Saturday, April 28, 2007


Lessee... thursday, was league night. I was pretty happy, caught 2, threw, like 6, had one turnover (it looked like a pretty straightforward foul, but, i was 5 yards deep in the other endzone, so, who am i to say, the receiver, over beers said he thought it was a foul, but he should have had it, and we were up a bunch... so...), couple opportunistic d's, but no great man to man d... probably played 12 of the 20 points...

friday, i went for a 45 minute ski tour, i guess, imagine, 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, with scenery, and a sweet ski down... i think, using the video, i've got a pretty decent 'technique' for teaching the long backhand... that's kind of cool...

this morning, 24km of skating, then 30 miles of biking, ate breakfast twice (oats, bananas, raisins, yogurt), frenchtoast w/ bananas, more bananas, chips and home made salsa, beans and rice, and a burger fries and beer for dinner...

tommorrow, full day coaching, leave at 7, back at 7... should be fun.

no golf, softball, or sprinting yet...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


uh, last week, ski'd thursday and friday, biked, once maybe? ran a bunch, lifted twice, pretty good... this saturday, ski'd, then ran mile repeats (1.3 miles to park, 2 x 1 mile w/ 3 min recovery, ran .25 mile to library, picked up tax forms, ran home, so w/ recovery jogging, maybe 5-5.5 w/ the recovery jogging between runs).... pretty good. the ski was fantastic, the runs... i think i ran the repeats at 6:30 pace, which was pretty easy, compared to 6 down to 5:40 ish last year 'in season'... and the effort was 'moderate' so i think i'm pretty fit, if not run specific prepared... i did taxes the rest of the day... so i missed the first day of the gandy goose... uh, plus it was 43 and raining, and i'm a wuss, and etc. fully prepared to go out sunday, i woke up w/ a norovirus, or food poisoning, or something... i slept/slept w/ tv on/ returned to sleeping allday, and finally went to sleep at 8 pm... blech. they managed to pull it off with out me...

the full grooming season is now over, with partial grooming wednesdays and saturdays... i'll make an effort to hit both...

last fridays 1 day tournament was an eye opener for the team... i split them X/Y, and as you can imagine, the talent is pretty accross the board in a one month hs season... kids got whomped... mission accomplished. the whole team has buy in to a varsity/JV split from here on out, which would not be the case if I'd done it arbitrarily... so, that's good. i'm missing 2 clear starters (one surgery, one prolonged achilles thing) but the varsity should be OK w/ a couple weeks of practice.

monday practice was pretty good, exhausted, I couldn't even jog w/ the team (dehydration/muscle cramps)... but much better focus at practice... the 30 minute scrimmage was mixed, but the last 10 minutes i used a 'freeze/discuss' to stop play when everything went to crap (clustering/need to break, etc)... and it cleaned up quite a bit.

today, i wanted to stretch my legs after 10 hours of bustin' it at the office (3 shows daily, all different, stay for the veal)... so i ran 10 minutes, then did 3 hill repeats of 4, 3:40, 3:30... legs were a little tight, but lungs and cardio felt great. exact same time i ran 2 years ago, 'in season', so, I think it would have been no problem to crank out at the least, 2 more 3:30's..., if not faster... pretty happy with fitness, if the legs aren't specifically run trained...

tomorrow, i'll coach, then go for a couple hour bike ride... maybe ski if the opportunity arises... thursday is league night, i'll try to make it... frankly, i'd prefer to run a few 800's first... league lasts for 10 more weeks...

funny story, made short, thursday, i grabbed my skis, went to mountain, put on skis, and only then realized that i had the wrong poles. wrong as in they weren't mine. i'd grabbed the wrong ones out of someones car the sunday before. these had no straps (which are sort of key to nordic skiing, totally key to proper power application and recovery phase), these are this kind that clip to the special proprietary glove (which i don't have)... so that led to a series of stroke, stroke, stroke, leave the pole stuck in the snow...

that's all

Sunday, April 08, 2007


The Planet Earth thing on Discovery is indescribably good. If you've not seen it, you're missing out... scenes are incredible... breaching great whites, seal vs. king penguin... so cool...

What's up: Trained my butt off this weekend.

Saturday, AMAZING ski... pouring rain, slight slush, but fast, fast, FAST. covered a ton of ground in 1.4 hours, like 20 km (so not race pace, but super fast, considering it was all 'zone 1' (60-70% of max)... then 45 minutes of running and core and weights, then 1.25 hours of riding at zone 1, then another 30 minutes of biking to have dinner w/ friends...

