Sunday, December 30, 2007

the rest of the rest...

week one of break...lessee, dec17 was my last day off of skiing... since then i've done one race, and 6 sets of intervals... the last week of school is a blur, with 5 hours / night for sleep doing really good. it really affeted my training, as I've been very flat, and tired, both in practice (mine, not the coaching, i can in fact yell good job when i'm tired), and in events...

this week of school it's been just dumping snow... so i've been touring (drive up to mountain at 6 or so, then staying to ski for an hour or two... or going back later... basically i'm thrashed...

today, hadn't planned on skiing (would have made 13 days in a row), but i woke up at 5;15 like clockwork, so i got up, ate, and drove up early in a blizzard. in the parking lot I had to push myself out of a snow drift, but once i get going the car planes out just fine... i had left an important part of my boot in a ski partners car. so i turned around. no problem. beautiful sunrise, or would have been were it not whiteout conditions.

so it's technically a rest day, but i may go do some upper body and abs at the gym. Note: Ski tour means put climbing skins on skis, and skin up runs, before removing gear and skiing down. Usually done at a ridiculously early hour. Could be done in the wilderness, but i'm going for convenience and safety lately.

disregard what follows. it's just for my archive. 17.5 hours. 2 weights. 3 intervals.

12/30 weights.
12/29 Saturday: slept 7 hours. 2.5 hour ski tour, then 4x4 skate intervals, had a hard time keeping up w/ training partner, but the guy is good. Felt better. feeling 3rd interval set of week.
12/28 Friday. Slept 5 hours. Tour, 2 hours, great snow, 1.5 hour classic ski easy. felt flat.
12/27 Thursday. Good sleep. Ski tour. 2 hour I think. Fantastic snow. Then skate intervals. 4x4, with 4 minutes rest. A little flat. Weights.
12/26 Wednesday. Good sleep. Ski tour. 2 hours
12/25 Merry Christmas. Good sleep. Intervals. Classic. 4x4.
12/24 Ski tour in morning. 2 hours. Night ski under full moon.
12/23 Sunday. Good sleep. 2.5 hour ski in pouring rain.
12/22 5 hours sleep. Ski race. Ski'd at 'tempo' i.e., i took it pretty easy for the first half.
12/21 5 hours sleep. Oh crap, I may have rested then! that means....
12/20 5 hours sleep. 2 ski train. with team. then intervals after.
12/19 5 hours sleeep. 2 hour ski. weights...
12/18 5 hours sleep (see the pattern?) two skis...
12/17 5 hours sleep. rest day.
12/16 3 hour skate ski.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

ski race.

10km, 35 min, improvement from this time last year but didn't make goal. this week, 42km sunday, mon off, tuesday, 1.5 hour classic, 1 hour skate(with 4x3min intervals), wednesday, 45 min skate, thursday, 1 hour 15min skate (w/ 4x3 min intervals, and one, 1min), friday, 1 hour skate (w/ a 2min,3, 4, 3, 2) set, saturday, 7km warmup, 10km race, 5km cool down.

i guess tapering wouldn't have killed me.

skis delaminated friday night, so i glued them back together, and got some quick wax on them and made it to the race...

with 10 seconds to spare (literally)... lessee, in the past year, i've had a 'miss my start', fall over in my start, break a pole in my start, and 4 :10 second just in time starts...


tommorrow, something like a 40km ski SLOWWWWWW. 2 more weeks of ridiculous intervals, then a month of easier intensity (maybe one intensity per week, and one race)...

ultimate to follow.