Friday, May 27, 2005

drills i like

don't like:
that box drill thing. i'm not sure what exactly it is working on.
the 'weave'. although i haven't seen anyone do that in years...

dutch drill. a box of varying size. anywhere from 10yds square to almost a full field. team size up to like 6 on 6. 10 passes is a point. it accomplishes what i think the 'weave' is supposed to. good conditioning too...

two lines, 'go to' drill, take a jab step away from the thrower before cutting back. they should be learning to look out for someone elses cut before coming in, a little change of direction... i prefer it w/ a nice flat marker on the thrower, but most of my hs kids can't consistently beat that enough to allow fluidity...

we bring the lines in, and instead of comeback it's a deke and then a more lateral cut (like handler initiation/swing off the front of the stack).

a huck drill... everyone likes a good huck drill

a comeback based on the huck, cutter starts earlier, and comes back to the throwers, there are a couple ways to set this one up that i like...

2v2 trapped drill, w/ another pair as a deep to come in or go deep off the first pass...

a dump drill...

when it's really windy (frequently it blows like 30mph or more here) and/or i've got some really new kids, we mainly do the shorter passing stuff, or play hotbox, mini, dutch drill, or schtique.

i'm kind of ambivalent about that endzone drill... i think it's better to just run 3 lines (thrower, handler, scorer) so that it looks the same the whole time for better processing...

teaching new throwers

This year has caused me to think a lot about the basics of throwing. I broke my hand, so I had to throw exclusively with the righty for about 2 months. Also, I've been teaching a lot of youngsters to throw. Between the two, I've had to really analyze what goes into the basics.

Teaching them to throw low is a hard thing. I'm getting some javelin throwers, and people with a baseball background, so the get low to throw thing is tough. I think that throwing low is not the end all be all of throwing technique, but it helps in the wind.

This is what my current thinking is when i work one on one with a brand new player.

I start w/ the backhand. They always have the forefinger on the rim. I show the power grip, and have them throw a few. Then switch to...

I show the 2 on the rim grip, but I also show the 'split finger.' I tell them the split finger is a training wheel, but use it if they need it. I stress that they need to make sure to get the frisbee down into the webbing. I think Darrell N. called it getting it behind the 1st metacarpal/phalangeal joint. I then have them throw short flips out to about 10-20 feet. I then have them fake backhand, throw forehand, concentrating on learning the pivot, and changing the grip over to forehand. Holding the pivot, and changing the grip are stressed over speed. I show them what a mark looks like at this point, so that they see the value of this pivot.

(then the same, forehand fake to backhand).

Then I have them throw the forehand on a bended knee. I'm thinking it will make them think of throwing lower.

Then I have them throw with knees bent, pivoting...

What have I learned from throwing Right handed?
It's actually pretty hard to throw a forehand with a lot of hyser when you are learning to throw. Maybe that's just me.

An offhand backhand is kind of a useful throw. It's pretty nice where my other choice is the 5 foot push or forehand.

The offhand forehand, i've not found it to be useful. But perhaps I lack vision.

The offhand thumber is my favorite throw in the world.

Throwing everyday is very important when learning to throw. Concentrating on the activity is important. The kids who have improved throwingwise the fastest are the ones who 1) make the most practices, 2) throw the same basic way almost every time, 3) are more competetive personalities.

I thought I was '100%' healed (not pain free, but strong enough) until yesterday. It was pretty breezy at league night, and the distance, accuracy, release angle etc. were all off. So it seems like anything else, it's 10% of the effort to achieve 90% of the results, and 90% of the effort for the lastest, bestest 10%.

someone should write a book about this stuff.

bowling night

The much beloved bend city league (100% draft) continues. My draft strategy (fastest person left on list) and game strategery (let's get lucky) continues to be successful... (21 game run). There is only one reason for this, and it's not that i'm any good. My co-captain Alicia is clearly the league mvp. Her absence at the final tournament will no doubt lead to an early exit.

Yet again we beat a team that was better than us, better prepared, and intesely motivated.

Meeting of undefeated teams for 'unofficial midseason something or another'
Them: 40 minutes of 'box drill', 15 minute chalk talk. Discussion of individual players.
Us: 5 minutes of a partially attended 'endzone' drill, upwinder to start game.

The end. 13-10.

League Strategy vs. Open Strategy.

