Thursday, March 29, 2007

spring break 07

another great day.... ski'd pretty steady for just under 1.5 hours? i'd call it hardish skiing... then read, and napped, (oh throw in eat a few times) and coached ultimate... pretty tired.

summary of spring break 07
saturday: ski
sunday: ski, bike
monday: ski, drills and sprints, bike
tuesay: ski, drills and sprints, bike (in ridiculously cold rain)
wed: ski, drills and sprints
thursd: repeat.

i think it's funny: call the frisbee dryland (and mix it up for the non ultimate heads to include soccer, pole running, and weights) and it becomes a ski camp. people from around the country would champ at the bit to ski in winter conditions, and do dryland in shorts. here, it's either par for the course, or i'm just weird.

i'm thinking of shutting off the comments. interestingly, i've been diving again in frisbee. also interestingly, i have no real interest in playing like i used to, but i'm actually trying some when i play. weird.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

spring break, continues

spring break 07 continues... luke gone wild...

lessee, it's tuesday, so i ate (huevos rancheros type thing on toast w veggie sausage), ski'd, ate, read (re-reading hunt for red october, just finished louis l'amours The Lonesome Gods, yes, classic spring break junk reading). The pile of grading awaits.

The ski was good, classic skiing, with a story: I'm standing there, on a VERY gentle hill, and i go to drink some water from my water bottle, and WHOOMBAMO, legs go flying down hill, flop to the ground... THEN i spit out my mouthfull of water... and laugh for a full 2 minutes...

Then, I ate more (oh, i already said that), then went to coach for a bit, then, read some more, then played guitar for an hour, then ate some more...

tommorrow more of the same...

oh, yesterday, i ski'd, coached, then went for a bike ride... and now i can check something off my list of things i will never do. i rode for an hour in POURING RAIN, 50 degrees or less... i was so cold, and numb that when i was fumbling around in the back pocket of my bike vest for my keys... i found my pump... i tried again, and found my tube... each time my frozen brick like hands were sure i had the keys...

so, woo hoo.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

spring break 07 woohoo.

yeah deschutes county... wooo hoo...

well i'm spending my spring break in the traditional manner. i'm going to ski 9 days straight, coach some ulti, and bike and run.

wait, that's not traditional?

yesterday, ski'd for an hour or so, and watched some ski races... last night i put a good (read, semi expensive) wax on my skis, in anticipation of this morning. i went up, probably sortof in time to race, but chose to sit out the 30 km race because, well, i'm frankly raced out, and the conditions were marginal...

i did ski for an hour, came home, and rode my bike for an hour. i'm skipping pickup ultimate now, but i'll do some coaching this week so i'll get my throwing in.

should be really good skiing this week. fresh snow everyday, and a mild return of winter means the nordic skiing should be good, and i may go telemark or alpine a day or two. if i can find my snow board boots, i'll do that too.

i'm at a training lull. i'm skiing fine, but i feel flat (another reason for not spending 50 bucks this morning), and i just want to work on form and technique a bit as the season comes to a close. the mountain will stop grooming daily in 3 weeks... so i'll be a weekend warrior. i'm thinking i'll roller ski twice/week until i can no longer weekend ski, and then do no specific ski training until june.

i'll coach ultimate, so look for updates. the team is playing pretty well: this is the most returners i've ever had, but most are sophmores. so in one sense we will be good, but in the past i've always gotten good late season results out of physically mature players playing in their first year with some desparation. this year, i'll have my most technically sophisticated team: but they are physically young, and it will be an interesting season.

for my own training, i'm looking to start increasing running, and weights. maybe i'll play at the local tourney in a month (but that's still ski season, and in fact, the last days of grooming)... i'm planning on going to solstice, so that's my 'frisbee' goal, but there is no local team. it seems the days of pick up teams at solstice are over, but i'll probably just drop in and try to pick up with a team. given my absence from the game, i'm sure this assures me of no specific team, but i'll network to the best of my limited abillity...

the weather here is really cool right now. ski'd in winter (snow, cold) conditions, then came home and biked in light gear. if i went to play today, it's in the 50's, and i could wear shorts and a t-shirt... pretty nice.

so that's all.

coaching stuff: i'm introducing a euro offense, that is slightly different than the 3-4 that everyone else on the west coast plays. my goal is two fold. it serves my teams talents better, and i do want to give my team some opportunity to play against a style they will see every where (every single high school team in oregon runs a 3-4 horizontal stack). but my overall goal remains unchanged. develop young high school players to love the sport, and have a basic understanding of the ways that the game is played at a higher level. i want them to advance, and have options.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

guns, gold and glory...

