to 3rd to make a slightly easier quarter... but the 4 semi teams have all beaten each other, and the past 3 years when i won (granted as a captain, different from this year) normal competetive guidelines were out the door, (ex, last year, as the 2 seed in a 9 team tourney, the pools were 1,7,9... 2,4,5... and 3,6,8... so we played 5,4,3,and 1 to reach the tourney... i'm not sure, but i think that's no particular type of legit 'snake'... so, anyway, i'm not too worried about it...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


monday: shitty day of school. no reason. the lesson plans were adequate, but uninspired. my lectures were good, but uninspired. we're out of copies at school. no more copies. one month of school to go, no more copies. kind of a hassle.

practice was fantastic. so, i got that going... warmup, handler drill (trident), goto drill (gladiator), throwers choice (huck or under with an audible), review of our stack endzone, and our arch endzone. good scrimmage, w' a side game of soccer. i sprained my anle mildly in soccer...

went for a 30 mile ride (road) after that, steady pace, 20 miles per hour, pretty good....

tuesday: run, stretch, (i will only do a seated stretch when it's WARM so that we're not sitting around cooling off), and it was warm. gladiator only, then our 2 stack plays, 1, and I - 5, then, our new play, shotgun... nothing special, an off the back play... then scrimmage. i covered a fast young dude brando who had no back down in him: he made some good, no, great plays, and will no doubt be a star in the next 2 years...

then a 90 minute ride, probably averaged 18 or 17 mph... that is significantly slower than 20 mph, but winds, etc...

tommorrow, match play vs. sisters.. in our league, we're 2-0-1, and at the top of the table vs. bend, who is 2-1... this weekend state... if everyone shows, we should hold seed at 4th, but, bend could beat us, or chs jv (just being honest)... i'd love a 4th place finish, but, well, we're 3 weeks away from peaking... and, we'll see.

sisters is a vulnerable team, and it's nice to have a tune up to work on our plays...

bend, the other local team, is all seniors. it's a huge advantage for all your players to be late pubescent... i've got a variety of short pretty fast guys ripping around, w/ great girls, and knowing the guys will all soon be tall fast shredders...

our offense is simple, and sweet. it's about 1/4 of the great NY playbook, w/ a nice endzone flatstack alternate, and 1 good zone. will we execute? i spend so much of my practice amazed at how close we are to GETTING IT DONE... we'll see if it works...

now i'm watching poker... and sending out about 20 emails about state...


Sunday, May 13, 2007

practice is coming together... but of course ,we have state in a week, and we're a month from peaking. can't be helped, too short a season.... too soon a season... but the long term goal of producing frisbee players who understand 'how to throw, when to throw, where to cut, etc...', well, that's improving.

watched idiocracy. great movie. highly recommend... good satire.

today, skated... like... well it would have been 32km if we'd done the full laps, but we for sure cut out 6 or 8 km, so, say, 20-25km?

then, biked, like 18 or 19 miles on the mountain bike?

tommorrow, either a longer (30 plus) ride, or i'll chill and grade.

i threw in some guitar for a couple hours today, and watched the san antonio vs. phoenix game. pretty good.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


lessee... monday, rest (sick day), tuesday, still not well, but played 'dutch drill w/ kids in 30 mph winds)...
wednesday, practice. promised them scrimmage, so after running, stretching, handler cut drill, goto drill, and huck drill, let them scrimmage.

oh: i have a drill i really like. 3 cones in a triangle, in the middle of field. point is downfield. each player has a partner. you are on one of the two base cones, and your partner loosely forces you to the line. we have two hand signals (deep, or under), and the cutter is fronted by defender who is not supposed to look at signal. defender fronts. player cutts, deep or out and in. player has some lattitude, and can modify cut: goal is to teach throwers to make good decisions. defender is not supposed to see who the thrower is, so while it is kind of fake that way, it basically gives players opportunity to make game like decisions (note, this is a high school drill)...

similar drill: no defense; call cutter to make an out cut, or out and in. i associate a mild penalty for this: if you keep trying to huck, and you can't, you become a perma cutter... and the line can make the thrower become a cutter if their 'huck' sucks... i.e., you are in line, i call huck, i float one up and you have to wait for it. the line goes...'go cut smith, that throw sucked'...