League: Throw it as far as you can the moment you get it. Trust in other team to dink it around and make an error on their half of field.

Open: Varies. Preferably tends towards the don't screw up very much.

League: Don't make any calls. Until they start browbeating the new players. Then get 'all up ons'.

Open: Always a callfest. Unless one team is gracefully wilting. Games against HighSchool teams are always good for bringing out the 'spirit.' See 'refs' at someone elses blog. Maybe this one too. Can't remember.

League: Beer after.

Open: Same. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

League: No one knows rules. Everyone thinks they are a saint, and takes advantage of anything that they can. You should never dispute their right to do this.

This is spirit.

Open: Same.

League: 8 gazillion turnovers per point. See 'training for 5 k racing'. Speed, per se, is not necessarily important, because by point 7 gazillion, no one is that fast.

Open: Better. W/ some exceptions.

League: Bad marks. But plenty physical. No one can defend the open side of the field.

Open: Faster. Better.

May edit later.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Oregon State Games

The Season is over, the dust has settled, and Summit emerges 3-4 as a #6 team. Decent improvement from last years 0-6 finish. Friday, left from school in loaned Suburban w/ about 1/3 of team. Stopped off for Ben's stuff. Grabbed travel scrabble (the plastic entertainer). Rolled out. Made it to Eugene, fandangoed some StarWars tickets, went to get in line. completely unecessary, as it turned out.

Note: StarWars was awesome.

Day 1, 11-9 hard cap loss to Vacaville. Team had disk, on goal line, to tie and force golden goal. Vacaville went on to Finals. Saturday loss to other Finalist, churchill, like 15-7, but rested the starters for the 'must win' pool play game. Which we won, 12 - 8.

Sunday: Quarterfinals. 4 point loss. Slow start, but the first 'big game' experience for any of team... Down by a few, made a late rally. had disk to score down 2. Would have been nice. Got some good plays out of a kid (nate crabtree) who had anchored the 4x400 (#1 in state), and also medaled in 200m and 400m.

Originally bracketed to go straight to the 5/6 game, they had added some 'play in' game to make it to the 5/6 game, which the team won. I then benched my best player, and just let the kids sub themselves (out of set groups, so that there would always be some 'balance'). Basically, just get some playing time for the guys who 'took one for the team.' As in playing time.

Thoughts. I still think Consolation games are stupid.

They had this rule, you had to alternate 'guy pull'/'girl pull.' I think this is stupid. I also thought it was pretty cheap to spring this new rule at the captains meeting. I basically was not even working on hucking until late in the season, so the only people who had much pulling practice were the guys who played last year. Several exciting moments occurred, and it really served to skew the game, make it difficult to go on runs, etc.

With the hard cap already on in the quarters, and summit down 3, the opposing coach said (in a not unfriendly tone), "you know the game is over." and offered his hand.

I did not punch him. Should I have? I just said, 'i'll shake your hand later' (did). He had already pulled the classic 'are you taking a time out' when I was setting the team up. I initially responded w/ a 'no, are you?' but had to continue w/ the 'we get 20 seconds after your 70 seconds. If you're gonna take 2 minutes, then you're gonna wait longer'. I suspect, based on the behavior of his team (pretty good) that he's basically a good guy, just w/ some kind of misguided desire to establish some friendly ribbing.


Next year, should have enough personnel for a 'guys team' and 'girls team', with separate state tournaments for both, and combine for a 'mixed states.'

Drive home. Told the story of the wallet to the kids in the Suburban on the drive back. I gave Kody money to top off the tank shortly there after. We had just dropped off the rest of the team, and were leaving the HS to the last stop when he realizes that he had lost the money. Stopped truck, searched, nothing. I suggested that he had dropped $ in trash. Returned to school, where money was in trash.

Is this Jungian Synchronicity? Power of Persuasion? Coincidence? Or just funny, ha ha.

Now, off to see sin city at the McMenamins pub/theater. $3. Sweet.

Friday, May 20, 2005

downing street memo

Ever since good old r.s.d. was spammed by a GregPalast article about the Downing street memo, I've been mistakenly waiting for the media to address the issue. Today the NYTimes published an article about it... but I don't know where it appeared in the print edition. Online, click Washington News, then 'All Headlines' then 'British Memo on Us Plans for Iraq War Fuels Critics.' It's prominence on the website can only lead me to believe that it appeared over the fold. That's sarcasm. I learned it from my students. That and how to debate.

