Tuesday, January 26, 2010

this one is for you...

normally i eschew posting non specific workouts to the 'frisbee' tag. but i'm making an exception.

wednesday, we're going to have our first gym practice. i'm going to limit it to throwing, handler cuts, and out in cuts. if it's an amenable group, we'll do some play run througs. i won't allow 'game play' in the small gym. it would probably be fine, but 90% of my athletes are already in sport, so i don't want cutting to injury to be a result.

drills i will run:
1) throwing: forehand and backhand (7min)
2) run 1 min, situps 30, run one min, pushups 20, run one min, situps 30, run one min, stepups on bleachers one min, run one min, stretch it out for 4 min. high knees, buttkicks, side to side, karaoke, skip. total time less than 18 min.
3) handler cut 5 min
4) out in cut 5 min
5) flare break cut deep 7 min
6) work on plays 15 min (flood left, cut under), zipper,
7) handler cut
8) under cut
9) stretch

should be 1 hour.

might have alternate access to the other turf gym in town. if we move there, we'll do this tuesday, and play hotbox and mini on wednesday.

indoor today, which is a pain. 2 hour nap on couch, ramp it up in a game, i can't sleep. ski tomorrow. gonna be a long week.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

frisbee kickoff.

Summit High Frisbee is on.
I've got the indoor center reserved for an hour a week, it's a decent turf, kind of a field turf. We're playing for an hour, but, it's open before our reservation, so I can get 30 minutes of warm up in before we play: For the kids who can show up early, we mostly kick the soccer ball around and jog (I spent a few painful minutes in goal last week. Turns out gloves are a good idea), and then most of us do some dynamics in an unstructured way. I.e., I do them, and some of them mimic me. I'm not pushing much structure. If the discs are there (I make the kids tote them as I usually do a 30 minute bike ride to the center to get ready) we do the same thing, but with frisbee.

Then we run 2 drills for 7-10 minutes: A basic handler cut 2 line drill, then a out and in continuation cut 2 line drill.

Last week, I added a '3 option drill' tailored to indoor, but applicable to outdoor.

2 lines, cutter cuts 'break mark', then 'deep', then back in for 'open side underneath cut.' You can throw any throw you want. Mostly they jack it, but next week i'll make the deep cut to the forehand side, and I'm hoping they choose the under, since my young team doesn't have really solid long flicks. I'm not overlooking the skill, but my intent is to get them dialed in for THIS GAME and work on decision making. I'll be working in the longer throws, but hoping to always do it in the vein of decision making being important. If I get a bunch of kids who can throw it 20 yards flat, or 30 yards floaty, and a few kids who can crank it, we'll be as good as we can be living in the ice land. The drill cut takes a little longer to develop, but i'm looking to foster ideas of

1) running the whole field
2) taking the easy shot
3) get comfortable using the full stall count.

ideas that i will build on this are to

4). short stack. this makes it more viable for your longer run to be more viable. (in a full field, it would probably be as a continuation cut).
5) realistic pivots: the 'fake' to the break side is an attempt to throw, even if the mark takes it away. the only flaw here, is that the 'BIG FAKE' TO 'HUCK' (It's probably only a 30 yard throw indoors) tends to move the mark flatter, but it shouldn't stop the open side throw to the under cutter. And in this drill, or indoor, there is time after the long look to move the mark back to the break mark side by looking to another (imaginary) cutter cutting break before throwing to the open under cutter.

Indoor is nice. And if I can work the schedule around basketball, I'll probably offer an extra evening of skills and drills in the HS Gym. The lack of wind makes kids gain confidence, the relative warmth makes it pleasurable. Or today, we could play outside and 40 degrees and 20 mph winds. And it could be just like that in april.

Right after drills we play: The endzone is curved, the sidelines are very small, but it's fine. I played one game where there was no sideline, and walls and nets were in, and a goal caught in the goal was a 2 pointer.. UH, let's just say this led to some, um, physical play. now we use the side lines, but i allow the walls to be in, just for fun. Nets are out. The sidelines are very tight, so there aren't a lot of downfield passes on the sideline, but, my view is that just playing some is good.

I'm using the indoor 5v5 (sometimes 6v6) to work on a bit of experimentation in an 'H' Stack, 2 handlers,3 forwards (prefer that language to cutters, we're all cutters). We try to go back vertical in redzone. It's OK. I have had some success in past going vert in midfield, spread in endzone.

I expect the numbers to grow from 12-14 to the full winter 20 pretty soon. So I'll have to modify it. Games of mini or dutch drill, or if say we have 15, 3 teams of 5, score a point and stay.

Frankly, this has been a really nice addition to my winter, as i still love playing frisbee, but i'm really only interested in playing when it's moderately warm. If it's cold I'd rather ski. Which I've been doing. PRobably 3-4 days a week. Today I dropped my bike off at the shop, ran 3 miles to gym, situps, chinups, single leg squats, and some machine work for the shoulders, ran to pub for dinner, ran home.

For the next few weeks it should go,
Mon: Indoor Soccer.
Tuesday: Ski coach
Wednesday: Rest or run/lift or ski.
Thursday: Ski coach
Friday: Indoor Frisbee
Saturday: Long day ski coach.
Sunday: Rest or Ski (See Wednesday)