Sunday, March 29, 2009


frisbee first:
we practiced for 5 days over spring break. 7v7 every day, usually on small fields. I kept it as a 'roll out the balls' practice, and was graced with some returning alums. We had a couple of U of O players and a couple of U of O b teamers... and the kids benefitted. I was a little dissapointed that there weren't more attendees.

Things to work on:

Zone: Teaching zone to new players is a challenge. It's easy to teach the static positions, but to teach zone defense against early season and new high school players is a challenge. Turnovers are cheap, and the players get stuck in the static zone positions, without learning to move to follow the disc because of the inabillity of players to complete multiple passes. I'm going to start next week, but with the following plan. I'll use a 'ball' either a softball or a kickball (doesn't matter) and the rule that it can be rolled or thrown but that it's not a turnover if it hits the ground. The goal is to teach proper recover and movement of the positions. It's limited by the inabillity to 'huck' but that ends up being a plus in some ways.

Warm up and drills: I'm doing a really basic warm up right now. Run a lap of the fields (about 8 minutes) then a modified line drill. 6 lines with 5 or so kids in each line. you cut out 20 yds, then check back. Thrower gets to throw 2 or three throws. Then the lines, which are in pairs, face each other, and the oposing cutter cuts jab step and down line. It's also used replicating front of stack cutting, and the cutter cuts 3 steps then cross.

New Players: Lots of dutch and mini. Dutch is a box of varying size, teams of 3 or 4 or 5, and complete 5 passes for a point. When I split varsity/JV, it's 10 passes for a point.

Breaks: I don't do breaks. Practices are 100 minutes long, and breaks are times to throw back and forth.

Conditioning: I push off day conditioning. I have too much to teach in 3 days a week. Kids who want to make varsity are told to run on off days. Right now I want them doing 2 30 minute runs. We'll move to shorter harder stuff.

spring break '09 wooohhoooo.
Monday: Skate ski one hour, run 45 minutes with track team, play ultimate 1 hour.
Tuesday: Bike 1/2 hour, tempo run (10 easy, 15 hard, 10 easy), frisbee
Wednesday: Bike 21 miles, run easy 40 minutes, frisbee 1 hour
Thursday: (Rest) Lazy frisbee (for me) 1 hour
Friday: Ski 80 minutes, run 20 minutes, 1.5 hours vigorous ultimate
Saturday: 2 hour ski, 1 hour bike, 30 minutes weights
Sunday: 50 minute run, 1 hour bike