today, the new bend biathlon club hosted it's first clinic... led mainly by the head coach... so i went and helped set that up for the participants... this was dryland... so mostly just shooting, and at the end, we ran some of the kids around so that they could feel the feeling of shooting when winded... i shot, but i didn't do the run and shoot as it was pretty late by that point. mostly, i just made sure rifles were pointed in the same directions... the guns were sweet... a couple of Anschutz, and a Baikal... I was pretty poor in my first Go, but went 5/5 on my second prone attempt, and like 3/5 standing the second time... need work though... it's pretty tricky, it's mostly about trigger pull... ridiculously hot.... like 65 degrees (yes, that's ridiculously hot here)

came home, and took a nap, then went for a 17 mile ride (nice and easy, just to work out the kinks) then went for a 25 minute 'fitness run'. ya know, there are those things near my house, chin-up/dip/situp... there were 6 total, so i'd do a station, run a lap, etc... pretty pleasant... when i get my new bb gun (no compass in the stock, but the vegas odds do have me at 1:2 to 'shoot my eye out kid) (and it's actually going to be a high quality pellet gun) i'll throw that in there for fun...

friday, kids had practice, i ran with them since there was no school that day and it was pretty low-key. just an easy scrimmage cause the weather was so nice.... by easy i mean, no structure, just goofing off on a lazy day... i ran hard, and even dove... first time i'd played w /them this year, probably the last for a while: too much value in full time coaching, too many reader comments about me being Kramer from seinfeld taking Karate w/ 10 year olds... oh, and ski'd 20km friday morning, and then spent 1.25 hours helping dig a biathlon target entombed in 6 inches of ice... chopping with an axe and a spike... then ran some errands on the road bike...

tommorrow, long ski, a run, and i might play some city league pick-up... it's super nice weather, but the field is small, and it's kind of cluster something with a little league game going on in the endzone, and 40 people trying to play 7v7 on a 55 yad field... supposedly city league is coming up, but i'm having a hard time getting fired up for the 4-peat... i may just go in the draft, but i'd rather play a couple tournaments, play in an occasional more competetive pick-up game, and train up for summer tourneys (like run/intervals/sprints)... besides...there are still oh, 2 months of good skiing, and i'd like to focus on that...

so some general goals for the next year of training.
Frisbee: While weather permits 3-7 days of throwing. 3-4 days of sport specific running (i.e., make sure to do my high knees). Tourneys, uh, Maybe the Local Gandy goose in a month. Weather dependent, i might walk out on saturday and pickup w/ a team... got to make sure there is not a HS tourney i have to coach at that weekend. Attend Potlatch, Play fall series. Continue to improve.

Skiing: Improve. Curently I'm a 'competent recreational racer.' I'd like to improve on that. Focus on going fast on flats and downhills (technically challenging), continue to improve technique accross board, and fitness. I have some specific goals like 28 min in a 10 km, but more significantly, i'd like to get w/i fewer percentage points of the winners...

Running: Sub 18 5k. I know that's not that impressive in the grand scheme, but it'll be pretty good for me... my best time trial was around 19:11 for 5km last year...

biking: no real goals, just participate in some bike races and duathlons...

oh, food....

meager food day... plowman's platter, salad, smoked salmon, good cheddar, apple, olives, cherry tomatoes, good piece of bread... and a guinness... after all, it's st. Patrick's day...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

today, at practice, for the actual frisbee fans. (somewhere out there, billy layden is looking at his netscape icon, and trying to decide if he should click it)...

30 kids, and it felt like a dissapointing practice. stud number one was recovering from a long term growth spurt achilles injury, but he was throwing, and it was sick... he'll be back, i hope. great girl noname (i will no longer list people's names on my blog) was throwing great, but seems to be suffering from a chronic knee subluxation issue: she'll be back. another kid, fresh frosh, suffered a bit before confessing he had a hamstring pull... i told him... see a PT, but barring that, walk till it doesn't hurt, run till it doesn't hurt, sprint, then play.

that said, 28 kids playing, it was warm (55, and only if you lived here would you understand that that means shorts and a TShirt), 1/2 mile warm up, full dynamics, mor throwing, walk through, more throwing, and then practice.

a scrimmage field, and a drill field. i cover the drills. i like the kids to scrimmage (right now) with minimal interference. i watch, but i'm minimizing comment for now. the drill of the day.

a give and go drill. this is part of my initial plan for teaching basic 4person plays. the drill is a throw from a line to another. line one has disc. line two makes a horizontal handler cut, and receives the disc. thrower cuts down line. later options will describe specific cuts.

endzone offense. ours is simple. call for a flood and isolate. we also have false floods, and varying H-stack offenses. today was simple stack/flood and ISO. i'm a big fan of 7 v 7 everybody's it tag (see previous post for details), call for a play.. it works because it teaches the values of

1) recover after chaos
2) burn time for effectiveness
3) communication...

then we ran some drills...

then, changed from short field 5 v 5 scrimmage to full field 7 v 7, for 15 minutes of full field scrimmage. here i would run back and forth between points and note: make a goal line call.

plan for later; allow longer scrimmage time, and call STOP before a mistake happens. this is usually to identify a point where the team has collapsed on the sideline... encourage kids to either huck and hope, or burn time to reset and set up...

that is all

oh, personal.
saturday: ski'd twice. 1:25 classic in the morning. 1:25 skate in the afternoon.
sunday: 1:30 skate. 4 mile run to drop off a bill. in the middle, i stopped off at the local sunday game, borrowed some cleats, andplayed probably 10 points. threw some goals, made some cuts. the field was the size of a 5 v 5 game...
monday: 34 minute run. probably 4.5 miles.
tuesday: (today), coached, see above. then, 50 minutes of skiing.funky, molten crust, 12km, ski'd abit w/ my room mate, and then, randomly took a digger... back at car, realized i'd lost my shades on the digger, went back found sunglasses in a tree well, went home...
that's all

Thursday, March 08, 2007

this is madness...


