Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How do I get to prague?

well, it ain't going to be easy.
today, i ran 3 miles to the bike store, picked up my bike, went to the gym, did core, bosu squats (2x20 fast), 2x15 single leg fast, 2x8 single leg sitting onto a bench and up, 2x10 chinups with 90 seconds rest. dinner and beer.

sunday, rest
saturday, 2.5 hours classic ski drills, basically going round and round. groin hurt horribly the next day.
friday: 1.5 hours, hike up, ski down.
thursday: play a game of sharks and minnows, run 1 mile, high knees, butt kicks, power skips, hurdle jumps, long jumps, side jumps, more hops.
wenesday: hike 1.5 hours and ski down
tuesday, see thursday.
monday, rest.
sunday: rest. end of a 4 day rest cycle
saturday: intterupt rest cycle to run 3 mile warmup with 3rd in state boys.

what's it going to take to go to prague.
well, first, a team.
2nd, get near or above the rim again. i think plyos one day a week, and weights 2 days a week until march, then plyos 2 days a week, plus track workouts. tons of nordic skiing for fitness, and throw. a lot to do to catch a ride on a team to play a couple points here and there in the open division.

but, the bottom line is...
the blog is back.
and so am I.
not the last ride, but one more ride.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


9/29/2005 3:42, 3:49, 3:49, 3:49, 3:34.
10/3/2005 3:41, 3:38, 3:38, 3:40, 3:30
9/20/2006 3:37, 3:25, 3:21, 3:20, 3:16, 3:16
9/19/2007 3:45, 3:35, 3:30, 3:25, 3:30. Plus 2km warmup, 1.5 km cooldown.
9/26/2007 3:40 3:35 3:30 3:25 3:30 3:40 plus 2km warmup, 2 kim cooldown.
9/22/20009 3:25, 3:21, 3:15, 3:11, 3:20, 3:25
10/6/2009 3:35, 3:20, 3:15, 3:02, 3:18
10/23/2009 3:26, 3:21, 3:18, 3:15, 3:12

and 10/27 400/800/4/8/4/8/4 in drake

achy hamstring at end of last 400

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dirty 2nd Half, October 3, 2009

This was my second half marathon.  The "Dirty Half" is held in Spring, and the "Second dirty Half"in the fall.  Cute, eh?  Since 2009, the race has been changed to the Down and Dirty Half.  Here's the link to the 2013 Registration.

Technically, this was my 4th Marathon, if you count the Portland Marathon as 2 half marathons.

I ran it in 1:36:15, which was 1minute 42seconds  faster than the Spring Half marathon. Both are trail marathons with 1000 feet of hills the first time, 1600 feet in the fall.  The net elevation gain was 950 feet or so.  As far as i can tell, from analytically retentive review of the results, I'm the only runner who ran in both, who was faster in the fall.  I guess the course is a little harder, I trained a lot, and had a good day.

In any event, I improved in the second dirty half, with most of the competition dropping from 1-4 minutes back from their time in the "Dirty Half."

It was 25 at race time, and I was a bit chilled after a 7 mile bike ride to the race.

I went out steadily but allowed people ("allowed?") to run by me after a bit, and settled in and held my position up the 6 mile climb. I had to stop to tie my shoe (doh), and slowed at a feed station and took two little sips of water.

I passed probably 5 runners on the way up, and another 4 on the way down, and I finished a respectable 28th out of 320.  I was 2nd in the 40-45 age group, but that guy was a studly 5 minutes ahead of me.

My gps shows elevation gain as 1300 total feet of climbing, but the race director's altimiter (more accurate) shows as much greater.  I'm going with the big number.  Makes me feel better about myself.

