Friday, June 29, 2007

time trial / dual 4

so last week was 14 hours of training, plus solstice. i called solstice, playing from 9-3, and from 10-12, plus warm up, 8 hours of excercise total. there's just too much standing around at a tourney. so 22 hours last week. ridiculous.

the tournament was fine, we had 13 most of the time, with a couple pickups later. my 1000's and 800's might have kept me from getting hurt (i'd like to think i have some idea of what i'm doing) but didn't make me quick or fast. something to work on for the next two months. lot of work, but we played 'good teams'

lots of running and biking and some rollerskiing this week, some bike intervals tuesday (4 x 6 minutes up some ridiculous hill, recover 2 minutes) and the duathalon was miserable. i... just... felt... like... crap. oh, and the huge gain from last week was partly due to a shorter course (rather, we've doing 13 or so miles on the bike, instead of 12)... so my times look like this thus far, w/ the outlier in parentheses... 1:04, 1:03, (59), 1:01... so the progress is there, even if i'm grimly dissatisfied with the results. the top times are around :55 for these, so, obviously, i'd like to be there. oh well. i guess as long as i'm improving.

things i'd like to add/change: more stretching, tapering before events, weights. but frankly, i'm a basket case if i'm not outside during the summer. so paddling or double pole skiing (don't use legs) for the afternoons would be good.

frisbee, get a little faster/quicker... that's really about it.

this weekend (my training week ends sunday night), tommorrow, medium mt bike ride (1.5-2.5 hours) and intervals (Running, 3 x 1 mile). Might just do the intervals, and go for a paddle. Sunday, long bike ride (50 miles) up and down to mt. bachelor, hike the mountain. Should be a 4 hour workout... or something like that. Monday, bike intervals, tuesday, easy (frisbee/spenst/agillity/dynos/core type stuff), wednesday, 5k fun run, thursday, cinco de cinco. 5th time trial.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


6am mt bike ride in 55degree weather... set an alarm
8:30 am ultimate with the kids... sweet fields, a few cuts and throws
broken derailleur at 3;00 pm... thanks marshall
new bike shoes... 180 bucks sidi genius...
new running shoes... 75 bucks adidas supernova, 20th pair in 8 years
new pedals... 140 bones
2 flat tires changed 15 minutes as i've got to leave... uh... 15 mnutes and 2 greasy old tubes out of the garage

4 minute improvement on my tt time... priceless.

i'm psyched. it hurt. here was the secret. i changed my heart rate monitor. instead of me being 37, i changed it to say i was born in 1981. Then i went at the same heart rate percentages as last time.

Ways to improve: Better run. 1 min. Better transition. 1 min. TT bars. 1 min. Luck 30 seconds. Taper. 1 min (I worked out 11 hours m-thursday). Best possible effort in 2 weeks: 54:30 That would put me up with some of the better guys in the event. But, it's not a super deep field... just, trying to improve....

In other news, solstice is this weekend. I'm playing with Throwback. My goals are for the teams success first, and personally, I want to play well in a limited manner, have fun, and take care of business.

Then next week starts 1 month of base only plus two more time trials. Goal is 20 hours per week of zone one and two base. This will go on for one month, then i'll switch back to running intervals, play more ultimate, and move towards the fall series.

It'll look like this: Run with team, 40-50 minutes per day, plus strides and core, 3 days per week. Ultimate (low key), 2 days per week. Bike, 2-3 hours per day. Roller ski, 3 days per week, 1 hour. Paddle, 2 days per week, 1 hour. 1 or 2 long events (100 mile ride, or 4 hour hike with poles). Weights, 3 days per week. In august, volume will drop dramatically, and intensity will increase somewhat.

Summer is sweet. Getting up at 5:30 to go play is so fun. Getting up to go to work was fun, but, less so.

I also want to keep playing guitar (3 hours per week) and studying french (3 hours per week) and juggling (3 hours per week).