today, run, dynos, drills (which we did till someone caught an overthrown layout, again, different focus for a high school team), goto drill, 15 drill (named for our huck play calls), scrimmage. got into it with the baseball team, who decided to play golf through the back of our huck drill... their coach backed down right away, but i made the point further by throwing into their golf game... i'm a loser... then scrimmage... increasingly good performance, but we're going to suffer at state next week, we're still mid season, i mean, we have 3 weeks of league play after states...

then, league night, against a weaker team, but we had 7 players... one point of 2-3-2 zone, then switched to a 1-3-3, then modified the 1-3-3 so that it was two middle players who trade out on the mark, the other drops... so it's a 1-3-3 but the 1 changes... it was effective. i think it's a natural modification to the 1-3-3-, but best done by smarter teams where when the marks can change without giving up the middle...

so we win,13-4, and the switzer v talbot game goes 13-11 switzer. this puts us at the top of the table, cuz when we played talbot (loss) i wasn't there, but we beat switzer when he wasn't there... so... i think we are #1 by tie breaker... better to be lucky than good...

personally, tried to tone down the huck game. i had one turnover, up 8-0, where i called a team mate out of bounds, bad move in hindsight: he thinks he toe'd in, so i apologized for second guessing him, and noted that i was inclined to be generous, given the lead... i turfed a swing up 13-2, ouch, threw a bad hammer that dropped at the feet of my receiver (i believe QB always takes Turnover, but, come on)... other than that, thew at least 8 of the goals... so, ok... nothing special...tried to be a set up guy for the game, but did throw a couple bombs late to put it away.

frankly, i feel a combination of a step off, a step slow, and that i'm reading the plays a step too fast (i.e., i make a jab step cut that seems money, but no throw... so i end up directing the stack, and making opportunistic cuts...

other than that, lame week. no weights, basically a 'taper' week. this weekend will be a bigtime cardio weekend...

oh, wednesday, after practice, did go up to mt. for a 1 hour hike, and sweetest corn skiing EEEEEVVVVVVERRRR....

Sunday, May 06, 2007


ok, ok bear with me, more ultimate to happen

today a 2.5 hour roadbike ride, in shorts and a tshirt, a far cry from getting out of a car in 11 degree temps yesterday... then i ate twice more, then a kayak... first ever... lots to learn... it was tippy, i didn't tip, but it was fun...

this week, we're supposed to have 70 degree weather (if you read this, you know it was ridiculously cold last week. welcome to central oregon)

i'm splitting all practices now: varsity plays v. varsity for 2 points, jv v. jv, i let a couple players swing, to figure out who will move up to varsity, and to let defender/cutters get handle opportunities.

we're pretty much a Vertical stack team, but we've seen enough Horizontal stack to at least have a defensive concept... Tommorrow, intro to Arch Endzone... thanks to idea from boston... Jim, or Al, or someone, love to hear from you sometime about how you used it... (you did say you used it, eh)...

constant individual throwing work w/ camera, some 'freeze play' in scrimmages, that's all we'll introduce. 2 weeks until state. way too soon for our wintery weather... and our new team...

things i've not addressed to my liking: ZONE (basic intro, but not enough nuance), more play...

things i'm working on... running to endzone so that comebacks are shorter, moving stack down field to be ahead of the play, but still leave room for huck: what I stress is the habit of players to stack too far from disc, but crowd thrower during flow... trying to teach close stack, and stretch field in flow...

the team suffers from losing a top sophmore to an ongoing achilles, and two 4th year seniors (one to early graduation, one to shoulder surgery in preseason). I had no idea how much their loss would affect the team, but, that's life. it's just a game, and the other players are stepping up.

Hopefully, we can come in 4th again, and maybe MAYBE improve to a higher seed over the next 2 years. Hard to say: the teams on the warm side of the mountain have more opportunities for quality comp, and a longer 'growing season'...

that's all.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


friday, coached only, weather said 40, w/ 35 mph winds, felt 20. cut practice short... flipping miserable for da kids...
today, lessee, at mountain and using tele gear before or close to 7, climbed i don't know 2000-3500 feet vertical (repeated laps, and too much math for right now) to ski 2 runs of EPIC knee deep powder with no one around... then 16 km skate, 8km in like 30min, 8km in 26 minutes, total cardio like 2.5 hours, then biked around to look at stuff, drink a cup of coffee, brief unibike stint, lifted weights (squats, vertical row, millitary press)... in garage, so fairly light weights, tried to be explosive...

'yes, laugh..

now meal 4, grading tonight, tommorrow, i'll bike, and paddle, might... MIGHT run some mile repeats...
need to throw too...