Fun, nice to improve.
Morrison Luke Smith
Morrison Luke Smith
(c) Morrison Luke Smith

Saturday, October 10, 2009

light week.

kids are racing today. but in town, which was a nice treat. always great to not set an alarm, and actually get some sleep. wednesday was an easy 45 min run and an easy 2 hour ride, thursday and friday was rest (well, biked around a bit), today i may run a couple miles, tomorrow, a half marathon on trail.

it's hillier than the last one, so if i simply beat my last time i'll be happy, but i'd like to crush it. Illio tibial band has been cranky, so i'm going to play it by ear.

after this, I'm going to try to get in a couple of epic rides, and if snowfall allows next weekend i'm going to to try to do a long ride/ mountain hike combo. the long runs are over for the year though. (longer than 10 miles).

i dreamt of snow in copious amounts, however, NOAA and el nino tend to disagree with me.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


9/29/2005 3:42, 3:49, 3:49, 3:49, 3:34.
10/3/2005 3:41, 3:38, 3:38, 3:40, 3:30
9/20/2006 3:37, 3:25, 3:21, 3:20, 3:16, 3:16
9/19/2007 3:45, 3:35, 3:30, 3:25, 3:30. Plus 2km warmup, 1.5 km cooldown.
9/26/2007 3:40 3:35 3:30 3:25 3:30 3:40 plus 2km warmup, 2 kim cooldown.
9/22/20009 3:25, 3:21, 3:15, 3:11, 3:20, 3:25
10/6/2009 3:35, 3:20, 3:15, 3:02, 3:18

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

highlands loop

easy highlands... about 32 from stopsign and back (call it 4.5)
6x100 m strides on turf on 18-15 seconds
a few core excercises.

hammy a little dodgy, but ok.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


8/18/09 3:45, 3:35, 3:25, 3:21.

3:25, 3:20, 3:25, 3:18, 3:15. good 1:30-2:00 rest. maybe best ever. hammy a little tight from cramping sunday.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


9/29/2005 3:42, 3:49, 3:49, 3:49, 3:34.
10/3/2005 3:41, 3:38, 3:38, 3:40, 3:30
9/20/2006 3:37, 3:25, 3:21, 3:20, 3:16, 3:16
9/19/2007 3:45, 3:35, 3:30, 3:25, 3:30. Plus 2km warmup, 1.5 km cooldown.
9/26/2007 3:40 3:35 3:30 3:25 3:30 3:40 plus 2km warmup, 2 kim cooldown.
9/22/20009 3:25, 3:21, 3:15, 3:11, 3:20, 3:25

I don't know. arguably better than ever.

Monday, September 14, 2009

fine wine...

2009 (sep 13) 5:50, 5:40, 5:45, 5:45, 5:50 (2:30 rest. best set ever)
2009 (2:15 rest) 5:52, 5:52, 6:00, 6:04, 6:35 (last was at tempo rate).
2008 (3 minute rest) 6:10, 6:00, 5:50
2007 (don't know the rest) 6, 5:55, 5:50, at 5:57.
2006 (don't know the rest) 6:18, :15, :15, :05, :10.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

long run.

1:37 easy run with athlete.
11, or 12?
highlands, kents, phils.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


wednesday, did a 4 mile run. is that it? oh, biked a bit, walked a couple k to set a course. lots of work work.

thursday, 3.5 mile run, then 4 intervals on the bike of 3 min each. say another 10 miles of just whomping around. friday, i'll run short, bike if i can, and lift.

saturday i'll run long. sunday i'll lift, but otherwise take it easy.
monday hard miles interval set. going for 5-6 this time...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


2009 (2:15 rest) 5:52, 5:52, 6:00, 6:04, 6:35 (last was at tempo rate).
2008 (3 minute rest) 6:10, 6:00, 5:50
2007 (don't know the rest) 6, 5:55, 5:50, at 5:57.
2006 (don't know the rest) 6:18, :15, :15, :05, :10.

we're repeating the workout next monday.
goal is 6 down to 5:(anything faster than 5:50)

Sunday, September 06, 2009


my house, highlands loop white road loop. 1:37 or 1:38 or so.
11 or 12. i think. have no idea of pace, or distance...

Saturday, September 05, 2009


team time trial: 12:43 possible slightly longer (i.e., course was fully marked this time). had asthma, now have inhaler, will redo TT soon for check.

today, 6 mile-ish 'highlands loop' with time of 50:00 even. Very slow out, breezed in (12 min over 1.55 course) in the desired 147-155 HR.

