Sunday, July 22, 2007

first of all...

if you're flippin' stupid, there is no way i would actually spoil Harry Potter and the Magic Thing online. that would be so lame. So read away. Or ignore away.

Next: 2Day. first ever Tri.

results Pretty good result. Could have done better. I had a achy hammy, due to over training. Thats' for those of you you read the blog, and go, gosh, how could dipshit possibly train that much.

Apparently I can't.

But the race was super fun.

Pre Race: I get up at 5, and kind of lounge about. My self requirement is that I eat 3 hours BEFORE the bike. My race starts at 8:25, so I eat at 5:20. So far so good. I pack the bag, grab the pam (wetsuit lubricant), and show up at the race about 1 hour before start. I was the last to register (like, each bike rack has a number, 1-100, 2-200, etc., and it ends at 493. Me). Apparently, that's what happens when you register day before 5 minutes before close. But Some Jackass has followed instructions. Get there early, place your bike, set up your gear. Of course it's some kind of mountain bike with bikerackes, and like 5 square feet of towel with shit on it. Me, I get lean my bike up against the rack, and throw my shoes in the grass.

Ok, the swim. In the water, and yes, there is one good way to warm up the wetsuit in cold water. I'm not sharing. Use your imagination. But it was a down river swim. I was Psyched, right up until I got caught in the gilly weeds. I'm swimming along in shallow water, because I failed to practice in the river, and I can't find the channel, and I look over and some dude is standing up about 2 feet from me. Ouch. Regardless of my poor navigating, apparently swimming for 30 minutes a year is not the best warmup for a Tri. ALSO, it appears you should practice transitioning from swim to bike. I didn't do so well.

The bike was fine. The run was OK. I had a mild hammy that i nursed. IN summary, it was OK.

Lessons for next time.
1) scout the rout
2) practice the trannys. swim/bike. bike/run. totally key.
3) taper properly. resting up an injury is not the same as tapering.

so it was fine.

In the world of oxymoronic good TV...
I'm diggin' John from Cincinatti.
Flight of the Conchords.

That's it.



Yesterday (Saturday) I picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows down at the local bookstore. It was the next to last copy available. I'm nursing a hamstring thing, and I was going to attempt a triathlon today, so I felt a full day of lounging was in order.

Several hours later, my years long exploration of Rowling's England had concluded. And not without a few genuine chills and thrills. And on more than one occasion I seemed to get a little dust under my contacts.

I have a few small problems with some of the literary devices Rowling has utilized in her latest novel. Do they add to the story? You will have to decide for yourself.

First of all, the rather odd choose your own adventure ending did not do much for me. I found it rather forced and contrived, but that said, I did work my way through as many of the various permutations as I could, and I have some comments.

My favorite ending was clearly, 'Harry Goes to Vegas and opens his own Illusionist Show.' I thought that that was fairly clever, and provided a nice bridge from the Wizarding World to the Muggle world. I was a little less enthusiastic about the 'Harry and Lord Voldemort go to Vegas and open an Illusionist Show.' It just made me somehow uncomfortable, and I'm not sure why they needed a group of white Ligers in their show.

I was particularly fond of what I refer to as the 'Annakin' ending. Having Harry 'Strike down the Evil Lord, and take on the mantle of Dark Wizard', well, it does open the door for a whole redemption cycle series. But frankly, While Rowling has for years borrowed heavily from the Genre, this is just a little too, 'StarWars' for my taste, and I'm not sure I'm buying Neville Longbottome as the new Luke Skywalker.

The ending with Ron's broken wand disarming Harry at a MOST inopportune time was brilliant, a grim reminder that fate and happenstance are closely related. As opposed to the overwrought use of deus ex machina in earlier volumes, and in children's literature in general (and tom clancy novels), this is a refreshing reminder that sometimes, well, your gun jams.

Gandalf, er, Dumbledore's return in one ending was OK, seemed a little forced to me, but I mean, Fawkes Phoenix Droppings and butterbeer mixed in the TriWizard cup... can't argue with that.

The ending I like to refer to as 'Dark Phoenix', (X-men homage, not fawkes) where Hermione goes bat shit crazy after 6 years of removing alfalfa and opie's bacon from the fire and getting no credit was interesting. Given Rowlings rags to riches story, and living as a single mom, it's really no suprise that she would upend social conventions in such a manner, but the whole lazer beam eyeballs thing on Ron, well, I mean, I was really hoping they'd work it out, they're just kids.

