Wednesday, March 24, 2010

early season stuff.

Living in Bend, Oregon and coaching frisbee is tough to do. We're 200 miles from the valley teams, many more miles to the larger frisbee tournaments. Our weather is mercurial at best, crappy as an honest assessment, and sucktackular as a going concern.

But I've got a really great bunch of motivated kids this year, albeit, young, and/or inexperienced. Recruiting has led to an influx of 6-8 talented, varsity (or swing players) soccer players, so we have speed and some field sense.

We played indoor 10 times this winter, so I've got a core (a junta, or funta, if you wil) of players who have at least some reps throwing under their belt. I have some assistant/ co-coaches with good, high level college and club experience. I've got enough field space (it is 1 mile from campus, but I've got two full fields). And I've got 40 plus kids.

Thus far we're just getting into stuff. I finally have enough (50) frisbees (thanks discraft team rate).

We're practicing 3 days a week. Typical practice schedule is

Throw (I move around and give basic tips to new players)
Runn (Probably 5 min warm up)
Dynamic warmup (the usuals, plus some sit ups and push ups)
-Handler cut
-Come back cut
-Thrower option (cutter starts out away, and handler can wave, or fake the thrower back for an underneath throw. Or air it out)
-Vertical stack plays. Focus is on basics (i.e., handler cut at front, comeback cuts deeper, after releasing, run to the next spot, to get in the idea of moving the whole team downfield).

- 3v3 in a box. Set number of passes is a point. 3 points is a game. Great game for all, especially for new players, since lack of throwing ability is not a liability.
- Scrimmage. Make teams even, smaller fields right now. No move to break into A/B yet.

Week one we just did practice. Starting week two I run 2 days after practice. Varying the conditioning. the practice alone is tiring for most of the kids right now. We did Tabatas one day. A 4 mile run one day.

Spring break.
Low numbers, lots of throwing. Played 4v4 today. An alum was there to run me around. Game was pretty good. Gorgeous, 60 degree and light wind.

Super busy with work, but still skiing on weekends, and getting an extra run or two a week in addition to the friskee.