Metatarsalgia flared up.

11 miler tommorrow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

workin' out

Hill Repeats.

3:45, 3:35, 3:25, 3:21.

Gettin' faster, not older.

Or in my case, I should say, getting less slower, not older.

Well, older too.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Camp.

Summit Cultus Running Camp.
Lessee, last years blog said i did it in 56min, did it in 54:50 this year, and didn't cut the corner at the log, so, yeah for getting faster.

Did the 12.5 mile run in 1:40 straight up, a little faster than last year.

Did the paddle accross and back in way less time.

The biking, well, I didn't kill it on the hill, so close there, but no cigar, but it was a solo ride, and it's hard to Time trial.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dirty Half Marathon

Not terribly much to report.
Here's the race website. I got up, biked over (just 3 miles or so), went to the bathroom, jogged 1/2 mile to the start. The first mile was too fast (6:50) and with no warmup I was toast for a while. The next two miles, where much of the climbing occured, were around 8:00 as I was just trying to get it back together.

Finished in 1:37:50 or so, so, 7:28 miles on average... I was hoping for 7-7:30's so it was just OK.

Little warmup, better first mile and I hopefully go 2 minutes faster.

That's all.

Monday, June 01, 2009

state champs!

well, not true. but we're the central oregon champs. no one from the valley would come play co-ed (it's tough: they start earlier, it's tough to juggle schedules, the tournament was pretty thrown together. i'm sure someone would have whomped us).

We split X-Y. So it's

Summit Green
Summit Black
(Both wore white)
Bend High
Mt. View.

Bend was missing their most dominant player... a great young thrower with a lifetime of family discing from an old darkstar (long term eugene team) dad.

Summit green went up big versus Mt. View early, then traded points to win. Summit lost the best thrower on the squad, and between that and Bend finally 'showing up' it could have been closer.

Summit silver scores easily to make it 1-0, then with our starters in (we probably had 12 per team)a literally 20 minute point ensues. When it ends, it's 2-0 summit, while it's 7-2 on the other field. It the terrible feel of one of those points that can make or break a young team. But we scored, and our subs scored easily to make it 3-0, and the team did a little better than trading points from there on out to win.

round two: Mt. View defeats Bend High, in what all my kids felt was an upset. I was never so sure, as Bend had better flow, surer flicks, and more depth. But mt. view was willing to huck, and had tremendous desire. Mt. View wins.

Summmit Green vs. Summit black. Missing the best thrower on the squad, summit green is no longer the favorite. blackworks by executing the 'o' and and involving everyone. Summit Green gets great play out of the new arrivals: The state finalists in tennis (last year's champs, lost to other summit doubles this year). The two boys can run and jump (varsity soccer/XC running) and it's a close game. Thrower shows up, and gets a break on a long throw, and i told my best defender to bring pressure on the mark, and make his life hell (he rolled an ankle, and so he's a little slowed up, but always wants to throw, not run). Time cap comes, game over, 8-8. I could have made them play a point, but, hey, what the hell.
I told them before the game that only half of them could be state champs. This lit a fire under the team, and at half, i told them, 'you don't have to cool down. but be aware. this is the intensity i expect at scrimmages. and if you scrimmaged like this, we'd scrimmage more.' and they got it.

round 3
Summit Green vs. Bend: Bend was on to our complicated endzone 'o'. Cut to a corner. So they covered the front of the stack, and poached from the 2nd spot, and which ever girl was in the back half. The first time they did it, i yelled at person one to cut to to the cone, and for josh to come forward uncovered. he flared a little, but we got away with it. Then i showed them what the 'd' was doing, and it was easy from there out. Again, Bend was without their best player, and rather than split into 2 teams, they played a deep roster, so i'm not gloating, just saying.

Summit black vs. Mt. View. A little Nip and Tuck in the early going (2-0, 2-2, 4-2, and then it was trading and extending) until they locked down on defense, and finally realized that against a hucking team, 7 players have to run to the disc. ONe of my seniors who is solid, but not super agressive, finally made the play. A huck goes up, he sprints 45 yards, and deflects the trash away from the open 3rd receiver. They catch it, we bemoan luck. You make your own luck there.

