Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Fundraiser Reminder.
Ski waxing by donation:
3015 NW Meldrum Ct
On Awbrey Butte. Coordinate with a friend or two about some stuff to throw on the barbie. If you got some skis need waxing bring them! Go talk to your friends and family! I'll bring a projector and a frisbee video to play. 2000 national finals, Santa Barbara Condors v. Vancouver (BC) Furious George.

What's the expected donation: well up to you. Tuning alpine skis takes more time. You're going to get a product as nice as any shop. Waxing will include base cleaning and a multi temperature wax. Basic mini tunes of alpine skis are no problem as well. If you have specific requests, include them!

Nice Practice. Lots of new concepts, introduced, assimilated, and implemented. I have high hopes for thurs, fri practice! No new concepts, just throwing practice, and a hard fought force forehand scrimmage.

Monday, April 18, 2011


We've made great strides...
Throwing, catching, running part of the offense...

Need to work on finishing games... need to break the mark more... need to hold the mark... and endzone 'o'.

But we're pushing to the endzone, clearing the side, delivering the passes...
Just not disciplined.

I've had a couple light weeks personally, did a ski marathon, played one day (sunday) of a local tourney (won). Started running today, skied sunday 90minutes, lifting at 6 am...



Friday, April 01, 2011


41 at practice.
21 boys
22 girls.

super windy, but our first outdoor practice.
ran 1000m warmup, dynamics, strides.
4 teams of 10. 2 full fields.
each group does our handler cut.
then, each group of 10 plays 5 on 5 dutch (keep away) in an endzone

then, 2 sets of huck drill, with thrower option to bring back cutter.
ran it strictly downwind (probly 25mph, gusting to low 30's)

then, played 3 games, with teams getting a chance to play upwind downwind, and crosswind game.

5 minute discussion of stack and stack movement.

personal: skied 35 minutes easy, did most of my waxing for saturday race.
Still have one more layer, and spray on topcoat. No goal for race, it's 32 km, and I'm just looking to go hard.