If i'm on it, I'll also write (short stories, not counting blogging and 2 hours per week, minimum.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

school's out.

saturday, the city league tourney, we lost. my first time watching the finals in 3 years. first loss in tournament play in three years. got jacked up by some guy as i was backpedalling for a huck that was coming up a little short. he dove into my knee... contested the foul call on the grounds that 'he was trying to get the disc'. where the eff to these people come from. knee feels a little loose, but just weak, not like i tore anything... it's been getting better everyday. lost in the semis, 13-10. i played all of those points, and most all day, so, i got my money's worth. they had free beer for the finals.

sunday, rest day. worked on the last bit of grading.

monday, AM run w/ XC team (30 min), then a meeting and finish up checkout, done w/ school by 3:30 then home, then a bike ride (short, 1 hour or so). today, tuesday, bike ride (mountain bike, 7-8:15), then coached ultimate, 8:30-10:00, then ate more, then biked around a bit, then went for a 40 minute roller ski... pretty good day.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

duathlon deux

missed two more games of frisbee, bringing the total number of times i've skipped a frisbee game for something else (discretionary time) to like two... i have missed frisbee for work and stuff. the realization that i should do that was a fairly important step in actually becoming an adult.

that, and graduating from college at age 26. i'm not sure which was first.

dual deux came on the heels of a hard week of running, 3x1000 (plus 2.5 miles running to corse and back), w/ 2.5 hours biking sunday, 3x800 (same warmup/cooldown), plus 1.5ish in the bike tues, relative rest mon wed (30 min biking each day)...

of course, i forgot to press stop at the end of my race, but i think it was better than last time. last time was just under 1:04, i THINK i was about a minute faster. i wore the nerdometer, and kept my heartrate between 85%-90% of max (which is a made up number at this point, as i've not actually tested it in years. i use a number that assumes i'm 10 years younger than i really am) for the bike, and 88-91% of max for the 3 mile run. My impression was that my bike time was worse, but my run time better. OK, what with the hard stuff. I've got the city league tourney saturday: which i'm mildly dreading. it'll be some ridiculous 4 game deal, even though we've had like 80 league games (OK, just 14, but come on, the regular season should mean something) and there are only 8 teams... so it seems like quarters/semis/finals should be fine. Frankly, i'd be OK w/ semis finals only, as it would get better quality games... plus, i still end up playing basically every point... blah, blah, whine whine, yes, i'm from the northwest whiners frisbee world..

back to the dual. i got one more hard fast workout (more 8's, or a ladder) next week, and the race on thursday, plus daily morning runs/ultimate w/ the kids... but it's kind of a taper week for solstice... then all base. I think that will give me better times next thursday, and the week after, and for the final one, i'm going to throw on some aero bars; my only goal for these events is improvement in each one. i'd be happy to average 1 min per event, and maybe get down to the high 50's... there are two guys in this thing that are better skiers than me, (of the skiers i know who do this thing), and my goal is to beat them at a race next year (no small task).

the race was pretty painful, i again had nothing for the run (perceived, at least), and had a variety of aches and pains (arch pain, which i'll tape for next time, and side aches, which i'll try to address with hydration and diet). Probably less fat and protein for the pre-race meal, or an earlier lunch, and a cliff bar at race minus 2 hours.

i threw disc one day this week... but i got my stack o' plastic back... so that's good.

question for people who play more than i do now, or strategery guys... what is the percentage of goals that H-stack teams score on ALL DUMPS to handlers, and ALL comeback cuts from the back? is it just a high school thing where the up line things KILL YOU?

thanks for your response.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


ended up taking yesterday off (slacker)... today, 3 x 800 in the park (so it's something like 800), 3:05, 3:05, 3:00...i got down to 2:45's in season last, but, this is 2 days after another decent interval workout... so it's probably ok... i was at 88-90% ish (i used my nerdometer)... so i had a little room to push... then a 1.5 hour easy ride. left the nerdometer at home.

i need to recheck my max. technically, the max intervals should be 90 plus, but i really didn't feel like it... it was a labor of love... hard to push the 2:45's on grass, w/ no one to work with...

tommorrow, 20 min commuting, 20 min of running, and a 1 hour easy ride. all easy.

thursday, duathlon. friday rest. saturday the city league tourney. in the past, this has been a 4 game, i play every point marathon.

i hope it's a 3 point, i take 5 points off type deal

Sunday, June 10, 2007


meanderings and ramblings follow. brief ultimate anecdote at end.

