Tuesday, May 19, 2009

why home is home... or... this blog's for you.

Tonight, a mix of frisbee an personal, coded frisbee. And a paen to why I live in Bend. And an invite, to those who feel frisbee has been served, and they deserve a Valkyrie's ride to Valhalla. Enough mix of greek and scandyhoovian.

I awoke at 4, but only because I had Santa Sickness. That child's disease that afflicts those who get up early in anticipation of something better. Sacrificing sleep for activity, I lay in bed, trying to sleep, but with a half hearted effort until 5 am, when I arose, put on the coffee, and showered. I ate a simple repast of a banana, a handful of wheat chex, and coffee, and sat until 5:55. Then I jumped on my new mountain bike, and rode on TRAIL to school, almost 5 minutes away.

There I met a coworker, on furlough from familial responsibilities associated with a new child, and in 50 degree weather, we rode mountain bikes in the high desert. Immediately upon leaving campus, we hopped onto the trail, and rode for the next hour on the shortest of many loops associated with the nearby trail system.

we arrived back at campus at 7:05, ate some school breakfast (not the fearful prospect you may imagine, i had a breakfast burrito, an apple, an orange, a banana, a fruit cup, and a juice) and taught engaged seniors: only 2 weeks away from graduation, they were involved in both the process and the outcome.

after school (here's the frisbee part), i gathered 2/3 of the team (that showed up to practice) ran them through a drill with modest results, made an adjustment in motivation, and then achieved perfect results in the drill. the scrimmage in 20 mph wind, while marred by turnovers, showed flow, and execution of the things we've been working on. And in the end, the 'worse' team won: because they won by doing the things we've been working on.

(and they got a little lucky).

home, a nap, then a tempo run:
1 mile warm up:
4.25 miles in 28 minutes (about a 6:35 pace)
then, bike to the local night at the Bend Brewing Company.
And on the way home, over he 3 mile bike ride, I was in pitch black riding in my small town of 70,000 for almost a third of the ride. And there, I saw a righteous shooting star.

So, a long but fruitful day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ride reports for the weekend...

well, Friday evening, more of a run. i was uninspired to run until about 8 pm, then i cranked out a really pleasant 11 mile run, in about 80 minutes. felt good. challenging, but not brutal. the upcoming half marathon will be more uphill than i ran, but, hopefully, it will be a successful jaunt. the hardest part between now and then will be just getting used to running in the morning. uh, 'diet' and, uh, bathroom management for an early morning run will come into play, so over the next couple weeks i'm going to start some morning runs to get that dialed in, and switch over to an actual race diet. that is, less breakfast burritos, and more oatmeal. but damn do i love breakfast burritos.

saturday, i letharged the batteries, and vegged out. i skipped the insanity of pole pedal paddle and instead, went for a 2 plus hour ride that got a little hillier and speedier at time than i meant to go for. probably closer to 2.5 hours.

sunday: an easy ride with a couple teachers, should have been just over 2 hours, but some mechanical failures (flats and a broken spoke) stretched it out. mowed the lawn, and then went for an unsuprisingly unspectacular 9 mile run. i was slow and sluggish in what passes for oppressive heat here in bend. just 80 something but after weeks of workouts in 50 something degree weather, it felt like a july summer in georgia by comparison. acclimitization will occur, but i'm not up yet to the challenge of heat.

tommorrow will be rest (or maybe a short run with the state track attendees in the middle distance discipline).


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

hs ultimate in bend.

HS Ultimate in bend is in flux. total numbers of kids have grown, as Bend HS now has 2 teams, MT. View may have 2 teams (but one for sure) and summit has 2 or 3 teams. Sadly, Sisters HS hasn't been able to maintain a squad this year, but we're hoping to remedy that next year, and add Redmond HS and Crook County to the fold.

Last week, Bend HS split into two squads (Blue and Gold) and each side played a half to Mt. View, with Mt. View winning the overall 'Cricket' score.

This week, Summit played vs. Mt. View, and summit High won. Summit High will probably play Black/Green for a few weeks, while I decide varsity / JV.

Game notes. I did play a 'starting 7' for the upwinder, which we scored. given the emotional nature of HS games, I'm well aware that this is different than subbing even/even for a full game. After this, I generally played a mixed team and tried to make sure that every player got equal playing time. The team put together a number of good 'flowing' points upwind.

Areas to workon:

1) endzone execution. it's mildly exasperating to see a team get upfield against a 25 mph wind, only to turn it 3 times on the goal line, and then the other team gets off a punt... and you start all over.

2) good flow in general, but our best points were 5 or less passes. the challenge will be against a team that makes us throw 10 or more passes against a stiff breeze.

3) sportsmanship: was, very good for both teams. there were very few calls, all were amicably resolved on the field, and thats really good for new players. i don't think either team was 'getting away' with travels, or whatever, and in general, where new players are concerned, I discourage my teams from making calls unless the whole team is not making violations. That is, play by the rules, and if you are, feel free to make a call. If you've got a few rookie foot draggers on the team: don't be making calls on the other team.

4) plays: a callahan, a couple diving 'd's a couple diving catches, and all and all, i thought the teams played well, with plenty of room for improvement.

City league: My co-ed city league is 2-0, but that will soon change. This year, we were allowed to build our own teams with a minimal draft. Mine is a couple 18 y.o. hs kids, a couple room mates, and a couple buddies. AND a couple of u of o players returning in june (yes, those U of O players plus a U of O girl) and a couple former players who attend, but aren't on the U of O team.

So for the next couple weeks, we're going to focus on 'process' not 'outcome' and try to develop the new players, with the goal of 'seamlessly' integrating the nudists.

We'll see how it goes. It's actually pretty nice: league play in central oregon is marked by either sun and wind, or hail and wind (i shit thee not), so the fact that we have only 11 players for the windy game is a plus, wind (sic) lose or draw.

But it'll be nice to have the go to guys for the tourney.

Here's the part where I talk about breakfast, so tune out if you like.

I'm part of a tuesday running group now.
The past few weeks were:
1) Trail Hill workouts, elapsed 'hard time' 40 minutes. (you don't count the rest)
2) 3x2km with 2min rest (hard) but i did that one on my on
3) Track: 200/400/600/800/1200/1200/800/600/400/200 with rest equal to the length of the run. Hamstrings hurt for 8 days.
4) 6 x 3min, (about 850 m) with 1 min jogging between
5) 30 total minutes of hill running, and the snaky nature of the run left a short 1.5 minute run down a steep hill to the start. 7 intervals of 3:00 (1:30 down) and then, blown up, the next six were 3:30 with 1:30 down). Actually pretty good or better or equal to what i've done in the past, but 7 not 3 or 4, and so-ok. actually averaged faster than 3:30, so, good.

Other than that, running about 30 miles per week, with the tuesday thing, plus a couple mtbike rides per week (2 hours or so), and the wednesday game, plus taking off a day or 2 each week.

i had oatmeal for breakfast.

personal log: stop reading NOW unless you want to read what i had for breakfast...