Tuesday, September 27, 2005

further adventures of the albino rhino...

today, hill repeats. I only did 3 (4:00, 3:45, 3:35 w/ about 3/4 mile run there and back. Nice short workout. I was a little tired from yesterday, and sunday, and saturday, and friday... but tommorrow is seriously easy, then the 1000m repeats. For anyone out there monitoring life in the nerdery, heartrate (calculated from 10 second count, I left the strap at home) was 156, 162, 168. I should go to the trouble to figure out what 10 second counts, 6 second counts etc. 'really' mean using the monitor... 2 minutes recovery between each one (there is a nice short steep trail connecting this long winding hill), usually down around 100 then... Like 60 now... I should have done 4, but i was tired.

The common thread among ALL good ultimate players is that when they first learned to play, they were totally content w/ a limited role, often defense and goal scoring, because winning is no vice.
In contrast BAD ultimate players are fixated on learning, and teaching, this phony, let everyone touch it, get a hack, etc.


No Alex, this is not an attempt to call you a co-ed player.

Monday, September 26, 2005


WOW. I just woke up from this terrible dream. Billy Berrou was posting over at Jim's place, repeatedly. And Alex (actually, in a comment somewhere) was saying that he wasn't into hucking anymore. And Idris, Idris was playing co-ed.

That was some dream, aunty-em...

Most importantly, I think I just won the '5 dollar ace pot' as the first blogonaut to get an R.S.D. plug. I'm suprised that dartmouth guy (of whom, from the underwhelming linkage he's getting from the tea party, i can only assume should be called he-who-shall-not-be-named) did not think of it first... today, for probably the first time, my hits appear to have surpassed Jim's.

A small victory, but living here in the hinterlands, I'll take it.

I'm a big fan of Idris' new metablog, but it seems pretty clear that there will be a bit of a rush to top post for a while...

In the meantime, I'll stick to our usual format, a brief description of the minutiae that makes up my life, followed by an ultimate topic (brief) for those purists out there...

Thursday (9/22) a 4.3 mile run, 7:20 pace, then home.
Friday, a long bus ride to the coast, 3 mile run on the beach, some pick-ups, then 1 hour of soft sand ultimate. Saturday a huge race, results over at the school's home page (summitxc.com), girls won their division, boys came in 3rd. But more of a fun event (or else we wouldn't have played beach ultimate for an hour).
Saturday, I snuck in a 7 mile run, timing it to just come over and high-5 the kids at the start line... then a massive bus ride home. Ate a footlong quizno's and a pint of ice cream (haagen das) and played some travel scrabble and a card game called Fluxx.
Sunday, up at 7, and helped marshal a race (team fundraiser), then ended up playing low key ultimate for 3 hours. (got HARD for 40 minutes of mini)...
Today, walked to work, steady day at work, then 6 miles at 7:50 pace. Tommorrow, hills.

now, gather round. It's time for ultimate corner. Today in ultimate corner, some proposition bets for nationals.

even money.

1) Chain will not have how ever many 11teen dunking players that kid has promised, despite being a top contender in BDA's. See AJ's blog for details.
2) Boston will beat some big play team handily, Alex will become mildly inebriated.
3) West 1,2, and 3 will all be in the semis, unless they knock each other off.
4) Next year, west 4 will again drop the ball.
5) That's enuff ulticorner. Got to split.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


well, this relates to frisbee very obliquely. In response to one of Jim's posts about track (he had felt lsess than sparky), I trotted out response 1a for any kid complaining of aches and pains.

Get new shoes.

Well, yesterday p.m., suprisingly sore, and also this a.m. I arrived at school and realized that I'd worn the wrong pair of Adidas Supernovas. That explains the foot pain, etc. It also explains my times. I'm confident I'd have run 20-30 seconds faster per mile.

At least.


Next week, 1000's, and i'll throw in some heart rate numbers so you can laugh at my weakness.
I assume High, and modest recovery.

We had 2 minutes recovery for the miles, I don't know what the 1000 recovery time will be.

Last night went home early. Shopped for bikes, I'm thinking I'll score a deal when the demos go on sale, got home at 8:00 p.m....

Nice walk to work (3 miles) took 1 (lg) cup o' coffee, and got in some quality thinking.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

just pooped.

I'll follow up the discussion of my past few days with an obligatory 'frisbee' post for those of you keeping score over at Idris' new http://www.ultimatetalk.com, the latest greatest in frisbee. It's like a metablog. Jesus, I'm a nerd, and all my friends are nerds.

don't deny it. (save yourself the 'what friends post'.)

