Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How do I get to prague?

well, it ain't going to be easy.
today, i ran 3 miles to the bike store, picked up my bike, went to the gym, did core, bosu squats (2x20 fast), 2x15 single leg fast, 2x8 single leg sitting onto a bench and up, 2x10 chinups with 90 seconds rest. dinner and beer.

sunday, rest
saturday, 2.5 hours classic ski drills, basically going round and round. groin hurt horribly the next day.
friday: 1.5 hours, hike up, ski down.
thursday: play a game of sharks and minnows, run 1 mile, high knees, butt kicks, power skips, hurdle jumps, long jumps, side jumps, more hops.
wenesday: hike 1.5 hours and ski down
tuesday, see thursday.
monday, rest.
sunday: rest. end of a 4 day rest cycle
saturday: intterupt rest cycle to run 3 mile warmup with 3rd in state boys.

what's it going to take to go to prague.
well, first, a team.
2nd, get near or above the rim again. i think plyos one day a week, and weights 2 days a week until march, then plyos 2 days a week, plus track workouts. tons of nordic skiing for fitness, and throw. a lot to do to catch a ride on a team to play a couple points here and there in the open division.

but, the bottom line is...
the blog is back.
and so am I.
not the last ride, but one more ride.