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Good day, up at 5:30, 30 minute run, up to school, AP test prep for the kids from 7-8, taught, coached from 3-5... pretty good... then, I missed my ride to go ski b/c i was coaching, so i went to league night, i was soooo slow... but i busted out some goals thrown, and had one highlight high layout catch... so kind of fun... that said, we went , 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 5-3, then they pulled ahead to 7-5, 7-7, 8-7 us, (half), 9-7, 9-9, 9-10 (and for some reason they start to implode, lots of calls, arguing with each other), 11-9, 11 all, cap on due to dark, game to 13, i get scored on, 11-12, i think i threw the 12-12 goal, win 13-12. I played all 25 points, unfortunately, basically jogging most of it, occasional timely hard 'd'... i'd like to think it led to the 3 two point runs we made... threw like 6 goals, caught 1? Not too bad...


throw, run 1/2 mile, marking drill, run 1/2 mile, swing drill, run 1/2 mile...

new version of the line drill. instead of the usual goto drill, cutter runs 20 yards, plants and cuts, then catches the come back... i'm trying to teach that they need to run down field, towards the endzone, past the play.

then, a fun drill, pair marking, the mark is a basic force forehand or backhand... not a 'hard flat mark.' defense must front, thrower signals with hand deep or under, run it. short scrimmage, better focus on running the 'o', finally getting kids to try to overthrow cutters in drills... coached a couple kids on throwing. Big, BIG fan of video for teaching.

One girl, who's throws tend to be a little outside in because of arm/had position, so i'm showing her, outside in, inside out, and her question is, why didnt' you show me this the first time... a year ago, and the question is, well, i show everyone how to do the basics, but you are good enough to understand what's going on. that said, teaching people that a little hyzer helps so much is easy for some harder for others.

But w/ digital video, reviewd immediately after throwing, progress is so quick...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


We went to Eugene Sunday for the State Tournament. We got whomped. This is the single gender state, and we went over with like 14 guys, and 9 girls... Missing a few key players (and of course the 2 injured starters for the guys), it was a great learning experience for the kids. Chuchill, South Eugene, and Crescent valley are talented, have a system, and execute on the goal line.

The lessons I was able to highlight for the team, are the value of the short passes, and executing on the goal line. Basically, when I get outside to practice at 3:00 or so, I usually find the kids lofting a variety of fun throws (chicken wings, bad hanging mid range throws, etc), and they are starting to see that that is time that they could best use working on realistic practice throws. They are in good spirits: They see the progress, and are consistently willing to work for it.

We have a basic offense in place, vertical, short stack, a couple of basic sequence plays, and a simple endzone w/ a 3 basic options, all of which we are increasingly using in practice.

The team is young: I have a group of 25 freshmen and sophmores, so the future looks bright.

The biggest challenge for our team is geography and schedule: here in the high desert, snows continue. High winds are common, and our season doesn't really start early: the valley teams play longer, but most importantly, they have several quality teams that get to battle it up on a weekly basis as close to year round as they want...

There was a nice article in the local paper this week: Apparently it was mostly Summit until the editor made them change it to an all city thing, which I think is for the better. It's actually a pretty good article, no dogs, no frolf.

In league play we're 2-0. This is after getting pummelled as X/Y teams at the kickoff scrimmage/tourney. That lesson took hold, and the team is picking it up. We Won 13-3 scoring several tough up winders in the first game, then, the B-Team (w/ a couple swing players), lost the first half 7-5 of game two, and the 'A' team came in and swapped points to 9-7 when i made the risky move of having them call time out on our on goal line going upwind. I just told them to relax, and calm down, and they scored the upwinder, and the next 6 to win the game... so they outscored Bend High by 8-2, including several nice goal line executions.

Personally, Sunday, the tourney, monday, weights in the AM, skills and drills with the team, and played 2 points during the 20 minute scrimmage, then a 95 minute bike ride (road). Today, ran for 30 minutes in the morning before school, then a 90 minute mountain bike ride.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Lessee... thursday, was league night. I was pretty happy, caught 2, threw, like 6, had one turnover (it looked like a pretty straightforward foul, but, i was 5 yards deep in the other endzone, so, who am i to say, the receiver, over beers said he thought it was a foul, but he should have had it, and we were up a bunch... so...), couple opportunistic d's, but no great man to man d... probably played 12 of the 20 points...

friday, i went for a 45 minute ski tour, i guess, imagine, 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, with scenery, and a sweet ski down... i think, using the video, i've got a pretty decent 'technique' for teaching the long backhand... that's kind of cool...

