Monday, September 17, 2007

the long road to recovery

So pulled a quad back in late july. Then as i rehabbed that, i somehow sprained my foot. So the training has been prety squashed. Basically, I've been biking. Lot's and lots of biking. Lately I've started running a little, which basically feels like my left foot is running on, oh, say, medium size round rocks?

That said, here's what's going on:
Today, 4.5 miles, 35 minutes (7:50/mile). Core workout (push-ups, no-weight full squats, situps, side situps, back extensions, start at 10 each, then 9, and so on), then 26 minutes of roller skiing. That part really hurt.

Yesterday: Intervals on the bike. There's a hill by my house, it's like a 600 vertical foot climb. I did that 3 times, (13(warmup), 11, 10) then did the top 2/3 twice (5.5 minutes, harder). Before that, set up a race for the kids, plus 1.75 hours riding.

Last week, mainly just ran, painfully, like30-40 minutes per day, and last week, a couple long rides, including a 75 mile day.

The prior weeks look like that, but more riding, less running.

School is great. good classes, great kids. challenging as i teach 3 different classes back to back to back.

Hopefully the foot is healing up. Not clear that it is. But i'm hopeful.

Basic fitness: high.
Biking: Pretty good.
Speed running: shit.

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