...LIke in ending 7-B-3, where we look to the future, and the whole thing has unravelled like some protracted 'Beyond the Glory' sports montage, and you can't help but wince at Mary Grandpre's stylized art of a portly balding Harry, reduced to babbling on about the good ole days like some over the hill NFL star with failing memory (can't spell cast anymore) and arthritis (clumsy wand manipulation)...

And I could really have done without the ending in which Harry awakes from a very vivid dream to reveal that he's just a 12 year old boy being kept in a closet under the stairs by his creepy relatives. What the heck is up w/ Rowling? It's supposed to be a kid's movie. It's like the scene in Napoleon Dyanamite, where they shoot the Cow in front of the school bus. But.. that was funny... this was just, painful.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

good weeks.

last week was the largest bulk week of my life. 22 hours. lots of easy... sunday (included in week) was a 40 mile ride, pretty brisk. like, avg 19 mph... so, ok for just 2 riders. then a swim, 15 minutes (swimming in river). monday, 1.5 hour mtbike ride, 45 minute run (not easy, but not hard), plus weights, tuesday (today), 1 hour (plus) mtb ride, 1.5 hours frisbee, mixed the strategies up between 'you go, i throw' and 'modified all super give and go technique'. then 30 minutes of roller skiing, later a 20 minute swim.

sadly, today was the last official day of on campus frisbee at summit, as they prepare to remove 25 feet over several acres to remove sinkholes.

tommorrow, no early ride, watch the tour live, run 50 minutes, get a bike in sometime, get some dentist love, swim...

i should really consider some form of 'taper' for this race, but it's just not that a big deal, well it is, but not b/c i'm trying to win, but because i want to have a good workout.

that's all.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

uh, good day. up at 6, watched the tour, then a fun trail hike/run. 3.5 hours on the trail, 11.5 miles, including rest time. walked fast on the hike, ran down on the flats. fun stuff. super fun. ice cream after.

biked to and from the carpool. such a good time...

yesterday, i rode 1.5 hours, ran 25 minutes w/ 8 minutes at level 3... then squats. then a 300 mile road trip to fish. got into a trophy fish, but lost it when i tangled my line. still, super fun. home at 12:00.

tommorrow, up early to watch the tour, then a 17-51 mile ride. i don't know, and won't know until i go. i need to swim, too, what with this tri next weekend. again, no goals for performance. just want to finish the race in style.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

dueling titles...

i can't decide between...

'I have been to the mountain' and 'Googly moogly i am such a dumb shit'

Got up at 6, had some cereal, turned on the tour. After biking up to frisbee practice this morning with a sack full of cleats and cones, and T-shirts, (10 total, played dutch, and mini, talked about marking drill, breaking mark, and facing mark), I watched the start of Stage 2 of the Cascade Cycling Classic (A big multi day stage race held here annually, Lance Armstrong used it as his springboard after his recovery). I thought, gosh, I should go for a ride. So, I went home, drank a smoothie. And jumped on the bike. I should have had like 2 eggs, some yogurt, etc. Oh, and left say, 3 hours earlier.

Instead, It's 11, and i'm walking out the door. With $5 in cash, my drivers license, and 2 water bottles. I THINK I had pump, tube, tire irons, etc. 80 miles later, I limped home. But most of the ride was awesome. I road to this cool observatory and pass so a couple thousand (plus) elevation gain net... a sweet view (high country lava field, check out DEE WRIGHT OBSERVATORY.

Needless to say, the sparse food i had, and the 2 power bars i bought with my 5 dollars led to some late game bonking. I also got a lemonade. In general Hydration wasn't too bad, I managed to pound 7 bottles (refilling) over the course of the ride... and I ran into two friends training for a 24 hour adventure race, who gave me some fructose and sucrose (like more gatorade, and a vitawater) but i was seriously bonked. And the heat was, well, minimum 100-105, riding for part of it on a good sized state highway, in what all of you (by all of you, i mean, you, the reader (singular))... so perceived / reflective heat was harsh.

I stopped once i got off the highway and walked into a farm field, and stood in the irrigation sprinkler, and stopped again probably 7 miles (yes, a measly 7 miles) from home when i saw some people feeding horses in a barn right off the road... where they not only had water but also a fruitjuice, and a banana.

so i made it.