this morning, 24km of skating, then 30 miles of biking, ate breakfast twice (oats, bananas, raisins, yogurt), frenchtoast w/ bananas, more bananas, chips and home made salsa, beans and rice, and a burger fries and beer for dinner...

tommorrow, full day coaching, leave at 7, back at 7... should be fun.

no golf, softball, or sprinting yet...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


uh, last week, ski'd thursday and friday, biked, once maybe? ran a bunch, lifted twice, pretty good... this saturday, ski'd, then ran mile repeats (1.3 miles to park, 2 x 1 mile w/ 3 min recovery, ran .25 mile to library, picked up tax forms, ran home, so w/ recovery jogging, maybe 5-5.5 w/ the recovery jogging between runs).... pretty good. the ski was fantastic, the runs... i think i ran the repeats at 6:30 pace, which was pretty easy, compared to 6 down to 5:40 ish last year 'in season'... and the effort was 'moderate' so i think i'm pretty fit, if not run specific prepared... i did taxes the rest of the day... so i missed the first day of the gandy goose... uh, plus it was 43 and raining, and i'm a wuss, and etc. fully prepared to go out sunday, i woke up w/ a norovirus, or food poisoning, or something... i slept/slept w/ tv on/ returned to sleeping allday, and finally went to sleep at 8 pm... blech. they managed to pull it off with out me...

the full grooming season is now over, with partial grooming wednesdays and saturdays... i'll make an effort to hit both...

last fridays 1 day tournament was an eye opener for the team... i split them X/Y, and as you can imagine, the talent is pretty accross the board in a one month hs season... kids got whomped... mission accomplished. the whole team has buy in to a varsity/JV split from here on out, which would not be the case if I'd done it arbitrarily... so, that's good. i'm missing 2 clear starters (one surgery, one prolonged achilles thing) but the varsity should be OK w/ a couple weeks of practice.

monday practice was pretty good, exhausted, I couldn't even jog w/ the team (dehydration/muscle cramps)... but much better focus at practice... the 30 minute scrimmage was mixed, but the last 10 minutes i used a 'freeze/discuss' to stop play when everything went to crap (clustering/need to break, etc)... and it cleaned up quite a bit.

today, i wanted to stretch my legs after 10 hours of bustin' it at the office (3 shows daily, all different, stay for the veal)... so i ran 10 minutes, then did 3 hill repeats of 4, 3:40, 3:30... legs were a little tight, but lungs and cardio felt great. exact same time i ran 2 years ago, 'in season', so, I think it would have been no problem to crank out at the least, 2 more 3:30's..., if not faster... pretty happy with fitness, if the legs aren't specifically run trained...

tomorrow, i'll coach, then go for a couple hour bike ride... maybe ski if the opportunity arises... thursday is league night, i'll try to make it... frankly, i'd prefer to run a few 800's first... league lasts for 10 more weeks...

funny story, made short, thursday, i grabbed my skis, went to mountain, put on skis, and only then realized that i had the wrong poles. wrong as in they weren't mine. i'd grabbed the wrong ones out of someones car the sunday before. these had no straps (which are sort of key to nordic skiing, totally key to proper power application and recovery phase), these are this kind that clip to the special proprietary glove (which i don't have)... so that led to a series of stroke, stroke, stroke, leave the pole stuck in the snow...

that's all

Sunday, April 08, 2007


The Planet Earth thing on Discovery is indescribably good. If you've not seen it, you're missing out... scenes are incredible... breaching great whites, seal vs. king penguin... so cool...

What's up: Trained my butt off this weekend.

Saturday, AMAZING ski... pouring rain, slight slush, but fast, fast, FAST. covered a ton of ground in 1.4 hours, like 20 km (so not race pace, but super fast, considering it was all 'zone 1' (60-70% of max)... then 45 minutes of running and core and weights, then 1.25 hours of riding at zone 1, then another 30 minutes of biking to have dinner w/ friends...

Sunday, ski'd an hour plus of crust cruising... skiing around in the wilderness, including this big frozen lake... very fun. The aesthetic was a 10. My skiing, less so.I was skiing horribly though, hay fever? don't know... fatigue mabye... just wasn't feeling it... so i ate a bar, and ski'd another 15 km ish easy... on the trails. then rode for 1.75 hours, again, at zone 1, then went out to pick up play to throw for a cool down...

