Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving in Yellowstone. 5 days, 28 hours in a car, 50 plus miles of skiing, a 24 hour vomitorium of a flu virus (keeping me off the trails for a day), and free beer night. And for some reason, AJ is stumping to keep me on ultimate talk, check out his site...

Why does anyone expect the content of my blog posts to have any more to do with frisbee than my rsd posts? OK. Here it goes. I took a mini disc, and played a little catch in the parking garage while waiting my turn to wax skis... but WAIT there is more.

Saturday was the first tournament of the new year for the Summit Storm. Kids lost the first one in a squeaker 8-7, lost 9-5 (ish), then got on track (un tracked?, neither ever maid more sense than the other to me) for a 10-7, 11-1 finish. Yeah storm. The teams we played were valley kids finishing up a 2 month season of frisbee, this was our 5th 'official' practice. Looking good, Billy Ray. Drove back from Eugene, and got up at 4:30 the next day for the drive to West Yellowstone... Unbelievably good training, physically exhausted, whew. Glad to be back. 2-0 in scrabble while there.

What? You want MORE ultimate talk. I'm going out in 40 minutes to play some ultimate w/ the kids (I would say, JUST ULTIMATE), but apparently, grown ups don't play when its warm.

And sunny.

But nonetheless snowing like mad in the mountains 15 miles to the west. Go Snow.

Hmm. More frisbee talk? This week, weather permitting, practices will focus on 'tournament relevant' throwing (no, really, step WAY out, and yes, pivot, that means pivot), which they all understand better now. Also, we played 'dutch' drill (3v3 in an endzone sized field, 10 complete passes = 1 point, stall count 5) last week, but all off hand. Billy would be so proud.

Enough frisbee talk. Back to ski talk. This season, 1 broken pole, 2 new skis... more skis to come... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Monday, November 14, 2005

new season

Well, i'm all set to move on into ski season... today, a 4.6 ish mile pole run (it's when you run. with ski poles. I think the euros are big into it.) in 33, so like 7 and change... wow, i didn't realize we went so fast... if forgot we tagged on the extra half mile... so, cool. ended w/ a decent mile and a half long kick -esque deal, which always serves to give an artificially good time for the run...

then, 3 sets of light squats, 3 x 5 chin ups (hey, i'm not the man i used to be), and this sport specific machine called a roller board... dug some cake out of the frig in the teachers lounge... you know, so just dialing it in during the glycogen window... so, if I understand this site properly, I should eat approximately 920 carb calories in the 4 hours following excercise... I ate something like 1500 in the 8 minutes following excercise... oh so wrong... but oh so right...

tommorrow, ultimate w/ the kids... probably be 15-20 out there, and the weather is supposed to be great, 53 and sunny...

Oh, how could I forget. Saturday, first ski of the year. Hiked 'Tumalo Butte' and skied a couple laps w/ Russ Zinner and Aaron Talbot... beat the crowde up, blew by some people on the climb... skiing was the typical first day out struggle for me, fell twice on the first run, second was much better... skied almost kind of sortof approaching decent powder skiing form.... but not really. Hey, it's early season. I may not buy a pass this year, just tour, and spend the money on newer, betterer gear.... I need new tele gear, new randonee gear, new skate boots... hmm. Better stop eating out so much.

And Talbot wanted props for ending my 23 game City league winning streak... yeah yeah. There you go. And he had the crowd on his side in the semis. Blah blah. There you go.

If you were looking for more ultimate talk, sorry.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


right on.
i feel that "by any means necessary" type of competition takes that comment in the wrong direction. i hate it when players flagrantly foul because they are too out of shape or outskilled to play good d. but without any method of enforcement (and by this i mean penalizing the player who committed the foul) ulti is stuck in a very odd spot. i feel that sportsmanship has seemed to have gone to hell (from what I have read on the blogs) in upper level ultimate, and that is trickling down to lower levels.
the other problem i see is the "escalation effect" that this causes. for example, I was playing in a tournament, getting run over by a bigger, and slower player after catches. so, after about ten points of getting clobbered by this ogre, i see him about to do the same thing, and put an elbow into his stomach. is this wrong?

dear anon. if that is your real name. here's the 'big picture' of my experiences in play, w/ spirit... (this is worthy of an entry... but... oh... wait, I can cut and paste to the page)

(that said, i've had a couple beers, i'm feeling chatty, so your comment will now be the lead in to a longer post)

poor players are currently encouraged to foul.

sportsmanship has gone to hell at the highest levels and is trickling down.

i'm actually going to end up disagreeing with the points (AS I'VE STATED THEM), so if i'm innacurately restating my points in my effort to create a straw man for response... please chime in...

(that said, i've had a couple beers, i'm feeling chatty, so your comment will now be the lead in to a longer post)

1) first learning, in oregon in the early 90's 'physical play is encouraged, but more like, this guy was into me, but i made the play so i'm the man... (not, get into guys to stop them from making the play). my lesson, i'm (like aj, on another blog, OK w/ some physical, but it plays to my strengths...)