Ok, i'm a hedonist. Mr. train all the time is going to the midnight show of 300... what can i say... i'm raised on star wars, raiders, jaws, and matrix, 3 of which i saw on opening day....

today at practice: 34 kids. here's how i organized it. 6 groups of 5. the extra 4 showed up late. 1 full field (technically small, 90 x 30). 2 dutch drill fields. one space for drills.

1 mile warm up
pair throwing (while i set up cones)
dynamics : each event, 30 yds w/ 30 yd stride. 3 x high knees (strides), butt kicks (Strides), side to side (Strides), karaoke (stride), teardowns (strides), skips (strides), 2 x build ups.
marking drill (one set no arms, one set full mark, both develop foot work, and confidence in new throwers)
then, 1 hour of 6 minute sets of cycling through. if you were group 1, you would go, scrimmage, scrimmage, dutch, dutch, drill, drill... there was some overlap that led to varied competitiion.
mixed in: i would pull aside 1 kid for every set, play catch, and then give them 'something to work on'. so, i only got to a small fraction, but with this system, i'll get to every kid every week or two for a few minutes. today, i coached handlers. mostly focused on simple stuff. basic practice form. and mark breaking. i might have had the same kids huck, but it was windy, and i was looking for success. also, i've got a few 'special athletes'... new players juggling track v. frisbee, and they are good, so frankly i gave them some help.
then i spent 5 minutes only reviewing our simple endzone 'o' version one. it's very simple, so i won't share it. then we scrimmaged 2 fields for 20 minutes.
then, i built a 2nd field, and let them play. i got in a few throws then, then i'd concentrate on running out to tell the 'o' team to 'run the play we've drilled' and 'burn some time on the goal line to get an endzone play call'.
pretty successful.

so i've got 35 kids. 17 don't know what a mark or a force is yet. and the result is positive. by not playing, i'm already seeing new players take leadership roles. i'm also missing 10 players who are ski racing still. 3 of them are 'varsity'. i may end up with 50 kids! sweet. the structure of the practice, my large single field (equivalent to 2.5 full fields) allows me to set up stations easily:

coaching strategy:
i had my 'varsity' run an endzone drill. here is the way i do that for HS.
13 players and me... you get a partner. we play everybody's it tag (if you are tagged, you are frozen, until the person who tagged you is touched, then you are free. the point is to get kids to run willy nilly around for a few seconds. then, i grab my partner, usually the best kid, and one of goes, WHITE ON OFFENSE. STACK. The defender yells FORCE SOMETHING (forehand, backhand (i'll bring up my reasons for opposing use of home/away later) They jump up, and stack, and we call our offense.

works well.

Personal. After practice, i went for a 40 minute, 11Km ski. Felt good. Got dinner, now, up too late..


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


lastnight, 30 minutes of formwork, some running and dynamics(buttkicks, etc)... 20x30 buildups
tonight, 45 minutes, easy 10km on a sheet of ice....

coaching: i've in the past had local players scrimmage w/ kids to help train. i've decided that it's kids v. kids... and i saw some good stuff happening.

initial focus is on a basic stack play. a 4 person play, disc to 1-6-3 (one makes a handler cut, 6 makes a check up, 3 goes deep). so i show the play, then we run a drill for just the handler cut. then we are able to turn the handler cut into a recycling drill. then i add each bit of the play, show how the drill relates to the play, then we can run the drill only... so far so good.

tommorrow, i'll warm-up and do some drills, then just jog around and keep the athletes moving... then, 45 minutes of skiiing...

dat's all.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ski season mid point.

This weekend the somethng'th annual par for the course, winner based on most improved. I was second most improved over 10km, in a time of 31: something on so so snow. I didn't fall over in the start... I almost did miss my start, but it actually worked out that i ski'd up, and was ready for my start (:30 second intervals, someone goes) w/ oh, :35 to spare.

Still lots of room for improvement. In a year, I should be skiing around 28 ish (Assuming decent snow), w/ commensurate marathon times.

Now, It's just ski, ski, ski and coach. But the afternoon skis will be done in about 4 weeks due to warming (so only weekend warrior-ing) and a shift to biking/running/ and coaching ultimate. Which usually only costs me about 3-400 a year.

I thought this pic was Ok. Usually I look like a bigger, clumsier tool.