Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Weather improves, and so does the ultimate.
Numbers are steady, between 15 and 30.
Pretty weird.

What do we work on:
Warm up, say, 5 minute run
Warm up drills:
4 line drill, cut out, cut in.
lines face each other, and cut break and cut the other way. the facing drill can be either a cut from the front of the stack, or a cut from the side position to get open down line.

then a thrower option drill, where one line cuts out and it's either a huck, or, you wave the cutter in.

then, it's 2 teams do short scrimmage, while i work with a third team on a concept.
today, it was defensive positioning, marking, and cutting:

mark: don't get broken
defender: don't get beat to the open side, and, don't get beat to the break side so much you can't get a quick mark on.
defender: defend the dump or short throw, but not at the expense of the gainer that gives a powerful thrower the disc.

downfield defender:
'triangulate' or don't lose sight of thrower and cutter.

downfield cutter:
constantly juke so defender can't see thrower and cutter.

move laterally, move your feet, don't cross your feet, don't give up the cheap break.

that's what we worked on... here's what i worked on...

ladder workout
the rest was equal to the work

it went

so very much not perfect, but the short rest made it hard...

monday rest,
run 3 miles, 3.1 mile time trial (6:10 pace), 3 mile run home
30 mile mountain bike ride

saturday, friday, nothing
thursday, frisbee for 2 hours, 1 hour steady biking, weights.
wed: rest
tuesday, 3x2km with 2 minute rest, weights...

Friday, April 17, 2009


current state of affairs...
typical practice...
warmup run, involving run, bearcrawls, run over the picknic tables 8 times, pushups, situps, highknees, butkicks, etc.... takes about 8 minutes.
6 line running drill:
about 5 kids per line, cut out, cut back, focus on
1) don't watch your throw (throw and cut)
2) run through it
3) practice checking in as you cut so that you never run away from the disc blind
4) get faster each rep
5) throwers communicate with thrower by fakes or waving or yelling (out, in)

then we do that drill as a relay race: if one line is visiblly more talented, their cut to cone is farther away (i.e., have to cut out 30 yds, not 20).

then, the 6 lines pair up, 3 pairs of two, and do a check in, cut out. as they get more sophisticated, they should be able to run that as both a front of stack drill, and a cut and down line drill...

then, we remove 2 lines, and run it as a 4 line cycling out in, cut out, and thrower option drill where the kids are expected to throw completions, if that means waving the cutters in for unders...

then, we did groups of 10, where it was a 5 minute game, where teams pulled, and played, but were only allowed 3 turnovers per side (i know: but it's high school). the third 10 ran run throughs:

practice a stack start, and focus on:
1) initiate
2) continue
3) clear
4) attack
5) finish

so it's say a basic 1-3-5, but the fills clear space, sprint downfield, and the rest of the team moves up, and we finish with an off the back cut.
i'm trying to get them in the habit of attacking to the disc, but clearing deep to create space...

then we finished with 30 minutes of open scrimmage. a reward day. first nice day in 2 weeks.

monday rest
tuesday, 3x2km at 7:30, 7:30, 7:15 with 2 minutes rest in between, on grass.
bike 1 hour
wednesday, rest
thursday, practice with kids, run 80 minutes (9 miles and change), bike a total of about 50 minutes...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

updoc some frisbee.

Monday Practice:
I had to coach track for the first hour, but I've got a great new 'cocoach': Another teacher who played a little in wisconsin, plays co-ed regionals type stuff, etc. Really cool dude the kids like. So he worked the team through the usual early season wamup and drills

1km warmup
drill lines (6 lines, cut out cut back, return the disc, and i allow the thrower a couple throws rather than one and go) and a second drill where the lines face each other and the opposing line makes a dump/down line cut or you can visualize it as a front of stack handler cut.

then mini and dutch...

for the 40 minutes i was there, i put groups of 7 through a very basic, swing, continue, continue, and gave special focus to having the 'fills' practice actively engaging in the stack through little jukes and then clear to the break and run down field to get into position to continue.

tuesday, it was 40ish, and howling. so we warmed up and played dutch. i just walked as my hip flexor still needs lots of warming up, and it was insane. passes of 3 feet were flying crazily out of bounds, etc.

tomorrow they are calling for an inch of snow tonight, high 40, gusty winds to 29 mph. i might see if i can get the gym, and just do drills and throwing.

otherwise, we'll make the best of it...

i'm thinking of the following for training tools:

personal schtuff:

monday rest, tuesday, 21 miles on the bike
wednesday run 55 minutes of fartlek with 2 kids who just came out for track (nordic ski kids i coach) with 10 min warmup, then 1:15 hard, 45 easy, 1:30 hard, 1:00 easy, 1:45 hard, 2:00 easy, and then 4 by 2:00 hard with 2:o0 easy and a 15 minute jog back. coached at the rest of the track meet....

then 1 hour on the bike.