Sunday, August 05, 2007


well, i maintain my years long policy of the occasional injury, but without missing an event. i popped my quad in a soccer game the other day, i went to chip, and the toe cleat on my football cleat (dum) caught, and pop. it may have been contributed by all the squats (fatigue), the bike wreck (bruise)... and the training (20 hours /week).

or it may have been dumb luck.

just doesn't matter.

luckily, while i've kindof limped around for a week, i was able to function in my weeklong job as as a baggage handler on a bike ride... and i was able to tolerate rides of 30,40, 30, 75, and 40 miles, then 30, and 40 for the past two days... so, i'm avoiding atrophy.

but i have a race in 1 month i want to do, plus labor day... and they are both in doubt. but i'm doing my nerdy straight leg raises, and quarter squats, and icing... etc.

the job was sweet. i couldn't have had better co-workers, i was pretty tired, and achy, but i tried not to be any bigger of a d-- than i could... with mixed results.

so, 14 hours last week, which doesn't include the manual labor (6 hours/day, i'm calling it 1 hour per day for training purposes, so it's a 20 hour week)...

um, beyond that life is the usual crazy mess of dealing with life, and getting ready for school, and a running camp i can run at (quad) (ill bike there, then paddle accross the lake... not like a total loss), and more work... and trying to get the world figured out.

frisbee corner:
oregon HS frisbee is in a position where hopefully we can arrange tournaments around cross, so while i'll miss some top athletes, i can at least get year round tourney experience for the team as a whole.... also, summer games were good. towards the end, i was even diving and shit, which was fun personally, and as a whole, the new freshmen look talented... should be a good year. speed at the new positions, fire, diving, and no quit. nothing like a 13 year old screaming by you yelling, LUKE RIGHT BACK RIGHT BACk.... and my favorite...

n... toe-ing the line... "im' in!!!"
andy (frosh)... no way he was out...
luke, i mean andy, keep it real, could you see? what if you made the catch.
andy. thoughtfully. oh yeah. then i guess i would have been in.
luke.. hee hee. just play fair dude.