Play of the weekend: Brando, a wicked fast (JO skier, sub 17 5km runner, low 2's 800, you get it) is marking. HIs player swings it, and he runs it down and d's it before it gets completed. Just amazing.

So Summit Green 2-0-1
Summit Silver 2-0-1
Mt. View 1-2
Bend 0-3

I guess I could figure out pt. diff., 17-7 in favor of green, but, the tie in the head to head shows the value of fighting.

Great little tourney, done early,
missing some of my better players (say, 3 'a' team starters) and a couple more.

Season wrap up.
Week one
Mt. View d. Bend 13-10
Week 2
Summit d. Mt. view 13-5
Week 3
Summit A d. Bend B 15-10
Summit B d. Bend B 15-10
Week 4 Bend, d. Mt. view
Week 5
Summit A d. Bend A
Summit B d. Bend B
Summit mix d. mt. view.

So a nice little season.

Central oregon is growing. The other teams are good, and developing their own style. Summit is just a year or two ahead in development, but that gap should be closed by next year.

Tuesday: 4x400 at about 85 with 1min rest, 6min mile (rest 2), repeat the set.
Wednesday: uninspired league play loss
Thursday rest
Friday: run one mile, 8 miles at 6:30 pace, cool off one mile
saturday: coach
sunday, 11.5mile run. probably 8:30's
munday, hour bike, very easy, mow the lawn.

tuesday, i'm taking off from race training, to hopefully have some steam for the first time ever at city league, and more significantly, i'm tapering for a 1/2 marathon in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

why home is home... or... this blog's for you.

Tonight, a mix of frisbee an personal, coded frisbee. And a paen to why I live in Bend. And an invite, to those who feel frisbee has been served, and they deserve a Valkyrie's ride to Valhalla. Enough mix of greek and scandyhoovian.

I awoke at 4, but only because I had Santa Sickness. That child's disease that afflicts those who get up early in anticipation of something better. Sacrificing sleep for activity, I lay in bed, trying to sleep, but with a half hearted effort until 5 am, when I arose, put on the coffee, and showered. I ate a simple repast of a banana, a handful of wheat chex, and coffee, and sat until 5:55. Then I jumped on my new mountain bike, and rode on TRAIL to school, almost 5 minutes away.

There I met a coworker, on furlough from familial responsibilities associated with a new child, and in 50 degree weather, we rode mountain bikes in the high desert. Immediately upon leaving campus, we hopped onto the trail, and rode for the next hour on the shortest of many loops associated with the nearby trail system.

we arrived back at campus at 7:05, ate some school breakfast (not the fearful prospect you may imagine, i had a breakfast burrito, an apple, an orange, a banana, a fruit cup, and a juice) and taught engaged seniors: only 2 weeks away from graduation, they were involved in both the process and the outcome.

after school (here's the frisbee part), i gathered 2/3 of the team (that showed up to practice) ran them through a drill with modest results, made an adjustment in motivation, and then achieved perfect results in the drill. the scrimmage in 20 mph wind, while marred by turnovers, showed flow, and execution of the things we've been working on. And in the end, the 'worse' team won: because they won by doing the things we've been working on.

(and they got a little lucky).

home, a nap, then a tempo run:
1 mile warm up:
4.25 miles in 28 minutes (about a 6:35 pace)
then, bike to the local night at the Bend Brewing Company.
And on the way home, over he 3 mile bike ride, I was in pitch black riding in my small town of 70,000 for almost a third of the ride. And there, I saw a righteous shooting star.