Parts of me actually felt suprisingly good. My dogs were barking a bit, but 80 miles in cycling shoes will do that, but I kept my cadence low enough to stay in a fat burning metabolism... but i truly, truly truly bonked.

But the view was nice. Hence the dueling titles.

Here's the
I like the 'hybrid' button to see the climate changing as you bike east.

So things to improve: Eat more before. Don't ride 80 miles without throwing in the 60 miler. Take more money. Buy more food. Don't ride in the heat of the day. Don't go by myself (share the lead, share the work)

What did i do well.
Well, I did use sunscreen, looking now, no, i should have re-applied that two. Dumb shit it is. But not two significantly sunned.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i had the money, i bought the pudding.

well, my wetsuit came today. last year's model from f2r, a really good price. you can get custom printing on them. I should have. A batman logo would look sweet, and give me some good halloween costumes for years to come. but i went all black. why do i need a wetsuit you ask? well, i'm a grown man. i'd have looked pretty stupid if i'd spent it all on pudding now wouldn't I. And the wetsuit, on sale, cost me significantly less than the pudding. And if you're not buying 240 dollars worth of pudding, your just screwing around. You did watch the video, didn't you? i'm doing a triathlon in 2 weeks. i should probably go for a swim first. the swim is in a river. the temperature might be 63, at best. as importantly, the wetsuit makes you float, therefore, less Kcalories expended, more speed.

Been playing the guitar a couple hours a day, some progress. Just maded a smoothie, and a pasta salad. Recipes follow.

Smoothie. Put crap in a blender. Blend until smooth. You didn't really want a smoothie recipe, did you? (banana, blueberrie, OJ, water, ice (but varies daily)
Pasta salad: curly pasta, boil, rinse/cool. Add grape tomatoes, finely cut parsely, a cucumber (peeled, cubed), kalamata olives, feta dressing. total time, 10min. Serves, uh, just me. Although, with the leftovers, i guess it serves me, myself, and i.

saturday, an honest rest day. sunday, 2 hours on the mt. bike. Monday, 2 hours on the mt. bike, 45 min run, 5x150m strides, weights. Today, 1:15 Mtb, :30 road, 1 hour frisbee (run, throw, dutch, small field).

For some reason there is this 12 foot diameter hoop. So we set it so part of the hoop was on the field, overlapping the endzone, catch it in the endzone, AND in the hoop, two points. So half the fun was trying to catch a two pointer.

The other half, was attempting to surreptitiously change the portion of the hoop on the field, i.e., during points, when we would get a 'd', after points, attempting to distract the other team, while a team mate would move the hoop. Pretty fun.

Oh, tour's on too. So i've been getting my tour on. Yeah, deep cable.

OK, this PM, gotta go tryout my new wetsuit in the water, then, uh, eat more, and get up, and do-it-again.

Friday, July 06, 2007

movie reviews

pans labyrinth rocks. this is an amazing movie.
i'm very excited about black sheep. the zombie sheep movie. i'm looking forward to placing it on the shelf next to dog soldiers, and the brotherhood of the wolves...

effin' cars

so, today, i rode my bike from 6:30-8, (easy, and lest you think otherwise, easy means EASY), then ran, EASY (i.e., ran at the back of the entire pack... sort of), then lifted... then i had to go to the doctor. but i had to go have some blood work done, so i had to bike to the other office, accross town... so at one point, i have to cross several lanes of traffic, and some idiot trys to pull the cross from one parking lot to the mall parking lot, straight accross 5 lanes of traffic, and i'm screaming obscenities at her... she sees me, i live... now i'm in line in the turning lane (middle of 5) to turn left, and is my wont, i cruise up the lane so i don't have to sit in traffic. technically a no-no, but i did have the option of going to the sidewalk (which you can ride on in oregon), so i thought it was no big deal... it was a backed up red, and i wasn't zippin' through traffic... of course some jackass moves over to cut me off, because i was not only stealing gas (i guess) but also reducing traffic load, and screams, get in line asshole.

so i make the turn, and this cowboy, in a decked out monster truck, covered in galvanized steel plate, pulls over into the BIKE LANE to further cut me off... what the fuck. what's his motivation. i've seen this a 100 times since i moved here (and i don't drive at all). drivers mortally offended by the fact that bikes can move in busy traffic faster. literally lurching into the bike lane, offended that i'm going to catch a light they won't.