2) i moved to georgia, and played in 92-93 as a sort of athletic new player on a medium team (like quarters at easterns, qualified for nationals, but not particularly good)fair play was not discussed, but it was somehow ingrained. maybe it came from some sense of fair play, or that ultimate came from a background of sportsmanship as related in my previous post.

3) We got better, and my elligibillity got stressed. I (me) focused on the things i had learned in club play. The mark. Get the disc. Focus on these CAN lead to a win at all cost mentallity. I'd like to think that i remained a basically fair player, but I was certainly competetive. I perhaps 'got into it' on occasion.

4) OUt of elligibillity, my last year in atlanta, I played for chain. Fighting for everything, I developed into a 'marker'. A good one, but as a 6'2 guy, trying to stop everything, i sometimes caused contact. Was I cheating? I hope not. Unlike Jim and Alex though, I WAS trying to stop the play. When called for a foul, I tended to not contest. Does that make me 'pure?' Probably not, but, in keeping with my own personal ethos, I see it as 'letting the opposing player make the call when the ball is in their own court.'

5) Moved to seattle. Spent from March to September trying out w/ Sockeye. Was once chastised (by Jon G) for making nice w/ Kodiak after a scrimmage. Thought that weird. Got cut the day before Chicago. Ate the ticket.

6) 3 years of dallying w/ sockeye... getting cut/ not trying out. Became a solid mediocre player

7) Made Sockeye. Strength was the mark. Never minded getting called for a marking foul, BUT, never TRIED to foul...

8) Played for sockeye... AND then, and now, I have a very low tolerance for 'cheating.' To my discredit, I am a reacter(or). I have no problem screaming obscenities at someone who is cheating. I also always approached my team mates, the observers, and told them when I felt someone was out of line. Along the way, I never had a problem flipping off a crowd when I thought they were out of line, for I firmly believe, the only thing that lies more than the disc is the drunken side line.

9) Semi Retirement. Biggest pet peeve? Lack of understanding of rules AND... people who don't/can't see what happened...

Are poor players encouraged to foul?

My biggest issue w/ co-ed play (and league play) is that spirit of the game is misinterpreted to mean "let me win." This is hard to explain. If someone on a team calls themselves in, I'll let it go. If someone fouls a new team mate, and then tries to brow beat them into submission, well, it's on. They are not always new players BUT...

Has sportsmanship gone to hell at the highest levels and is trickling down?I actually feel it's trickling up. The willingness of older players to discuss an event DOES slow the game down. Does it result in the wrong call? I don't know. Does it result in a less televisable game? Obviously, yes.

Where am I going with this? good question.

What do we want the game to look like on TV? I just watched the 2000 mens final. Good game: but lots of calls. When I watched the 2005 finals of college, I took it upon myself to count the stoppages of play. 60 something, as I recall, and I think I won a bet. But as a player, I thought both were good games.

Certainly, compared to American Football, the flow was much more consistent. During my play w/ Sockeye, my mom and stepdad were there every year to watch every game: they thought it was great (but I mean, it's a mom) even w/ me yelling invective at those cheating fuckers from (insert here).

Do we want it to look like soccer? Then, yes, we have to have a whistle, and play continues until the whistle blows. I'm not actually sure that this makes a better game. It's better for the offense... but.

So the real question is, what SHOULD ultimate look like, and for whom?

Oh, and why do I think it's trickling up? I played sports in HS, but as we start to get more people accustomed to reffing, are they not accustomed to having their decisions made for them? I'm actually changing my mind in the past few days, and here is why: I'd like our sport to be more like Andy Roddick over ruling the chair and calling an opponents ball in. We can be a sport of gentlemen, AND have refs as well. No one should just cheat.

The people on the blogs (jim, alex, tim, idris) are by and large classy. Well except jim. No just kidding. I mean idris. No really. You're dealing w/ people who care enough about the sport to think, and write constantly. None of the aforementioned are cheaters. All are really talented, except me. I"m just lucky. So here's the rundown.

Jim: O player. Battled w/ Faust (read RSD for a discussion of this talented but aggressive player) then Enns of Furious (famous, at least from jim of spearing).

Alex: Bestest, slowest player ever. His throw to jim v. tully is the greatest I ever saw, and I don't remember it the same way he does (al, chime in w/ a link). I actually remember it as 10 players watching 4 players make a play. It was in the air for that long. Did he complain of anything other than some physicallity? Because I've seen alex do some cheap travels (96 nationals, step and drag pivot to set up for a flick goal).. so I don't think he's saying he's been hacked out of a title.

Idris: Famous for the dive and huck... not bad, but certainly, on occasion a poster child for the non continuation throw. But a true student of the game, and really, really coordinated.