"Your Mom"

According to the Palast site, they were hacked, leading to the dissemination of the article (from BBC, I think).

The CSM has a nice article with links to a variety of perspectives, if you want to see some different opinions on the issue.

The historical lesson of 'meddlin' is visible in the conflict w/ radical muslim fundamentalism. Wait. Isn't that an oxymoron? Anyway. We are complicit in the creation of this tarbaby -- or at least it's growth. Our support of the Mujahaddeen vs. the Soviets created a motivated confident force, not to mention directly leading to the installation of the Taliban.

And while the US may not have been involved with the Coup that led to Saddam's rise to power, there was a long relationship prior to and after the coup. Which leaves us here. Now.

The real nut of the issue is this. Bush and Co. despite the rantings of many, are not in fact idiots. They ARE ideologues. Zealots. They want to change the region, believe with a religious fervor that they should (literally, perhaps, but that is not the main reason of neocon), and are willing to pay the price. My biggest fear is what climate will result from prolonged military occupation... Particularly for the one real democracy in the region. However, I certainly don't claim to be able to predict the ramifications, I'll just say bad. We're not in a position to make a new Marshall plan. It's not necessary that Iraq be 'Vietnam' or Afghanistan, or whatever.

Might it not have been enough to destroy their ability to wage war and threaten isreal? (done, and done), offer humanitarian financial assistance to the new regime, and get the hell out? Maybe that's still the plan, and it's just going to take time... I'm not convinced.

Serious digression.

Back on point. What are the legal ramifications of the 'downing street memo' if any? Is this significant? If so, what is the meaning of the 21 day (or so) period of non-reportage?

Monday: Recap of HS State Tournament.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

dead horse

So I've got to post my thoughts here, rather than in replies only.

I think that the appeal of co-ed, leaguer, spirit spouting, no-ref frisbee players is that it's a secret club for them. Despite the fact that I throw every day, and am a massive frisbee nerd, I do actually have non-frisbee playing friends. And the feedback I get from the community as a whole, is that frisbee players are pompous self-absorbed arrogant pricks.


I think it stems from this.

Oh, you play frisbee. Like with a dog.
(frisbee player immediately huffs)
No, it's fast, it's like a combination of all the best things about soccer, hockey, team handball, football, quidditch and nascar. But the best thing is that there are no refs. We play by the spirit of the game.

(What listener hears is. We're better than other people, and if you don't share my vision, you're a loser).

What about, 'it's like keep away, on a really big field. and we got observers, like 'refs' only for the big games. it's fun'

Or am I hung up that SI runs a huge article about Lacrosse, and ultimate is still the butt of jokes on Sports Center.

I'd really like to see the game on TV. But it's not going to happen as long as it's hackey sack. The common perception is that it's a stoner sport. Guess what. NBA basketball is reportedly a 'Stoner Sport' but the commish and the players have the sense to keep it under wraps.

Yes, 2 portland trailblazers doing 90 in a hummer w/ 2 pounds of pot in the back smoking dope out of can is keeping it under wraps.

I recently played a tournament-- Big news for me these days. I played a club co-ed tournament w/ my co-ed HS team. I played right handed (broken good hand), so I was smarter, but my throws were so-so.

I actually don't remember seeing any men in dresses. Maybe i've blocked it. But there were all sorts of 'theme attire' and stuff. These people don't WANT the sport to be 'mainstream'. They want it to be the sport for iconoclasts...

Another subset of people playing like to have a beer, or smoke some dope when they play. This goes on at city softball games and stuff, although people outside the insular world of ultimate frisbee tend to be a little more circumspect about illegal behavior. You know, consideration for other peoples views on illegal behavior etc...(an aside, for i don't actually care what other people do at a tournament, or anywhere for that matter, but nude beaches are nude beaches and not nude malls for a reason)

A final interesting group, that i think makes up the overlap of the two previously listed groups, combines 'ostensibly not being serious' w/ 'a lack of knowledge of the rules' into the worst type of ultimate player.

A team dressed in matching skirts, unable to get anything done, mildly inebriated, making bad call after bad call, complaining about elitist behavior.

Any way. It's league night. So I'm just getting pumped up for the fans tonight.

Next week: Frisbee Players. Buy a watch.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

the world bank

the state of the world games, co-ed, and cheating is getting great airplay at 1, 2, and 3.
I have a more significant question.

