Friday, July 25, 2008

my first loss...

well, that's not totally true. the team lost one when i wasn't there. and we lost one to a team that played 5-2 to our 4-3. but tonight we lost one basically fair. so, meh.

it was kind of annoying that they insisted on playing 5-2 (it's a 4-3 league, and both teams had enough... i just didn't really care). basically, they had 4 players who could put it, and we had... well every time i had the disc, i had plenty of targets deep to look at. unfortunately, several were wearing white. but we kept it close, i came up with a couple d's, matched that with a couple throws out the back (SHIT SHIT SHIT WHO SET UP THOSE FIELDS), and we were outplayed.

my league record in the draft where i'm a captain: 3-0. when i'm a draftee: 0-3. no complaints. and it was pretty fun having a team with good defenders take turns cover me. it was a bit more frustrating trying to cut to get open for throwers who can't break the mark... on defenders who know that.

we lost by 2 (i think), and frankly, it was dark enough that had we scored to make it -1, i'd have been cool with calling it. i got in a 20 miles of riding (to and from morning frisbee, running errands, to pm frisbee). i had a couple up high, missed a couple d's up high (on good receivers), got piece (but no joy) on a layout block... dang.... it was a fun conclusion to my summer league season, albeit, bitter sweet.. 14-3, one loss i wasn't there for, one loss again, to the team that played with an extra guy, and tonight... so, ok. if i was sticking it out, i'd push the league td, who is on our team, to draft a couple players (he's been generous to a fault letting other teams pick up players, us, well, not so much. our one pickup wasn't there).

tomorrow: i leave early for the bike ride then it's off the to cultus mountain running camp, then the second ride... then it's pretty much back to work. I think i got the allergies/cold licked, so that's good. the bike rides are like boot camp: lifting hundreds of bags, then PM bike rides of 2 hours or a run or both. other than that, i'll pretty much play guitar. they bookend the running camp, which is, bike 50 miles, run 3.5, chill, get up, hike 3, run 5 (uphill) and run/walk 8 back to camp. then run 13 miles the next day, then run back 3.5 miles on day 4, and bike home, then another bike trip. it's pretty burly. do-able, but i usually end up with some foot pain.

I spent 3 hours getting my 'song book' in order. i usually play guitar using my computer as my music stand, showing tabs. I went to the trouble to print 100 songs (guess) and hole punch them. my goal is to start to 'memorize' the songs...

oh, and the last day of organized morning frisbee. only had 14: but, i got to say, 6 weeks of 15-25 kids has been pretty fruitful:

the gems:
i got a girl who was slowing up when covering her mark to attack the frisbee when it was going up: she immediately got 2 d's.
a kid called a travel on me (totally legit), which is always hard, as i coach: play by the rules first, then make calls. (as opposed to the god awful make calls you can't play by).

closing note: the hardest thing about coaching youth friskee:
The classic turnover is a 3 pass sequence that gets the disc on the goal line, and then the unforgivable pass: a tight leading pass when a dump or a reverse of field, or even a fake would lead to the goal. and, we eliminated some of that.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


ok, so this may be on the absurdist side for most, but for those of you with a certain sense of humor:

the first tournament we played this year was 'state'. single gender. the second was 'state', co-ed. the last was the local tournament, which i called districts. this set in motion a running gag, that we went state, districts, practice, tryouts. in keeping with that, i've constantly used bad grammar in our tryouts, telling kids to 'try not to be nervous,' we'll set the teams previously.

i know... maybe you don't get it. the joke is coming to fruition, as today, our second to last summer practice, we ran drills (for the first time all summer), and this thursday, we're going to do the name game, and meet all the new players.

it's actually been a great summer. i've averaged 15-20 kids (sometimes more), tu-th mornings at 8:30. and it's a real team dynamic. we do semi-structured throwing until 9, then we play mini and / or dutch, then we scrimmage. several players have made huge gains, and, man, it's pleasant.

in contrast, tuesday and sunday pickup, it's a disastrous mix of noshows, lateshows, etc. and tons of players, who get off their bike, and their first throw is their first of many turnovers. i go back and forth as to whether or not i should offer to run some drills or short field games... but it's pretty frustrating when uh, no one can catch.

there are a few good players out there... but, i mean, let's get better, m'kay?