Anyway, lite week... (i'm going with a 7 day week, since i've been off the air waves). Last thursday at a school sponsored raise money for the hurricane (32K) i did 6 x 7:20. Friday, was just a 6 x 8 minute miles. Saturday and Sunday were race, and sleep. (and at the races, I coach/ play inane walky talky pranks on the other coaches). So rest days. Monday, 6.5 x 8, then tuesday 6 x 8 min (yes repetetive, but I've not had time to leave campus for the longer runs up in the mountains... more to follow), then today, mile repeats, (warmup, then 3 at 6:15, :18, :05). Not so hot, but ya know...

The team: Boys currently #10 in state (polls), girls #7. The guys will move up. The girls might. Our #1 guy ran 5 intervals today, the last were 4:48 and 4:42, I think. Top freshman, 2nd race, 16:40. So, we'll see.

The week: Hellish. 6am-9pm, last night, then 2 hours work at home. Tues, til 9. Monday, til 9. Sunday no work. Saturday, 12 plus hours for a bus ride. And got back to find my bike stolen. To be fair, I thought my ipod was stolen, and then found it in a shoe 3 months later. So although I've told the cops, I'll keep my eyes open, check shoes, etc. Brand new pedals, too.

Anyway, long hours, tons of work, no time to eat... i'm bushed.

I'm going to skate out, and just let the chips fall where they may tommorrow (i mean, i got some stuff to do, just not the brilliant lesson plan i really like to bring to the table). That is, it's a potluck, and I'm going KFC. It's safe, it's not like i'm coming empty handed, but It's not like i brought the beer.

Although I guess that's a bad analogy for a high school teacher talking about lesson plans.


Longevity, Training, Winning. Wow. This deserves a lot of time. But I think.
1) Old people quit because
a) They don't have the energy. They don't have time or whatever to train. I think Doo helped keep some of the boston guys going. He also helped me get Dylan back after a cheap shot. Classy.
b) They don't like young guys game style. The last thing an old guy wants is to play 'the big open high turnover game.' Yes, chicks dig the long ball. Go have fun at potlatch. My point? As each old guy is replaced by a younger guy, a team's game becomes more and more wide open, more turnover prone... etc.

it's like Elway reportedly said (see ESPN Page 2 for more), for old quarterbacks, by the time the game is starting to slow down for them because of head, the body is letting them down...

The next question is... what is old. The answer is, I'm not sure, but I know it's older than me. By a lot.

Tommorrow, easy 4-6 mile run and weights (me, i'm starting to train for skiing now), and friday depart for a 'fun' race (no, i don't run it, it's still a HS race).

That's all from Frisbee corner... I might edit it and see the refresh capabillities. Now that the blogosphere has a 'top posting' aspect. I wonder... How long until Idris has to moderate? Is there a 'b-blogosphere' around that we don't know about? Where did my bike go?

2) There is no 2.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


i'm just plain tuckered out. Sectionals was not so bad, except for playing 70 - 80 points of ultimate in a day. Probably should have rested up or gone reaaaaallllllly easy for a few days, but didn't so ended up wrenching my left hammy a little (just hurts, doesn't seem to slow me down from doing the kind of running i'll be doing for a while)...

School is 'full on.' It's at least a couple hours of extra work a day, plus coaching, plus, as is the case yesterday, 7 hours on the bus to take the JV2 runners over to Hood River for a race. The Highlight for me, the 2 mile round trip run into town when we stopped for food so that i could eat 'Taco Del Mar' instead of mcFood... Although I do like a little McBreakfast now and again.

I digress. As usual. Some highlights of the week. Tuesday night, I was here late preparing for wednesday's absence. Biking home around 9:00, I saw a sweet shooting star directly above/in front of me... really spectacular, bright long trail, dramatic... and then i hit this ditch filled with gravel... i did not eat it, because i was not turning, but it struck me as a cosmic three stooges moment... diversion, and the trap...

Wednesday a student reported seeing coyotes (6) on the bus ride near school... i do know the said student boards the bus near my address, so he would have seen these animals within a couple miles of school...

Now, in response to Jim's comment that my blog is purely personal, I present ultimate corner. Deep in the cozy book and paper strewn world that is lukes brain, over in the corner, under those old bills i need to look over, (no the other pile), there, there is ultimate corner.

Revisiting flipping.

