Friday, November 28, 2008

no, no real frisbee content, but it includes... the word hawaii... so idris, why don't you post this one just to piss some people off.

yeah, hawaii baby. at least that's the plan. all 'teacher' myths aside, i only get two personal days. it would be unethical to take sick days to go to hawaii, but i think i've got it worked out with the personal days, and the 3 day weekend.

my problem: i haven't played frisbee in february in 5 years. i barely run in february: i ski. coincidentally, i'd planned on running 3 times a week all winter to stay in shape for races: actually to get in better shape. i'm planning on running one tempo run (like 6 miles, with a middle (or whole portion) at 6:30 pace), one interval set (1000's or miles, of some utility for frisbee), and one long run (9-13 miles).

i'm going to add in one early a.m. in the school gym running lines and cones for 30-40 minutes, and try to throw a little at lunch.

but I still imagine conversations like this:

alex: huh. not to take the attention from my own stats, but, what's up with luke.
kid: i don't know. but, let me throw in here, did you see my sick stab? it was a no look. oh, luke. is he trying his 'off speed run' to set up the cut.
jim: no, between adding up my stats in meaningful points, and i want to note that i'm dominating, i noticed that he hasn't changed his pace. and between accounting for 5 of our 6 goals in meaningful ways, i clocked his pace. it's a steady 6:20 per mile. pretty slow for sprinting.
alex: well, i had assists on 3 of those, and you can't keep counting hockey assists as meaningful touches.
will: look. i captained sockeye to 2 national titles in the modern era. and i drew the hodag logo myself. so i'm personally responsible for 4 titles. but man, you're right. he looks slow.
alex and jim: 6 titles
all: pre-flick era.
alex and jim: no way. it was just as good back then.
luke comes off: man, did you see my sweet mark: perfect
all: lots of practice.
luke: but i caught the goal
will: well i wouldn't cover the cripple in the powered cart if he were out there
all: you got posterized by a girl
will: i got that d. and it was leslie calder
all: whatever.
kid: seriously, luke. try imagining your not in jello
luke: what are you talking about. i set up that cut with change of speed. got to have the off speed pitch.
robbye: so you're proud of your 75mph fastball?
luke: i'm a nordic skier. i use kph.
all: ooooohhh. hundy.
luke: fuck y'all i'm going for beer.
all: don't come back empty handed.

this week: didn't go skiing in yellowstone. not enough snow, and i had to move.
sunday: 6.5 miles, 6:50 pace.
monday: rest
tuesday: 9 miles, 8:00 pace, weights
wednesday: 5 miles, 8:00 pace
thurs: rest
friday: 13 miles, 8:00 pace, weights

basically an easy week. looking to go 35 miles, and throw in 2 mt. bike rides sat and sunday. got 10 more miles to do tomorrow and sunday. (my weeks end on sunday).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

nope still no frisbee content. well, a little.

i'm going to hawaii. first time. i'll have run a lot, but this is going to require going to a gym and running shuttle runs. and find some time to throw disc indoors enough not to make a total choad of myself. since winter here precludes frsibee, i'll have to make a concious effort to at least throw.

monday, rest.
tuesday: ran 5 miles, played calvin ball, then ran another 3.5 miles
wednesday: ran 2.5 miles, lifted, ran home
thursday: ran an adventure race set up by another coach: 70 min, ran as hard as i could for the whole time, call it a 7 mile tempo effort (that's conservative, but, just being safe)

Monday, November 17, 2008

retro thread of the day. yes, definitely frisbee related

this is the link of the day. a prolonged discussion about legitimizing ultimate. from 2001.

enjoy and comment.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

seriously, nothing to do with frisbee.

11-14 40 min ultimate frisbee, 8 mile run.
11-15 13 mile run
11-16 3.5 hour mountain bike ride. maybe best ever

Thursday, November 13, 2008

not potlatch part two.

none of this is for the frisbee readers. it's my defacto log. in frisbee, the kids are playing. we tried to go to a tournament, but the road got wiped out by a landslide. tommorrow, I think I'll just play frisbee with the kids, run 5 after. saturday, i'll run 10. sunday, i'll ride (90 min plus). that's technically rest. monday, we'll run and core, then i'll run longer. but it's kind of complicated, b/c i have to run xc ski practices... and i have to plan my workouts among them...

10-29 run 5
10-30 ran 5 miles and lifted
10-31 rest
11-1 8km tempo/race pace (5mile at about a 6:20 pace)
11-2 6 mile run
11-3 rest
11-4 5x1km repeats at 4:00 (like a 6:20 pace), 1 min recovery, plues 3 miles warmup cooldown
11-5 7 miles
11-6 run to gym. lift. run home. 5 miles
11-7 rest
11-8 10km race. plus 1 mile warmup. 7 miles total.
11-9 50 min run. 6 miles?
11-10 6 mile run. then 20 minutes of frisbee soccer game (i call it calvin ball. sweet. rules to follow). then 3 miles. then weights.
11-11 5.5 mile hike. call it an off day
11-12 1.25 mile warmup, 3x2mile repeats with 3 min rest. 6:20 pace. (it's a short course, let's call it 6:30 to 6:45 pace)
11-13 35min run, stadiums, core, weights, 25 min bike