Weekend totals:
Zone 1 cardio, 6 hours
Zone 2 (run) 30 minutes
Weights: 30 minutes

Reading Will Durant's history of civilization (10 volumes, 9 zillion pages)... just started. kind of fun.

This week, focus on zone, and flat stack. and we have a return of winter weather... so HOPEFULLY some afternoon skis after practice.

Uh, that's all.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Week 1

This week i broke the frisbee instruction into 2 parts. Basic footwork, and intro to zone.
Footwork was primarily applied to pivoting, and cutting. Zone instruction is at it's most rudimentary. We'll build.

Mon, Tues, and Thursday were skills, fundamentals and conditioning.
Wednesday was warmup, and game simulation.

Here is todays practice:
Unstructured throwing while i basked in the amazing 60 degree weather and collected my thoughts. Then while i set up the field, i suggested students work on throwing short completions instead of flinging junk about.

20 minutes, intro to zone, culminating in 5 minutes of zone 'o' with a tennis ball to focus on positional movement.

Warm up (about 1km),
event x 25 yds, stride, event by 25 yds, stride
butt kicks
high knees
side to sides
25 yd build ups (x2)
50 yd build ups
(1 km total)

handler drill
goto drill
throw in pairs
away drill
.75 km fast jog

dutch drill, run .75 km between game, throw 10 passes while winded.
10 min scrimmage, subs run .75km between points

5 x 40 sprints. told kids that our focus needs to move towards speed

2 minute finishing talk, positive reinforcement.

25 minutes working with 3 students, one got help in huck form, one (newer) worked on flick, one didn't need much help.

I did most of the workout w/ kids.
Yesterday, warmup, drills, and Scrimmage. there is one player who tips the field enough with his abillity that I have to play some to balance the game. Then a 25 mile road ride.
Tuesday, lots of drills, and conditioning games (short field, make it take it, dutch drill). Then one hour of mixed unicycling and juggling. Big break through was 2 starts where i actually step up onto the other pedal, without stepping up and rocking back and going. This is hard to describe, but significant. Got one decent trick with the clubs.
Monday, drills, and skills.

Tommorrow, a full team scrimmage, which i'll just watch. I'm going to lift in the AM, and take the pm off. It's a rest day. Saturday and sunday, I'll ski and bike.

Left knee is aching a tad... common for me in early season. Kind of a chondromalacia or something... usually goes away quickly if i'm dilligent about stretching my quad. The sprints were pretty successful. I'd hardly call them sockeye quality, but i was moving pretty good, and the hammy seems to be training up ok...

That's all

Sunday, April 01, 2007

let it begin!

official beginning of frisbee tommorrow. 4 days per week, fridays off.
plan for this week:
Monday and Tuesday: Focus is footwork... whether faking / or throwing, teaching the proper pivots for new throwers. Likewise, for cutting. Planting on outside foot, and setting first steps to 'seal off' the defender...
Wednesday and Thursday: Zone intro. If it's real windy, i use a ball, and allow it to hit and roll: the goal is to force the defense to win with positioning and movement, not win because the newer throwers can't yet hit easy ones. The goal is to make the zone 'd' better before our own skills are good enought to truly challenge the 'd'

daily structure:
free throwing while i set up
offer individual suggestions as i move around
warm up run
structured throwing
marking drill
groups of 5-7, and movements through stations with small field games (ex: endzone practice), cutting/throwing drill, scrimmage...

one day, weather permitting, will offer a prolonged scrimmage (usually 2 games of 7 a side, teams basically even)... but i prefer, early in the season, to do these on the occasional low wind day.

Me: I'll do the drills, and warm-ups, as i work on improving turnover and stride. but most of my practice is spent highlighting theme of day, and correcting individual areas... i'll run or bike or ski or roller ski everyday after practice... goal is morning lift or yoga or run everyday... we'll see how that goes. hopefully, if it stays cool here, I can still ski in the afternoon: but it's pretty quickly getting to where skiing is a morning pursuit...

this weekend, my first juggling convention. basically, 5 plus hours of juggling and unicycling. marked improvement in both. getting pretty solid with 3 clubs, better with 4 balls, and significant improvement in current unicycle issue of starting without holding on to something...

sides: the discovery science channel planet earth series is flipping amazing. the preview for eaglevsshark looks pretty funny.