First half breaks are more valuable. Assuming a mirrored half, If you receive to start the game (team A), and swap goals you win 15-14. We all know that. But if 'team B' breaks in the 1st half, and A DOESN'T GET IT BACK IN THE FIRST HALF, Team B takes the first half 8-7. In the 2nd half, A needs 2 breaks to win. So a 1st half break is more valuable. Jim, Alex, quantify.

What's the point? I guess you should really decide if your 'o' guys are slow starters. And maybe you should inform your team of the value of a fast start.

Frisbee talk.

Monday, September 12, 2005

nothin' shaking.

gettin' my hill run on...
now, why they didn't have cameras at sectionals is beyond me...

more to follow. need to go read some exciting stuff about the framing of the constitution...

went with a skeleton crew, ran out of gas after about 30 points. Then played about 40 something more. I should have

a) tapered
b) gotten more players
c) uh... stayed home?

Next year i'm rounding up some more ringers.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Preseason Write Up
Luke Smith.

Well, technically it’s not the preseason. Sectionals tournaments start immediately, rosters are set, and everyone is asking, who can knock off the Fish. I’ve been asked to put my extensive knowledge of various teams to work… to prognosticate, elaborate, educate, elucidate, annotate, illustrate, just whatever – ate the crap out of this thing.

So I’ve been working diligently looking at rosters, perusing rec.sport.disc, talking on the phone, looking at websites, and demonstrating the great research skills that have made me the master of job shirking.

I’ve realized a few things.
1) I don’t have any idea about what’s going on in ultimate these days, unless I read it on Jim Parinella or Alex DeFrondeville’s blog.
2) I didn’t realize that I was getting old until I started noticing the Ages of Frisbee players. If you were 35, you’d be an old man in this game. So, in 8 years, by that logic, I’ll be an old man in this game.

So, as a result, what follows will entail more fabricating, prevaricating, exaggerating, and generally just lying.

With no further ado, by region…

1) Boston. On the blogs, at least, they still maintain a lock on e-frisbee. Their website sucks, in the sense that it’s like 4 years old. I guess it’s sort of a requirement that you stop updating it after you stop winning. I mean, If I were DoG, I’d sortof rather not dwell on the series of quarterfinals since the late 90’s…
2) Twisted Metal. Dying to dwell on a series of quarterfinal appearances. The up and comers. I don’t really know much about them, because I haven’t found their website... Ahh there it is… I assume they are made up of a bunch of young dudes who are frustrated because they don’t get to even try out for DoG’s offense, because those guys only show up in August. And then they don’t SHOW UP until October. Twisted Metal Team members are probably playing an average of 14 tournaments a year, and dominating Boston Corporate. Website is decent, and they have a few players that I know. Probably the future of Boston Ultimate… Like Snapple, but with a better logo.
3) Goat. I thought Goat was going to tear a new one in Northeast Ultimate. Sigh. Seems like the whole ‘we got a bunch of cheaters trying to play college ultimate’ thing sort of let the steam out of them. Seriously, a solid website, and they did knock off Metal at Easterns. I’m sure that if they win they will be classy about it, but some jackass on R.S.D. will go right back to the ‘tear a new one in US Ultimate’ well. Along with a ‘give us back our national sports franchises, eh?’

1) Ring. They are simply the longest running solid program out east after dog. And Solid requires quarter/semi/final appearances. They’ve dallied with it for the past 10 years or so, and have been generally good longer than that. Their web presence is minimal. This seems to be a common thread of southern Teams. No geek presence. I can only assume (from years of research) that it is do to pig picking, or beer drinking, or both. Also, I think Ring keeps a pretty good job keeping the Dukies out. Therefore, no webery.
2) Pike. No Brainer. They can’t beat Ring (thus far) but they had a break out year at nationals, and have been solid thus far. Seem to have the pig’s number. Or Chesapeake. Or anodyne. What the heck do those guys call themselves now? Anyway, Seem like they have a good shot at making the show.
3) Chesapeake. Anodyne. The Pig. Potomac. Spell it anyway you want, it’s probably the worm. Google shows nothing on the web. And I don’t go to tournaments much now. So hell if I know. Seems that Pike has swiped a couple players… so… third.