So, a long but fruitful day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ride reports for the weekend...

well, Friday evening, more of a run. i was uninspired to run until about 8 pm, then i cranked out a really pleasant 11 mile run, in about 80 minutes. felt good. challenging, but not brutal. the upcoming half marathon will be more uphill than i ran, but, hopefully, it will be a successful jaunt. the hardest part between now and then will be just getting used to running in the morning. uh, 'diet' and, uh, bathroom management for an early morning run will come into play, so over the next couple weeks i'm going to start some morning runs to get that dialed in, and switch over to an actual race diet. that is, less breakfast burritos, and more oatmeal. but damn do i love breakfast burritos.

saturday, i letharged the batteries, and vegged out. i skipped the insanity of pole pedal paddle and instead, went for a 2 plus hour ride that got a little hillier and speedier at time than i meant to go for. probably closer to 2.5 hours.

sunday: an easy ride with a couple teachers, should have been just over 2 hours, but some mechanical failures (flats and a broken spoke) stretched it out. mowed the lawn, and then went for an unsuprisingly unspectacular 9 mile run. i was slow and sluggish in what passes for oppressive heat here in bend. just 80 something but after weeks of workouts in 50 something degree weather, it felt like a july summer in georgia by comparison. acclimitization will occur, but i'm not up yet to the challenge of heat.

tommorrow will be rest (or maybe a short run with the state track attendees in the middle distance discipline).


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

hs ultimate in bend.

HS Ultimate in bend is in flux. total numbers of kids have grown, as Bend HS now has 2 teams, MT. View may have 2 teams (but one for sure) and summit has 2 or 3 teams. Sadly, Sisters HS hasn't been able to maintain a squad this year, but we're hoping to remedy that next year, and add Redmond HS and Crook County to the fold.

Last week, Bend HS split into two squads (Blue and Gold) and each side played a half to Mt. View, with Mt. View winning the overall 'Cricket' score.

This week, Summit played vs. Mt. View, and summit High won. Summit High will probably play Black/Green for a few weeks, while I decide varsity / JV.

Game notes. I did play a 'starting 7' for the upwinder, which we scored. given the emotional nature of HS games, I'm well aware that this is different than subbing even/even for a full game. After this, I generally played a mixed team and tried to make sure that every player got equal playing time. The team put together a number of good 'flowing' points upwind.

Areas to workon:

1) endzone execution. it's mildly exasperating to see a team get upfield against a 25 mph wind, only to turn it 3 times on the goal line, and then the other team gets off a punt... and you start all over.

2) good flow in general, but our best points were 5 or less passes. the challenge will be against a team that makes us throw 10 or more passes against a stiff breeze.

3) sportsmanship: was, very good for both teams. there were very few calls, all were amicably resolved on the field, and thats really good for new players. i don't think either team was 'getting away' with travels, or whatever, and in general, where new players are concerned, I discourage my teams from making calls unless the whole team is not making violations. That is, play by the rules, and if you are, feel free to make a call. If you've got a few rookie foot draggers on the team: don't be making calls on the other team.

4) plays: a callahan, a couple diving 'd's a couple diving catches, and all and all, i thought the teams played well, with plenty of room for improvement.

City league: My co-ed city league is 2-0, but that will soon change. This year, we were allowed to build our own teams with a minimal draft. Mine is a couple 18 y.o. hs kids, a couple room mates, and a couple buddies. AND a couple of u of o players returning in june (yes, those U of O players plus a U of O girl) and a couple former players who attend, but aren't on the U of O team.

So for the next couple weeks, we're going to focus on 'process' not 'outcome' and try to develop the new players, with the goal of 'seamlessly' integrating the nudists.

We'll see how it goes. It's actually pretty nice: league play in central oregon is marked by either sun and wind, or hail and wind (i shit thee not), so the fact that we have only 11 players for the windy game is a plus, wind (sic) lose or draw.

But it'll be nice to have the go to guys for the tourney.

Here's the part where I talk about breakfast, so tune out if you like.

I'm part of a tuesday running group now.
The past few weeks were:
1) Trail Hill workouts, elapsed 'hard time' 40 minutes. (you don't count the rest)
2) 3x2km with 2min rest (hard) but i did that one on my on
3) Track: 200/400/600/800/1200/1200/800/600/400/200 with rest equal to the length of the run. Hamstrings hurt for 8 days.
4) 6 x 3min, (about 850 m) with 1 min jogging between
5) 30 total minutes of hill running, and the snaky nature of the run left a short 1.5 minute run down a steep hill to the start. 7 intervals of 3:00 (1:30 down) and then, blown up, the next six were 3:30 with 1:30 down). Actually pretty good or better or equal to what i've done in the past, but 7 not 3 or 4, and so-ok. actually averaged faster than 3:30, so, good.