"tell him, justice is waiting"
"OK Justin, I'll tell him you called"

Thursday, March 29, 2007

spring break 07

another great day.... ski'd pretty steady for just under 1.5 hours? i'd call it hardish skiing... then read, and napped, (oh throw in eat a few times) and coached ultimate... pretty tired.

summary of spring break 07
saturday: ski
sunday: ski, bike
monday: ski, drills and sprints, bike
tuesay: ski, drills and sprints, bike (in ridiculously cold rain)
wed: ski, drills and sprints
thursd: repeat.

i think it's funny: call the frisbee dryland (and mix it up for the non ultimate heads to include soccer, pole running, and weights) and it becomes a ski camp. people from around the country would champ at the bit to ski in winter conditions, and do dryland in shorts. here, it's either par for the course, or i'm just weird.

i'm thinking of shutting off the comments. interestingly, i've been diving again in frisbee. also interestingly, i have no real interest in playing like i used to, but i'm actually trying some when i play. weird.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

spring break, continues

spring break 07 continues... luke gone wild...

lessee, it's tuesday, so i ate (huevos rancheros type thing on toast w veggie sausage), ski'd, ate, read (re-reading hunt for red october, just finished louis l'amours The Lonesome Gods, yes, classic spring break junk reading). The pile of grading awaits.

The ski was good, classic skiing, with a story: I'm standing there, on a VERY gentle hill, and i go to drink some water from my water bottle, and WHOOMBAMO, legs go flying down hill, flop to the ground... THEN i spit out my mouthfull of water... and laugh for a full 2 minutes...

Then, I ate more (oh, i already said that), then went to coach for a bit, then, read some more, then played guitar for an hour, then ate some more...

tommorrow more of the same...

oh, yesterday, i ski'd, coached, then went for a bike ride... and now i can check something off my list of things i will never do. i rode for an hour in POURING RAIN, 50 degrees or less... i was so cold, and numb that when i was fumbling around in the back pocket of my bike vest for my keys... i found my pump... i tried again, and found my tube... each time my frozen brick like hands were sure i had the keys...

so, woo hoo.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

spring break 07 woohoo.

yeah deschutes county... wooo hoo...

well i'm spending my spring break in the traditional manner. i'm going to ski 9 days straight, coach some ulti, and bike and run.

wait, that's not traditional?

yesterday, ski'd for an hour or so, and watched some ski races... last night i put a good (read, semi expensive) wax on my skis, in anticipation of this morning. i went up, probably sortof in time to race, but chose to sit out the 30 km race because, well, i'm frankly raced out, and the conditions were marginal...

i did ski for an hour, came home, and rode my bike for an hour. i'm skipping pickup ultimate now, but i'll do some coaching this week so i'll get my throwing in.

should be really good skiing this week. fresh snow everyday, and a mild return of winter means the nordic skiing should be good, and i may go telemark or alpine a day or two. if i can find my snow board boots, i'll do that too.

i'm at a training lull. i'm skiing fine, but i feel flat (another reason for not spending 50 bucks this morning), and i just want to work on form and technique a bit as the season comes to a close. the mountain will stop grooming daily in 3 weeks... so i'll be a weekend warrior. i'm thinking i'll roller ski twice/week until i can no longer weekend ski, and then do no specific ski training until june.

i'll coach ultimate, so look for updates. the team is playing pretty well: this is the most returners i've ever had, but most are sophmores. so in one sense we will be good, but in the past i've always gotten good late season results out of physically mature players playing in their first year with some desparation. this year, i'll have my most technically sophisticated team: but they are physically young, and it will be an interesting season.

for my own training, i'm looking to start increasing running, and weights. maybe i'll play at the local tourney in a month (but that's still ski season, and in fact, the last days of grooming)... i'm planning on going to solstice, so that's my 'frisbee' goal, but there is no local team. it seems the days of pick up teams at solstice are over, but i'll probably just drop in and try to pick up with a team. given my absence from the game, i'm sure this assures me of no specific team, but i'll network to the best of my limited abillity...

the weather here is really cool right now. ski'd in winter (snow, cold) conditions, then came home and biked in light gear. if i went to play today, it's in the 50's, and i could wear shorts and a t-shirt... pretty nice.

so that's all.

coaching stuff: i'm introducing a euro offense, that is slightly different than the 3-4 that everyone else on the west coast plays. my goal is two fold. it serves my teams talents better, and i do want to give my team some opportunity to play against a style they will see every where (every single high school team in oregon runs a 3-4 horizontal stack). but my overall goal remains unchanged. develop young high school players to love the sport, and have a basic understanding of the ways that the game is played at a higher level. i want them to advance, and have options.