The South
1) Chain Lightning. Seems like their year. They apparently have 9 guys that can dunk. I say, bring a portable goal to nationals, and make them put their money on the table. Their web presence is a joke. Although AJ has a blog. They can’t get over the Ring thing… but they always lose by one. I guess that’s better than the alternative. I guess. My #2 sentimental favorite. By sentimental, I mean I have a decent collection of old chain jerseys. Although one year they were accidentally Chain LIGHTING. And another year, we got these kick ass soccer jerseys. And got nothing printed on them. Ahh, the good old days.
2) Doublewide. Always athletic, but I just don’t see them getting past chain. Nice upset over DoG (according to UPA site) but taken out to woodshed by Bravo at the same tournament… So, talented enough to pull an upset, but not consistent enough to run the table. Again, that Southern inability to post a website. Got to hurt them in the rankings.
3) Tampa Bulge. Jimmy Price has at least got them playing ball. I don’t know if they’ve co-opted the Miami and Gainesville players under 40 something. They won’t get out of the region, but at least they haven’t all gone to play co-ed.
4) Pfft. Effin’ co-ed.

1) Uh, subzero? I think they are like Carleton. But with some former Madison guys. They are always pretty good. But, uh, you know, I just don’t… have… any… idea.
2) Big Asstruck? Uh, Help me out people. Ann Arbor, right? Big school, college town, lots of Frisbee…
3) Machine. I think Eric Zaslow is still playing. I played against a machine – ish team at Solstice. I don’t think that they were the whole deal…

Midwest. I mean, come on guys, you got to go along to get along. Or something. I mean, just a LITTLE web presence. I’ll work with you. Really.

1) Condors. Johnny Bravo. Condors. Johnny Bravo. Condors. I’m going Condors. I THINK Bravo was missing worlds munchin extraordinaire will ‘wolf boy’ deaver and beau kittridge at Labor day. And they’ve been on a run the past few years. But, I mean, even though the Condors are young, and Adam Glimme apparently did some kind of ‘chicken dance’ after scoring a goal.. My vote comes down to the all important world wide web. Condors, new look website…. And JB…
2) Johnny Bravo. See above.
3) Uhh, are there 3 teams in the southwest? Just kidding.

No, I mean, for real?

The Northwest. Cue the darthvader music.
1) Sockeye. Ok, they lost a game at Labor Day. And, part of their team (the tall-er-est part) is all tuckered out from the worlds games. And yes, they are full of Carleton players, and Carleton Sucks. Although one of the kids I coached is going to Carleton, so I kind of have to rethink that. But it’s hard. It’s like if General Motors came out with a totally kick ass car, that got 65 miles to the gallon, drove like a cross between a Porsche and a SUV, and didn’t suck in the 100 other ways that a GM car can suck, I’d still be, like, man, GM cars suck. Anyway, sockeye, talent as always, and now experience. And, a personal favorite, since I still have some really really smelly jerseys kicking around (boy, when polypro dies…at least most of my old jerseys were cotton. They just rot). Man, what was I thinking, I mean, I gave up practices w/ younger fasterer betterer players, for 6 months a year, to ski 80 days a year? Would I have traded it for a shot at the title? Ah, who am I kidding. I’d have been off the team faster than you can say ‘Survivor: Elliot Bay.’ And I don’t think I ever made a spring practice. The website rocks.
2) Jam. They’ve struggled to find their identity this year. I imagine the early season practices involved a lot of confusion without Idris and Damien pushing everyone out of the way for the dump cut. Used to have a good web-site, albeit, kind of strange in an Idris-ish manner. Now, not so good. Beat Sockeye in Semis at Labor day, PROBABLY won’t do it later.
3) Furious. The monkey seems relaxed this year. And by relaxed I mean cheech and chong relaxed. Not that the actual players seem Cheech and Chong relaxed, but, well, you know what I mean. Oh, you don’t? well try some of this… Seriously though these guys always seem to gear up late in the year, and on Sundays. So, all is not lost.
4) And 5) and Whatever. Portland, Kaos, maybe even MF United (Came in 5th last year). I only mention it, because these teams are always good enough to get a win. Probably not good enough to take the 3rd seed, but good enough to make it interesting…

So what does this leave us with.

Sockeye to win it.

Quarterfinalist Teams.
All three NW teams
Both SW Teams

Teams to watch, who are most likely to put their final placing in my face.


Sorry Midwest. Nothing personal. I’m easily impressed by video and the internet.

Monday, September 05, 2005

just a day.

labor day just finished up. no good write ups. so I made up my own. it will be in the next UPA newsletter. I might put my own, linked version here in a couple days.

just found out I have 49 kids in my US History Class. That's a lot. Sigh.

I'm ALMOST basically ready to go for Wednesday. Tommorrow is kind of a nothing day, just a few minutes in class w/ the freshmen, who are on orientation.

7.5 miles this morning, 54 minutes, then wrote some lecture notes, typed up some projects, surfed.