Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 2?

I'm taking roll every day, and so far, our lowest day has been 30kids, highest 38, with most kids coming 2 times per week.

This week we've only had one of the Gyms, it's 2 basketball courts in size. So a typical practice consists of alternating drills or small games with conditioning cycles.

3-3:15 Throw in lines (usually ends up 2 sets of lines, each pair only throwing short half court throws). I filter around, give a tip or two, keep it simple. I get out the pinnies, the cones, and the extra school disces (whammos)

3:15-3:20, brief hello, chat, review expectations (for instance, when you cycle off the court, see me for instructions for the conditioning portion, then, get water during your conditioning. Also, review that when you are done with your court time, put the discs on a cone and the pinniew where you found them.

3:20-3:35ish. Warm up run, dynamics.

3:35. Line up, girls next to each other, then boys, count off 1-8. 1-4 stay, and do a handler drill (two groups so 1, and 2 work together, 3 and 4 work together. I do it this way so I have teams for the games). 5-8 do stations.

EX:Run the halls and stairs, then partner up, and time each other for max push ups in 1min. sip of water, then return to gym and take a seat. For some activities, it's best to have say, groups 5/6 run, while 7/8 do pushups, then switch it up. When the last kid is back (4-7min total), switch it up.

Then switch to a game (usually dutch drill, 10 pass keepaway for 1 point, 5 second stall, 4v4 or 5v5 for teams, on a basketball court with corner cones). Me or the other coach fills out a team if the numbers are odd.

Sometimes go back to a drill, but usually stick with games/ alternating with conditioning for 4 cycles. So that takes about an hour total, and it's about 4:30.

some kids have left by now, (had about 26 of 37 at 4:30), so I take 5 minutes to make even teams of 4-6, and play mini ultimate (make it take it) on the full length court (instead of the two cross width slightly shorter courts.

Today I had 5 teams of 5, and it went 1v2,3v4, 5v1,2v3, 4v5. 4min timed games.

Kids grab cones, discs, pinnies, talk schedule for week, gone.

Other indoor conditioning stations: I have 8 activities, in 4 sets of 2, so, you're doing 2 activities between court sessions.
Pick any of these and use them for variety.
I might do Superloop 2 or 3 times out of the 8 activities...

Super loop (Run Halls and stairs)
60 second plank
single leg squats to bench
max chinups in 60sec, timed by partner (also put 70 lbs on the lat pull down machine for the girls to use, although one of them is a climber, pullups she can do).
super loop
side plank, 45sec each time
3x10 max jump 30sec rest
situps, timed, 1min, partner holding feet.
3x15 sec quick feet. with recovery
box jumps, max in one minute

When we get on grass, I'll lose some, but add standing long jump, bear crawls, wheelbarrel races, handstand contests,shuttle runs, innertube pulls,cartwheel contests, a multi cone 'snake', freezetag variations.

oh, and I play music loud during the games, and stopit during transitions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Summit Storm is GO.

Return of Frizbee marks the downhill run to summer break.