personally, sunday, i took it off, but played ultimate, everypoint, for say, 1.5 hours, then,
monday, 45 minute run, with the 24 minute 3.5 mile run... i'm still congested, so averaged like 7 minute miles... but felt shittay.
tuesday, morning frisbee, 2 hour 35mile ride, then a 1.5 hour frisbee sessh. one argument... but i'm trying to stop doing it, even when people are acting poorly:
long story short: i asked a guy why it was OK for him to call someone out from 40 yds accross field, but i couldn't get him to consider whether he was (1 yd) out when i was right behind him on the line.

got in 3 hours of guitar: hard for me to sing, not that i sing for other people, but the cold has made it unpleasant for me. (for you, imagine blackboards screeching). but i'm getting my register back.

sat/sun, i re-read rainbow six (crap, but at least it's reading, so no worse than watching RAMBO (which i did last week), and mon/tues, 'without remorse' (more clancy crap, but again, better than watching TV), and downloaded about 60 songs...

current faves to play:
twilight zone (golden earring) although, I prefer the f# to the f#m, tainted love, love me like a rock, and sultans of swing (i got a problem with the instrumental... i'm reading tabs, so the measure isn't listed...)... logical song is pretty cool. rehab, by amy winehouse, although, i'm not sure how comfortable with my 'daddy' so i go back and forth between 'baby' and 'mama'. i'm not sure which is more bluesy correct. is 'old lady' acceptable these days?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

batman, no spoilers.

flipping unbelievable. i'm a huge nolan fan, and this delivers. it's dark, and long. long enough that my mid day showing was challenged in the last hour by my absolute involvement in the story, and my full bladder from the xlarge arnold palmer (tea/lemonade). suffice to say, i'm a pushover for the good graphic novel movies/escapist fiction (liked VforVendetta, OK w/ Ang Lee's hulk (not great), but more a fan of the cinema, I really liked Batman Begins, Matrix (can we pretend the sequels never happened), X2 is good...

but to me, this is great, challenging cinema. Ledger's work is maybe or maybe not oscar worthy, but that's immaterial: he commands the piece. bale is solid, eckhart, is solid... and there are some stomach turning twists. i'm not sure if slate's comparison to 9/11 i spot on, but overall, it's 2.5 hours of thoughtful and commanding cinema, the best i've seen in months.

the cameos are great too: tiny lister, anthony michael hal, wm. fichner (is that right)...

without giving too much away, it has the feel of an 'empire strikes back', and with ledger's death, it's questionable who could fill his shambling, feral role. i didn't see brokeback mountain, and while he was entertaining in brothers grimm, a knight's tale, ned kelley, and the patriot, and something a bit more in the monsters ball, he's always been a vanilla throway character (with the caveat that i'm not a 14 year old girl).

however, his work in this moving was compelling, and while the movie doesn't demand a sequel (thank god, it's not one of those lameass matrix 2 unfinished movies), the quality of nolan's work leaves me wanting more.

maggie gyllenahll (wrong spelling, i know), was great: loved her in donnie darko, and in other work, was great, and i look forward to more. if nothing else, she's far superior to katie holmes.

in all aspects, its a wonderful movie. if you comment, i'll delete spoilers, for say, one week. just out of fairness. then all bets are off.

in other news, my new protocol seems to deal well with my allergy/cold, or i'm coming close to licking it. my second day of 7 hours of sleep was heaven. after almost 2 weeks of 4 hours of sleep, i'm wrecked. but i mustered a 43 minute run today, just over 8 minute pace, but after a week of illness..... i guess it's alll right.... and it was a hilly profile... but, i was pretty unimpressed with myself. after a few hours break, and 3 hours of guitar, i went for a 1 hour (58:30) 17 mile ride, nice and easy... but i'd say i'm at about 80%. that run should have been a 40 minute run at that effort...

tommorrow, i'll ride,and run... or i might play ultimate, but someone kneed me and stepped on my ankle thursday.. so i'm a bit limpy...

one more week of coaching, then it's a 1 week bike trip: i handle the luggage, and set up tents (the big kind)... i can get in as much biking as i want, but while the paying customers do 505 miles in 7 days, i'll do maybe 250, but with lifting bags, and stuff, it's plenty. then a couple days rest, then a running camp... 45 miles in 4 days, then another bike trip. the last 2, combined with other injuries, have left me limping for months... we'll see how i do.