shaq is running a fitness show. "better not fart on me" he says as he's holding a kid's ankles for situps.
tim duncan is a machine. it's amazing to see him work. the combination of quick decision making on secondary breaks, hustle on the run (after the slowed plantars duncan of past years), and this calculating assasination in the post as he assesses the passing lanes, the double... sometimes the quick move, but usually see whats there, and then a devastating scoring move... the spurs are sick.

so is lebron, but unfortunately, his team mates look like they are trying out for the generals, or whoever it is that used to play the globe trotters...

pretty good weekend. yesterday, a 40 minute run (run to the store to get a new i pod shuffle, picked up some pot stickers and yogurt at the grocery store on the way home, tried to carry the bag in the safe, tiki barber position), then a 1 hour mt. bike ride...

today, 2.5 hour ride, nice and easy, although there was one 20 minute climb (technically, it was a 1hr20 min climb, but only 20 min was steep enough to get hard)... then i ate lunch, watched the repeat of USAvsGuatemala in the Gold cup, then ran 1000's. I was kind of dissapointed. This was the 'long' 1000 grass course, i.e., on the 'short' course i'm 30-45 seconds faster per thousand, but the head coach claims they're both 1km. I don't think so, but we'll see.. I ran there, 1 mile at 7:30, then went 4, 4, 4 (even), then ran home. Last fall on that course, i went, 4:15, 4:06, 4:00, 4:00, but the blog says i was sick, so i'm moderately OK with today, but then i rolled my ankle on the run home, so that's a bummer. Hopefully minor. My ankles don't swell anymore, but it could hurt from 0 days to some weeks. i'ts a little achy right now. We'll see. I'll skip the run tommorrow, but I was planning on running 800's on tuesday. I'll see how it feels. If it still hurts, i'll do bike intervals instead, or just a long easy run on trail.

Tommorrow, I'll do some biking, road if it's warm, mt. bike if it's cold or windy. If my ankle is inconsequential, 800's tues, rest wednesday (w/ like 20-30 min bike), duathlon thursday, rest friday, city league tourney saturday, Long ride sunday, bike mon, 2-4-6-8-6-4-2 ladder tues, wed lite ride, thursday duathlon, fri rest, sat/sun solstice... last week and this week are non frisbee for me, but i'll try to get in some throwing. I've got to find out which kid has my discs and cones, so i can at least take a stack of 30 discs over to the park to throw.

3.5 days of teaching left. But who's counting. After that, it's immediately M/W/F runs with the team, starting w/ 40 min, T/Th low key summer ultimate all at 8:30. I'll be doing early morning MTB rides w/ a ski training buddy a couple times per week before practice, and i'll do afternoon roller ski or biking. after solstice, july is supposed to be all base training for running, any intervals will be bike or the duathlons, and in august i'll go back to running intervals, and skip the bike intervals. July is supposed to be 60 - 80 hours of low intensity, high volume.

Why do i do this? I'm not that fast. I'm not that good at anything. I did do the 'multiple stage 20 m shuttle run' with a PE class friday. According to the chart, it says I have a good V02 max, and i was up with the top 5 of 100 kids, but, who knows... even so it hasn't yet panned out to anything other than being skinny-ish, and being able to tolerate a high training volume. So why the effort? I guess to make goals. I want to go sub 18 in a 5k this year, sub 17 next year. In 10 km ski racing (which is REALLY dependent on conditions), I want to ski around 28 this winter which will demand excellence dedication and dilligence in training quality, quantity, diet, and luck. Never count out luck. I figure I got this Masters season, and maybe next summer, and then it's coaching only and playing only for fun, and focusing entirely on skiing, and off season multi sport gigs to stay sharp for skiing (that was the plan for this year, until frisbee reared it's head).

i ski'd like 120 days this year: 100 skate or classic, 20 days hiking to ski. There were also a couple days of riding the chairlifts after ski days, and at least 18 days where i ski'd in the morning, and then ski'd again in the PM, but just as i would count one ski run as a ski day, 2 skis per day is still one day.