Other than that, running about 30 miles per week, with the tuesday thing, plus a couple mtbike rides per week (2 hours or so), and the wednesday game, plus taking off a day or 2 each week.

i had oatmeal for breakfast.

personal log: stop reading NOW unless you want to read what i had for breakfast...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Weather improves, and so does the ultimate.
Numbers are steady, between 15 and 30.
Pretty weird.

What do we work on:
Warm up, say, 5 minute run
Warm up drills:
4 line drill, cut out, cut in.
lines face each other, and cut break and cut the other way. the facing drill can be either a cut from the front of the stack, or a cut from the side position to get open down line.

then a thrower option drill, where one line cuts out and it's either a huck, or, you wave the cutter in.

then, it's 2 teams do short scrimmage, while i work with a third team on a concept.
today, it was defensive positioning, marking, and cutting:

mark: don't get broken
defender: don't get beat to the open side, and, don't get beat to the break side so much you can't get a quick mark on.
defender: defend the dump or short throw, but not at the expense of the gainer that gives a powerful thrower the disc.

downfield defender:
'triangulate' or don't lose sight of thrower and cutter.

downfield cutter:
constantly juke so defender can't see thrower and cutter.

move laterally, move your feet, don't cross your feet, don't give up the cheap break.

that's what we worked on... here's what i worked on...

ladder workout
the rest was equal to the work

it went

so very much not perfect, but the short rest made it hard...

monday rest,
run 3 miles, 3.1 mile time trial (6:10 pace), 3 mile run home
30 mile mountain bike ride

saturday, friday, nothing
thursday, frisbee for 2 hours, 1 hour steady biking, weights.
wed: rest
tuesday, 3x2km with 2 minute rest, weights...

Friday, April 17, 2009


current state of affairs...
typical practice...
warmup run, involving run, bearcrawls, run over the picknic tables 8 times, pushups, situps, highknees, butkicks, etc.... takes about 8 minutes.
6 line running drill:
about 5 kids per line, cut out, cut back, focus on
1) don't watch your throw (throw and cut)
2) run through it
3) practice checking in as you cut so that you never run away from the disc blind
4) get faster each rep
5) throwers communicate with thrower by fakes or waving or yelling (out, in)

then we do that drill as a relay race: if one line is visiblly more talented, their cut to cone is farther away (i.e., have to cut out 30 yds, not 20).

then, the 6 lines pair up, 3 pairs of two, and do a check in, cut out. as they get more sophisticated, they should be able to run that as both a front of stack drill, and a cut and down line drill...

then, we remove 2 lines, and run it as a 4 line cycling out in, cut out, and thrower option drill where the kids are expected to throw completions, if that means waving the cutters in for unders...

then, we did groups of 10, where it was a 5 minute game, where teams pulled, and played, but were only allowed 3 turnovers per side (i know: but it's high school). the third 10 ran run throughs:

practice a stack start, and focus on:
1) initiate
2) continue
3) clear
4) attack
5) finish

so it's say a basic 1-3-5, but the fills clear space, sprint downfield, and the rest of the team moves up, and we finish with an off the back cut.
i'm trying to get them in the habit of attacking to the disc, but clearing deep to create space...

then we finished with 30 minutes of open scrimmage. a reward day. first nice day in 2 weeks.

monday rest
tuesday, 3x2km at 7:30, 7:30, 7:15 with 2 minutes rest in between, on grass.
bike 1 hour
wednesday, rest
thursday, practice with kids, run 80 minutes (9 miles and change), bike a total of about 50 minutes...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

updoc some frisbee.