Friday, July 18, 2008

what a terrible week.

ok, since saturday, i've been debillitated with allergies/ maybe a cold.
saturday, i did a 45-50 mile ride.
sunday, i woke up with gawdawful sinus issues. like, i'd hickup, and my ears would hurt. i did steam inhales, advil, antihistamines, etc. but, sunday, and monday, were lots of time on the couch, trying to breathe. awful.
mon, see sunday.
tues, i rallyed for morning, and p.m. frisbee, but, i mean, i actually don't count frisbee as training anymore.
oh, tuesday night, i went out to someone's birthday, and ran home 3 miles, but, that doesn't count. i spent the night hacking so hard my room mates were awakened and thought i was throwing up.
wednesday, i ran a mile and a half to practice, hawking around, and ran back after the head coach and i agreed i didn't need to run.
thursday, i 'cancelled' coaching morning frisbee, but they played anyway (that's fine, i just wanted them to know that they were 'unofficial, i.e., if your parents need an adult there, it's cancelled. ' i did this with a cell phone.
thursday night, i rallyed for league, played everypoint of two games, and just for grins, introduced someone to shotgunning (i opened them both with my thumb, always a crowd pleaser).. so, 3-0 tonight.

so by my standards, zero exercise this week. i'm hoping to ride the bike after running tommorrow.

i'm about to try a new sleep regimen, hopefully one that will give me more than 3 hours sleep (which i've not had more than in a week)

1) pot stickers
2) cloraceptic spray (to numb the throat)
3) 1/2 dose of nyquil
4) 2 advil

i'll let you know how it gos.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

july 12

Thursday, July 10, woke up very tired. I'm suffering from brutal allergies, which wake me up around 2 am... So thursday, I just chillaxed, played a few points of jogging A.M. ultimate early with the kids (probably 20 there, most consistent summer ever), ralleyed to play the 2nd game of the city league double header. Sort of miffed, our opponent had only 2 girls, so played 5-2, and acted pissy when I said, at the beginning of the game, 'so you forfeit? why not play short handed like everyone else does?' they were very happy with there cap win and the numerous goals they threw to the girl covered by the guy.

Friday, kids played games at XC practice, i just organized things, little everyones it tag, clock tag, ultimate, sharks and minnows. as an aside, a 50 person game of sharks and minnows really looks like sharks... and minnows. Then I went for a 1:04 slow jog (about 8:10 pace), a 20 minute swim, lifted weights.

Today, (Saturday, July 12), I went for a 3 hour bike ride, nice and slow, about 47 miles. Tommorrow, a ride, and a short run.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


solstice write up to follow.
july 9, today, 45 min run (hard, figure 6to not quite 7 miles), then a 42 mile bike ride (road)
july 8, yesterday, threw around in the morning, 2.25 hours biking (1.5 in a single ride, the rest commuting), swim 20 minutes, weights, frisbee for 1 hour in the evening. ankle achy.
july 7, rest
july 4,5,6, solstice
july 3rd, frisbee in am, 2 hour ride, weights.
july 2nd, 30 min run, 2 hour ride.
july 1... already covered.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

southland tales

I'm watching southland tales. Im a big donnie darko fan. the movie is off the hook weird. but.. good. i'm thumbs up... they screwed up... it was supposed to be Justin Timberlakes version of i'm not a soldier... but it's sweet...

more to follow...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


sunday: rest day.
monday: 6mile run. awful. it was about 95. i ran it at a 7:30 pace, calves cramping, mouth dry. miserable. lifted weights that evening.
tuesday: early morning frisbee, 1.5 hours, getting worked by some 18 y.o. kid who got 2 d's on me, which i answered with 2 handblocks... basically, chasing a sub 16min 5km runner around like crazy. we played a few points, i called game to 5, down 4-0, we won, 5-4. a great battle. prefaced by 2 hard fought games of dutch. then a 2.5 hour mountain bike ride, then some p.m. pickup ultimate... i cleated myself on a layout catch... my sore ankle seems to be improving... i'm pretty sure it's bone spurs (a recollection from a conversation with a doc about 5 years ago in similar symptoms)...
tommorrow-3-7 mile run(depends on how i feel)... getting ready for solstice....