Sunday, ski'd an hour plus of crust cruising... skiing around in the wilderness, including this big frozen lake... very fun. The aesthetic was a 10. My skiing, less so.I was skiing horribly though, hay fever? don't know... fatigue mabye... just wasn't feeling it... so i ate a bar, and ski'd another 15 km ish easy... on the trails. then rode for 1.75 hours, again, at zone 1, then went out to pick up play to throw for a cool down...

Weekend totals:
Zone 1 cardio, 6 hours
Zone 2 (run) 30 minutes
Weights: 30 minutes

Reading Will Durant's history of civilization (10 volumes, 9 zillion pages)... just started. kind of fun.

This week, focus on zone, and flat stack. and we have a return of winter weather... so HOPEFULLY some afternoon skis after practice.

Uh, that's all.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Week 1

This week i broke the frisbee instruction into 2 parts. Basic footwork, and intro to zone.
Footwork was primarily applied to pivoting, and cutting. Zone instruction is at it's most rudimentary. We'll build.

Mon, Tues, and Thursday were skills, fundamentals and conditioning.
Wednesday was warmup, and game simulation.

Here is todays practice:
Unstructured throwing while i basked in the amazing 60 degree weather and collected my thoughts. Then while i set up the field, i suggested students work on throwing short completions instead of flinging junk about.

20 minutes, intro to zone, culminating in 5 minutes of zone 'o' with a tennis ball to focus on positional movement.

Warm up (about 1km),
event x 25 yds, stride, event by 25 yds, stride
butt kicks
high knees
side to sides
25 yd build ups (x2)
50 yd build ups
(1 km total)

handler drill
goto drill
throw in pairs
away drill
.75 km fast jog

dutch drill, run .75 km between game, throw 10 passes while winded.
10 min scrimmage, subs run .75km between points

5 x 40 sprints. told kids that our focus needs to move towards speed

2 minute finishing talk, positive reinforcement.

25 minutes working with 3 students, one got help in huck form, one (newer) worked on flick, one didn't need much help.

I did most of the workout w/ kids.
Yesterday, warmup, drills, and Scrimmage. there is one player who tips the field enough with his abillity that I have to play some to balance the game. Then a 25 mile road ride.
Tuesday, lots of drills, and conditioning games (short field, make it take it, dutch drill). Then one hour of mixed unicycling and juggling. Big break through was 2 starts where i actually step up onto the other pedal, without stepping up and rocking back and going. This is hard to describe, but significant. Got one decent trick with the clubs.
Monday, drills, and skills.

Tommorrow, a full team scrimmage, which i'll just watch. I'm going to lift in the AM, and take the pm off. It's a rest day. Saturday and sunday, I'll ski and bike.

Left knee is aching a tad... common for me in early season. Kind of a chondromalacia or something... usually goes away quickly if i'm dilligent about stretching my quad. The sprints were pretty successful. I'd hardly call them sockeye quality, but i was moving pretty good, and the hammy seems to be training up ok...

That's all

Sunday, April 01, 2007

let it begin!

official beginning of frisbee tommorrow. 4 days per week, fridays off.
plan for this week:
Monday and Tuesday: Focus is footwork... whether faking / or throwing, teaching the proper pivots for new throwers. Likewise, for cutting. Planting on outside foot, and setting first steps to 'seal off' the defender...
Wednesday and Thursday: Zone intro. If it's real windy, i use a ball, and allow it to hit and roll: the goal is to force the defense to win with positioning and movement, not win because the newer throwers can't yet hit easy ones. The goal is to make the zone 'd' better before our own skills are good enought to truly challenge the 'd'

daily structure:
free throwing while i set up
offer individual suggestions as i move around
warm up run
structured throwing
marking drill
groups of 5-7, and movements through stations with small field games (ex: endzone practice), cutting/throwing drill, scrimmage...

one day, weather permitting, will offer a prolonged scrimmage (usually 2 games of 7 a side, teams basically even)... but i prefer, early in the season, to do these on the occasional low wind day.

Me: I'll do the drills, and warm-ups, as i work on improving turnover and stride. but most of my practice is spent highlighting theme of day, and correcting individual areas... i'll run or bike or ski or roller ski everyday after practice... goal is morning lift or yoga or run everyday... we'll see how that goes. hopefully, if it stays cool here, I can still ski in the afternoon: but it's pretty quickly getting to where skiing is a morning pursuit...

this weekend, my first juggling convention. basically, 5 plus hours of juggling and unicycling. marked improvement in both. getting pretty solid with 3 clubs, better with 4 balls, and significant improvement in current unicycle issue of starting without holding on to something...

sides: the discovery science channel planet earth series is flipping amazing. the preview for eaglevsshark looks pretty funny.

"tell him, justice is waiting"
"OK Justin, I'll tell him you called"