Monday Practice:
I had to coach track for the first hour, but I've got a great new 'cocoach': Another teacher who played a little in wisconsin, plays co-ed regionals type stuff, etc. Really cool dude the kids like. So he worked the team through the usual early season wamup and drills

1km warmup
drill lines (6 lines, cut out cut back, return the disc, and i allow the thrower a couple throws rather than one and go) and a second drill where the lines face each other and the opposing line makes a dump/down line cut or you can visualize it as a front of stack handler cut.

then mini and dutch...

for the 40 minutes i was there, i put groups of 7 through a very basic, swing, continue, continue, and gave special focus to having the 'fills' practice actively engaging in the stack through little jukes and then clear to the break and run down field to get into position to continue.

tuesday, it was 40ish, and howling. so we warmed up and played dutch. i just walked as my hip flexor still needs lots of warming up, and it was insane. passes of 3 feet were flying crazily out of bounds, etc.

tomorrow they are calling for an inch of snow tonight, high 40, gusty winds to 29 mph. i might see if i can get the gym, and just do drills and throwing.

otherwise, we'll make the best of it...

i'm thinking of the following for training tools:

personal schtuff:

monday rest, tuesday, 21 miles on the bike
wednesday run 55 minutes of fartlek with 2 kids who just came out for track (nordic ski kids i coach) with 10 min warmup, then 1:15 hard, 45 easy, 1:30 hard, 1:00 easy, 1:45 hard, 2:00 easy, and then 4 by 2:00 hard with 2:o0 easy and a 15 minute jog back. coached at the rest of the track meet....

then 1 hour on the bike.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


frisbee first:
we practiced for 5 days over spring break. 7v7 every day, usually on small fields. I kept it as a 'roll out the balls' practice, and was graced with some returning alums. We had a couple of U of O players and a couple of U of O b teamers... and the kids benefitted. I was a little dissapointed that there weren't more attendees.

Things to work on:

Zone: Teaching zone to new players is a challenge. It's easy to teach the static positions, but to teach zone defense against early season and new high school players is a challenge. Turnovers are cheap, and the players get stuck in the static zone positions, without learning to move to follow the disc because of the inabillity of players to complete multiple passes. I'm going to start next week, but with the following plan. I'll use a 'ball' either a softball or a kickball (doesn't matter) and the rule that it can be rolled or thrown but that it's not a turnover if it hits the ground. The goal is to teach proper recover and movement of the positions. It's limited by the inabillity to 'huck' but that ends up being a plus in some ways.

Warm up and drills: I'm doing a really basic warm up right now. Run a lap of the fields (about 8 minutes) then a modified line drill. 6 lines with 5 or so kids in each line. you cut out 20 yds, then check back. Thrower gets to throw 2 or three throws. Then the lines, which are in pairs, face each other, and the oposing cutter cuts jab step and down line. It's also used replicating front of stack cutting, and the cutter cuts 3 steps then cross.

New Players: Lots of dutch and mini. Dutch is a box of varying size, teams of 3 or 4 or 5, and complete 5 passes for a point. When I split varsity/JV, it's 10 passes for a point.

Breaks: I don't do breaks. Practices are 100 minutes long, and breaks are times to throw back and forth.

Conditioning: I push off day conditioning. I have too much to teach in 3 days a week. Kids who want to make varsity are told to run on off days. Right now I want them doing 2 30 minute runs. We'll move to shorter harder stuff.

spring break '09 wooohhoooo.
Monday: Skate ski one hour, run 45 minutes with track team, play ultimate 1 hour.
Tuesday: Bike 1/2 hour, tempo run (10 easy, 15 hard, 10 easy), frisbee
Wednesday: Bike 21 miles, run easy 40 minutes, frisbee 1 hour
Thursday: (Rest) Lazy frisbee (for me) 1 hour
Friday: Ski 80 minutes, run 20 minutes, 1.5 hours vigorous ultimate
Saturday: 2 hour ski, 1 hour bike, 30 minutes weights
Sunday: 50 minute run, 1 hour bike