Given current challenges to the World Bank from both the left and the right (free market failure vs. failure as social institution), has this institution run it's course? Discuss the challenges from both sides, and present your case for the future of the World Bank.

in other news, nice breakfast, brisk walk to work, hand coming around, might be able to start biking in earnest soon. looking forward to finishing up the high school season, not to mention having the summer off. Today, a little 1-3-3 discussion (and trap), some run throughs, then do some man to man 'd' drills, and flow drills, then warm-bodies allowing, scrimmage (any 'd' allowed).

Monday, May 02, 2005

teaching kids zone

i'm torn. i've always liked zone 'o'. walking around seems to work pretty good (until you break it), good decisions are rewarded... etc. but now, in teaching my kids, i'm torn. obviously the 'throw a zillion passes, we can work it, old college try approach' is doomed.' but i don't have a 6'7 guy either. so it's usually 3-4 passes, get to the popper, bring in the deep, bombs away to the wing.

and hope that we can get it back, and get them out of zone. coaching has come down to hoping my bad zone 'o' is better than their bad zone 'd'.

i think i'm getting an ulcer.

ahh, their getting better, a lot better, but, for real.

i think i'm getting an ulcer

back to life...

rather than the 'one post at a time' complete narrative of other blogs, i'm going to rough in the outline... and then fill in details.

today, the 3 year adventure of leisure jet set draws to a close. i think that when i go back and write my memoirs, the period from 5/10/02 - 5/2/04 will be known as the 'golden age.' 3 long years of blissful relative unemployment, with all that that entails -- mainly, lots of sleep. there was a year of grad school thrown in there, but i mean, schools just not that stressful. especially not working on a masters in teaching...

i digress. today, i've finally been offered full time employment at Summit High School. 1/2 time has kept me fairly busy, but offered me a little extra time for skiing, and well, sleeping in. but those days will soon be gone (well, september)...

of course the upside is that i might be able to afford, uh, to put gas in my car, go to tournaments, etc...

so it's been lean times, but frankly, not to bad. some highlights.

5/10/4 Laid off, shortly after informing the firm that i'd be starting graduate school that summer. We were a little to slow, and they didn't really want to have me just on 'bench time'... so much for 'think of us as a family...' but the 2002 world cup started shortly thereafter, and that was a blissful few weeks of staying up all night, sleeping late, biking, and playing frisbee.

Mid July-Early August... 3 weeks of grad school in LaGrande. I guess it might have been hard... but mainly it was long (one of those 3 weeks, for 8 hours a day things, then off to Bend for actual class learning)... and I got to spend my weekends in the Wallowas, and my evenings RoadBiking, playing a little frisbee...

August, 2002... Worlds. Hawaii. Bronze. At game point, deked towards the cone. Oscar grabbed me. Turned and said, calmly, man, don't do tha-- and broke to the cone. Caught goal and just stayed in endzone... fish win. stuck disc down pants. shook hands. wasn't really a taunt, so much, as i wasn't letting that disc out of sight.

I mean, its a free disc.

Fall o2. Communted 7 hours per weekend to play w/ sockeye. Each way. It was a fun season. Lost in Semis to Ring of Fire.

Winter 02-03. Bunch of Ski days. Maybe 70ish?

Sockeye 03. Managed to string out my first appearance until August. Didn't deserve it. Lived in Seattle, on the last of my loans, and savings. 'Pro' Ultimate, in it's current state, I guess. Stayed in seattle until season ended...

Winter 03-04. 80 plus days. Tons of midweek skiing. Started Substitute teaching. Assistant coach XC skiing. Know nothing about it. Head coaches are former olympians. Girls win, boys 2nd, combined #1.

Spring 03 -- coach HS ultimate. 0-6.

Summer, 04 Lose 1st game in the all draft city league, Win next 14, championship. Offered a teaching job in Bend, 1/2 time, for 04-05 school year.

If it seems crazy to take a 1/2 time job, just to live in bend, well, if you don't know, you should go ask someone. although, i kind of miss competetive ultimate.

04-05. Asst Coach XC running, girls 3rd in state, asst coach xc skiing, boys/girls state title (only contribution to either success is that i'm 'lucky'). Coach HS ultimate (7-2 this season)... get job.

will expand on this later... suffice to say, lots of nothing, for lots of time, for lots of fun.