wtf. is it fear? i mean, what. if i smash their truck w/ a rock, are they really going to jump out at some 6'2 185 pound dude and get into it? note: if they did, i'd try to steal their car, and barring that, i'd run, but, still... i mean. shit.


so after the hard races, i'm on strictly recovery easy rides / runs/ roller skis/ etc. this means less than 75% of max heart rate, conversational (pledge of allegiance pace) easy work. for at least 4 days, w/ decent volume (3 hours/day)

tommorrow, bike, and swim or roll...
sunday, bike and run
mon, 6:30 ride, 50 min run, pm ski
tues, early ride, frsbee (agillity)...
wed run, swim
thurs... should be first interval set. probably in the pool. sun interval set on run, tues brick (swim/bike)... next week first ever tri. this assumes my wetsuit comes in the mail, the inbetween days will be easy/easy, high volume, low intensity.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

die, duathalon, die

done. 5 and out. terrible time: 101, heaven knows what the 'road' temp was. I followed appropriate guidelines for hot weather racing, and kept my heart rate percentages in appropriate zones: 85 ish for the bike ride (82-86), 88 for the run (82-93). Of course my heartrate according to my watch assumes i'm 25, so i got my heart up to 186. it was my worst time of the 5, after improving on each of the previous four. but after a decent race yesterday, i have nothing to complain about as far as a good workout.

in other news, i'm doing my first triathalon in 2 weeks. a 'sprint' distance, w/ a 750 m down river swim, a 12.5mi bike, and a 5km run. i need to spend some time in the pool and try to remember how to swim w/ decent form. no specific goals for the upcoming race.

frisbee attendance is pretty poor right now: camps/vacations/work interfere. but i'm going to start including some 'agillity work' so that i get some relevant practice as i move towards laborday and more particularly, the regionals.



..kicks ass.


(if you post a negative comment, i'm going to edit it, so it appears that in addition to your comment, you said, "bleah blah blebby blah blah. i'm an idiot". so obviously, it's not in your best interest to be a nattering nabob of negativity (a term attributable to some famous quaker).)

Also, crappy turn out at frisbee this morning, but i got in a throw, and i have my last duathlon tonight at 6:02. Not looking forward to it, because it's 100 F out right now. Strike that. Just went up to 101. F. No, that means Farenheit.

Tommorrow, i'll bike at 6:30, and run at 8:30, and swim, or paddle in the evening.

Same over the weekend. Anything hard will be early: But the heat is supposed to pass after today....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

god bless my underwear.

i really love that song. what's up this week. monday was the workout day, 1.75 hour bike, 40 min run, 4x200 striders, core, weights. tuesday, just frisbee, for like 1 hour, plus the usual requisite biking about... dentist, race packet, etc. wednesday (today) was a 5km. I guess I tapered, seeing as i did a 22 hour week, a 14 hour week, and then an easy tuesday... like a taper, but not. but the result was OK, i wanted to go 6:05 for each mile, instead, I was like 6:10 ish... it was fine. i can't say it was 'off the couch' as i've done at least one half assed interval workout a week for a month. i need to race more, however. it's painful, but visits to the pain cave pay off in dividents. So i was 19:19, 17th loser. My goal is to run under 18 this year... not impossible, but nor will it be a cake walk. Oh, i biked to the run, ran 2.5 to warm up, and then did 3 or so as a cool down... tommorrow is ultimate early, and duathalon 5, die, duathalon, die.

Which of course means, the duathalon, the.

Probably not doing anything for the fourth but read a little, and get the bike ready. Oh, I'm going to go get a flyrod in a minute.

Exciting stuff.

Friday, 2 hour early ride, practice, weights, maybe a late evening roller ski (long easy day)
Saturday, long day, long bike, hopefully wi/ hike thrown in.
Sunday, long ride, need to roll. Got to get some paddling in.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

new deal

Saturday, i went rollerskiing, not long, like 40 minutes (skipped the intervals) and biked 1.75 hours...
Sunday, 30 minute run, and went fly fishing. Pretty fun. a couple hours kicking around in a float tube, wearing waders, first time casting a fly rod. I could basically make the cast, I caught a 12" rainbow and released it... I'm 'hooked'. Going to go get a rod this weekend... nice something to add... there are several places to fish that i can do some nice bike rides to.

Tommorrow, AM ride, 8:30, 40 min run, 4 x 200 strides, core, 10:00 weights... rest of the day nap and read.
tues, frisbee, rest pm
wed, 5km race
thurs, frisbee, pm TT...