Friday, January 30, 2009

first practice, hawaii

phonetic languages are great. i seldome spell hawaii incorrectly. unlike mispell, or is it miss pell. my hawaii training program is basically my normal program, except i've run all winter. i took almost 10 days off from running, but until that point i'd run at least 3 days per week, varying between 9 mile runs and interval sessions varying between hill repeats or treadmill intervals. today i finally picked up a disc and played with the kids. we played dutch (10 passes for a point, 3 to win in a box) mini (short field make it take it) then small field 4v4 with pulls. i was ok. playing with kids, i end up aiming it a bit, so with the short field i was a bit off with the longer stuff, but i moved allright. the shin started hurting after an hour or so, but i'm saying it's probably allright.

been skiing my brains out,

monday weights
tuesday 1.5 hours easy
wednesday 1.5 hours medium, 1 hour bike, weights
thursday 1.5 hours with 5x6min decent intervals with 3 minutes rest
friday ultimate.

tomorrow, kids race, and i'll ski as much as i can, do some intervals or a time trial, and either run or bike easy when i get home.

thoughts: couldn't place the inverts well, felt like i wasn't springy, etc... but i'm not really ultimate training. the morning sessions fell through, but i'll try to play frisbee one more time.

thoughts for kaimana: hopefully i can get the team engaged in a little structure, as i think it will help us in the later games, but i'll be lucky if i can get them to think about anything other than the social game. cool team, mix of current studs, former champs, party stars, and me.

team of HS kids already has a couple of potential ringers showing up, senior receivers and soccer kids. the usual story, it'll be a mix of returners and new athletes.

the skiing has been stellar. we haven't had real snow in weeks, but miraculously it's been good skiing. over the past 2 weeks, we had enough snow in town to keep me off the roads running, but it looks to be good weather (or, bad, if you are a skier) such that i'll be able to keep the running up before the tourney.

ok, frisbee thought for the day:
generic 4 month frisbee plan for HS kids.
play frisbee 3 days a week, with drills and scrimmage
run 3 days a week, and throw 100 throws after.

the frisbee will build in terms of strategy and tactics
the running will move from base to short stuff so run for one month, do shorter hard runs or intervals for 1.5 months, do ladders for the last month, taper for the last 2 weeks.

if appropriate, strength train: but you have to be careful strength training HS kids based on physical development.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

what the what.

i'm about to throw down the 3 week frisbee training throwdown.
Here's the goals:
3 days of shuttle runs
3 days of throwing. if i can combine the two, it's a 3 day training program.
lame, but, it's not like i'm off the couch, and i've run more than i ever have in the winter. and some intervals. just need enough speed to minimize risk of injury. i have neither the time nor inclination for a full on, 4 day per week frisbee prep program, but the team looks stacked, so hopefully i can play my way into shape over 3 days.

that's a joke. but at least i'm running.

ski'd a lot this week.

what the what.

i'm about to throw down the 3 week frisbee training throwdown.
Here's the goals:
3 days of shuttle runs
3 days of throwing. if i can combine the two, it's a 3 day training program.
lame, but, it's not like i'm off the couch, and i've run more than i ever have in the winter. and some intervals. just need enough speed to minimize risk of injury. i have neither the time nor inclination for a full on, 4 day per week frisbee prep program, but the team looks stacked, so hopefully i can play my way into shape over 3 days.

that's a joke. but at least i'm running.

ski'd a lot this week.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

hiway hawaii

awright. gearing up for hawaii. don't have the personal days cleared yet. but the ticket is in the bag, so is the registration.

training. well, i'm doing a basic, build program. 15 hours per week right now. running 3-4 days per week, 2xintervals, one 9 mile run. plus 4-5 days per week skiing, 2 of those were intervals. resting fridays. monday weights, and easy biking. threw sunday, and wasn't nearly as bad as i'd thought i'd be.

planning on throwing in some early morning speed and agillity for 2 weeks prior to the tournament. probably try to throw 2x per week just for kicks.

my team is the typical hawaii team. lots of talk of shotgunning by players who will in fact show up and try to win. or have i lost it, and should i expect lots of winners showing up with nothing on their mind except drinking. i will show up with goals of playing to win, and temper them with the reality of drinking.

thinking about my cleats: don't like the new speed tds i have, may pick up some soccer cleats just so i can mix it up. and, yes, i'm thinking of the ridiculosu new pumas.

go southern dandys... it's blogonautoferific.