I've averaged a minimum of 8-20 hours per week of training over the past year (15-20 in the summer, down to 8 in the winter on weeks when i was driving, 15 for most of the spring). So like800 hours (guess) training for the year, which has not made me much faster, but has kept me at least as fast running as peak XC, and greatly improved ski times. mainly it's served as a nice ritalin replacement... which, when i was 22, my prescription ran out, and i just... sort of... forgot to go get more...

stay tuned. my pals were at poultry days this weekend. i hope they won. our team has never won in an odd year, despite winning in every even year from 2000 on... i was at two of them...

A story from that... I had a swollen knee after getting clobbered by I THINK paul greff's brother (does he have a brother?). A clean fair hit, i made a defensive play, he made the offensive play, and got it, and landed on me. This either caused a bursus injury, or beat up on my PCL which would finally go sometime later (a ligament you don't really need, often)... anyway, i wrap a tensor bandage around the knee, thanks tina, and kept playing...

late in the semis, i'm point in a zone, and we've got them pinned, and the 6" wide bandage unwinds until i'm trailing 4 feet of bandage... people are yelling do you want an equipment timeout... i yelled 'g-dammit, there is no such thing as an equipment timeout. ' then i caught the 'd', and threw the goal.

that was kind of funny.

i read on the wilmington website that they require players to read the rules. genius. it's so irritating to see people taking 'equipment' timeouts to tie shoes, etc. that said, I actually think it's totally kosher, if you and your mark are OK with it, to just stop cutting for a sec to tie your shoes while in the stack... but that's just sportsmanship. if they aren't OK with it, deal with it... and the new technical time out doesn't include calling a technical timeout after you've turned it over and the other team is walking it up... i think it would probably be OK to do (not by the letter of the law though) when YOU are walking it up... your team garners no advantage at that point...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

duathlon number 1

i'm entered into a duathlon series... bike 12 miles, run 3. i'm not sure if either mileage is correct... registered and all on line, but was late to the start. i didn't wear a watch, as this was my first hard sustained workout of year. some thoughts though... i should have sipped a little more on the ride. i could have rode a little harder. aero bars would have really helped (how much, to be determined).. the run was ok but...

i started the run, and noticed 5 pounds of crap bouncing in my jersey... i was stilll carrying pump, tube, tire irons, cell phone... reached back, and pitched them... then the race director yells out, take off your helmet... duhhhhrrr... i also had a problem getting my running shoes on.

nothing like running after a hard bike ride.... that hurt. then i was running pretty good, then a side stich... ouch.

but i think i was OK. i was hoping for a 58 minute time. don't know yet what i ran.

i missed a city league game for this... mild bummer, but i've paid. i'll miss next week too. but i'll be at the tournament. this week has been a disaster training wise. sunday was a good 35 mile ride, then hill repeats, monday was a 26 minute run, medium, tues and wed i did jack. exhausted for no good reason (i think i'm sick), and i had hs graduation (i ride the bus with kids, and march in with them and stuff)... then today was sweet..

tommorrow i'll probably ride or run for some distance... saturday, i'll hike/ski, or bike/run, or MAYBE go run a half marathon, strictly as a workout... sunday will definitely be bike/1000 repeats...

next week, only guarantees are repeats, duathlon, and city league tourney. will probably work in 2 LSD workouts of 2 hour bike rides and a 45 min run...

go pax.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

good weekend...

3 hour mt bike ride yesterday, tons of climbing, then a 30 minute run, moderate pace.
today, a 35 mile road ride (about 2 hours-ish) then a couple grad parties for kids / parents, then a run (10 min warm up, 3 hill repeats... the first one was up the back side of the measured hill, so who knows definitely a little shorter, but 3 minutes, the next 2 were on the regular hill 3:15 and 3:20 which is pretty good compared to earlier this year (4, 3:45, 3:30) I probably should have done 1 more, but i was pretty fried, and the leg was tight from a bike wrek tuesday...

tommorrow, bike (and frisbee), tuesday, 3-4 1000's (or like 3:30 timed repeats on flat, hard effort) (and frisbe), wednesday, walk (and frisbee), short bike thursday, hard bike and run (And frisbee)...friday, rest (and frisbee), saturday, go big somewhere, somehow... maybe hike South sister to ski...