Timmy: O/D player. And has no complaints. I suspect he was hacked the most...

That said, i'll wrap up the ramble with this.

I somehow got poison oak coaching this weekend.

The worst foul (most effective) is the light touch on the receivers arm as he's about to catch it.

I never did better than a bronze at world... but, w/ 6 club, 2 college, and 3 world appearances, most people are pretty classy. Let's figure out a way to make parties in the beer garden the norm, not, the MLB practice of no fraternizing after the game.

Unless you can pay me.
The eff you, eff face.

Monday, November 07, 2005

crazy billy

Somewhere, on RSD is a link to Billy Berrou's latest rant against refs...

I would like to see well officiated timed games that move w/ flow... but as to the idea that we need refs everywhere all at once...

From regarding golf and sportsmanship.

The Rules of Golf do address this indirectly in its preamble on etiquette, under the headline, "The Spirit of the Game": Unlike many sports, golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they maybe. This is the spirit of the game of golf.

Sound familiar?

Likewise, in tennis, refs are the exception, not the rule, except at the very highest level. And given the number of tennis players, and leagues, high level is HIGH level. It is in fact codified... there is a code of tennis for unofficiated games -- Which is most.

I'll let you find the link.

So, there is CLEARLY a precedent for 'spirit of the game,' aka sportsmanship.

And i think it is is pretty clear where it came from. That being, other sports.

And yes, i do like zebras to run the highest level games.

Which is, basically, northwest regionals and nationals.

But do a little research...

Here's a good article explaining the difference between baseball and tennis (which has sportsmanship in the rules)... Do you really WANT to be like pro football? I saw an interview w/ a excon pro football player... he doesn't deserve his face on TV, yet if you accept that any press is good press, he is being glorified.

So here's my primer on clean play. Read the rules before you play. When you play, don't be an ass. Play within yourself at all time (i.e., know when to go 'all out'). And if you are lucky/good enough to play in a situation where refs are needed because the pace, intensity and consequence of the game are high, remember that it is just a game, and that since our sport, like tennis or golf, codifies sportsmanship, it's ok to overrule the ref to the detriment of your own position...

In otherwords, your lunch time game is not the big leagues, and doesn't warrant refs. Nationals does, but you are not required to be a jerk.

Although, it's kind of liberating sometimes...


Girls 6th, and Boys 2nd in state... something like 1-2" of rain during the day... and 45 degrees... suh-weet...

Today, snowing at school... we'll probably be skiing no later than next monday... (well, friday for me... big powder up at the mountain, as many of my friends report chest deep snow. i was recovering from a day in cold rain).

Frisbee corner: when in doubt air it out? uh, grip it firmly and torque it crabwise? winners are made in the off season? which is dumb. i don't see any trophies being handed out in december.

actually, our hs team has their first practice of the abbreviated winter season tommorrow... so i should have lots of coaches corner fodder along the way...


today, like a 1.5 mile pole run, w/ 4 x hill strides (short hills) in the middle...
then, jumping this zig-zag rope thingy (kind of like running tires, but jumping over gates), then a 5 mile pole run... (we were going to play ultimate or soccer, but it was too wet to play in trainers w/o slippage)...

pole running, is also called nordic running. which i think comes from a mispelling of nerdic running; but basically, you run w/ the poles, which burns more calories, and uses the upper body... so, got that goin' for me...

tommorrow, ultimate. w/ the kidz.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Well, friday I'm off to state. My role, driver, cheerleader, comic relief...
Kids' role? Hopefully asskicking.

The boys KILLED it at districts. All seven varsity sub 17, 5 P.R.s... Currently seeded 3rd in the state... The girls came in 2nd w/ our #2 runner running sick. Time will tell, but I think we'll have our revenge on Redmond (who tapered for 2 weeks up to districts) by peaking at exactly the right time. Down to the minute... Biorythms, special lighting, white noise generators, hypobaric oxygen housing... and the finest foods...

THe girls are seeded 4th in the state (ahead of the team we lost to... so, the polls are not really a science... or are they a science...

a TIME TRAVEL science?!!! Hmm

Another guy w/ a computer used our district times to predict the boys in 2nd, and the girls in like 7th...

I think the guys, and the girls will do just swimmingly... but that will be an exciting 15-20 minutes per race, and waiting the Oregon State Athletic Association mandated 30 minutes before announcing results...

Me, basically in the middle of my 1 week off week. Tonight, my nationals... CO-ED under the lights... then off to try to win a ski pass...

Next week, Mon/Wed/Fri Nordic team (a lot of the kids will be doing bounds and pole runs and stuff, I'll probably just run 3 times for 4-7 miles with a different group because...)
Tues-Thurs, HS Ultimate (where i'll get plenty of bounding and leaping and stuff)...

40 plus kids at the meeting... thanks above and beyond... (I think, we'll see how coaching that many goes)...