Wednesday, August 31, 2005

killin time

Listening to the Black Eyed Peas, and killing time before the Teacher's meeting. 4 hours that could better be spent lesson planning. Oh well. A reality of any job with a boss is management meetings.

Goals for the day:
Finish off my US History Curriculum (for next few weeks, at least)
Start Religions of World Curriculum (see above)
Kick High School Butt in mini.

While yelling ridiculous things like "THIS IS MY LABOR DAY THIS IS MY LABOR DAY"

'Relevant Reading' to finish this Weekend
Nothing Like it in the World, Ambrose. Dealing w/ TransContinental RR.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Team Time Trial today. I had to work, so I didn't get to see it, but the results are impressive. This years girls, led by some really talented frosh (the number 1 runner) equaled last years Oregon Bronze medalists (Summit), and our boys team this year is unreal. We should get at least 5 runners below 17, which makes it reasonable to talk about notable performances at states. Of course, this was just 3 kilometers, and states is a ways off...

Speaking of work, I'm cranking. With 3 more work days before the kids arrive (I guess I'm allowed to work on the labor day weekend, but...) I'm getting there. I'm several weeks ahead in World History. Tommorrow, I'll work up my rough syllabus revision for U.S.

Interestingly, we've got some new web features, so I'll be able to post syllabus, lecture notes, readings in .pdf, etc. for kids who get sick, etc. I've not received my user i.d. and such, but it is apparently, kind of blog like.

My goal this year is to increase the amount of primary source reading (for example, Bismarck's explantion of why France must be crushed) AND develop some relevant games and sims. Honestly, the games will have an entertainment component as well, but 30 minutes out of 540 each week doing education 'lite' will probably just help keep things moving. Besides, I'm kind of 'anti-movie' so this is the carrot to the stick of higher expectations for reading and writing.

In other news, seriously, did you know new orleans is below sea level? I think i'd have left.

On the excercise front, Sunday, 18 mile road ride, frisbee in evening, monday, 5 mile run, evening frisbee. Today, relative rest. I've got some kindof knee-itis from 3 weeks of doubles... but I'm hopeful that as school starts and i only can work out w/ the team, the 'relative' rest will fix me up. I'm also doing all sorts of core strengthening, and icing and stretching, and trying to eat well.

Sectionals in a couple weeks, with the return of a couple noted players from the past. Guess their names and receive a prize. Not really doing anything in particular to train up for it (as in speed work, etc.) but I'm staying more or less on top of throwing... it finally seems to be getting back to pre - fracture form.

That's all.

Friday, August 26, 2005

bloggin the glory.

Alex has taken the low road to comment glory. Asking fribee players to talk about injuries is like asking a... nerd to talk about linux? a skier to talk about gear? a redneck to talk about nascar? you get the idea.

Me, I have no pith today. I'm kind of tuckered out. Wednesday night I played disc with the kids, then thursday morning ran, then played 'men's team practice' last night, then, a short adventure run (probably 1.75 hours of running around in the woods trying to decipher a VERY bad map) then playing some ultimate this evening.

I'm reading Nothing Like it in the World by noted plagiarist Stephen Ambrose in anticipation of starting US history with a discussion of the transformation of the American west (HS US starts after War of Northern Aggression and Reconstruction). I think modern world history starts with French Revolution and Napoleon, then continues w/ a long and uninterrupted series of other wars. I'm also teaching AP US govt, and Religions of the World. The AP class is going to be a bear, at least as far as grading goes...

I think I've read like 40 plus books this summer, and watched a like (maybe more) number of movies... Now the fun is drawing to a close. I suspect that my days will go like this...

up at 6:00, breakfast, coffee, bike to school
7:15-8:00 office time, coffee, make copies.
8-8:25 prep, coffee, lesson planning, read paper, grade papers.
8:30 - 2:45 teach
3-5 XC practice (then ski practice in november, then frisbee practice in february)
5- 10 grade... read, eat...

And once every 30 days anxiously await the ginormous sums of cash that make it all worth while..

I'm on my way (sort of) to pick up some new pedals for my road bike... I'd rather spend the money than switch pedals back and forth... Fall is coming. Last night it went down to 27 somewhere out in eastern oregon. It's been low 40's maybe even high thirties here at night. It's awesome. Cold enough that I can finally get some decent sleep at night. My goal is to have my 'bestest' ski season ever this year. That means, in addition to the base conditioning that running and frisbee offer, weights, and balance work (yoga, maybe some roller skiing for nordic specific -- although honestly those roller skis seem like a fast path to a cast). I also want to do more back country touring. I have more friends now who have sleds (snowmobiles), which are really useful for getting to the base of backcountry areas... the goals are miles on skis, and lots o' powder skiing... never too early to think of skiing...

I'm working on my preview of the UPA season. I'm not sure why Huckleberry Hinterland is writing it, but I promise it will be full of subtle self aggrandizing prose.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


last night played some co-ed ultimate... somehow i've developed a rep for being lazy. i prefer to think of myself as being smart. why should i motor around aimlessly in some 6 turnover point, only to be cut off if i make any in cut over 30 yards... 'men's play' on thursday, and theirs a couple old rhino guys out there, so it's good fun.

this a.m., the 3 mile tempo run, 20:40, felt pretty good, but i'm looking forward to the intervals (decreasing from mile repeats to 800's to shorter faster more frisbee like stuff by mid october.).
At that point, i'll publish my times, and if i'm not running faster than Alex, well, I'll lie.

Mountain bike ride this afternoon, then playing disc w/ some of the highschool kids.

I think I'm going to read, eat a little in interim. Might watch Bourne Supremacy...

Man I'm hungry.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

grip and rip.

short 4 mile run today... foot a little sore... frisbee tonight. Nice ride in the afternoon, but I dallied during the nap phase, so it was after 5 by the time I got back to the congested area. So I got stuck in the crowds. 6 people. Left a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole sport.

Today, I'm playing w/ the local co-ed group... I should probably go to the track, but frankly, I'm a little 'solo - runner - training - ed - out'.

Starting to cool here... they say we may have first snow this weekend (but up around 10,000 feet... I'd be suprised if I"m skiing before thanksgiving... ALTHOUGH I did ski in October last year... or the year before, can't remember... that was an anomaly... apparently used to be more common)...


Tommorrow the 5k tempo run, and bike. I think sectionals is coming up... I'm going home to take a nap.

Monday, August 22, 2005

lazy weekend...

took some time off to read and sleep. and watch movies.
Read a couple books, watched some movies, slept.
Today, 7.5 in 55:30... didn't have my heart rate monitor on, but perceived effort was less than the same run done a minute slower last monday.

did it without breakfast and coffee, so my stomach hurts and i have a headache.
I'll fix both with a cup of coffee, and fix the caloric needs after i finish up here at the library.

We're on daily runs with the team, so I'll have to be playing frisbee only in p.m. from here on out... and mountain biking...

last week of summer, so got to pile it on. we had rain last night, so the trails, often moon dust in summer, will be exquisite... time to charge the ipod, and get out away from the people...


Thursday, August 18, 2005

that's how I roll...

i did get in the afternoon ride on tuesday. went well. 2 hours, in the 65-70% range... (my runs are usually like 85%, frisbee, i don't wear the heart monitor, and i'm not doing intervals yet. I should probably wear it, just to see). Yesterday was 1.5 mile run up College way, and then ran the steps 6 times, then a hill run, so like, 7 solid intervals... the whole workout took about 1.25 hours, plus a core workout. Not a great workout for me (tired from a few days of doubles), but no vomit. This a.m., some mini and dutch drill (3 v. 3 in a box, 10 consecutive completions = 1 point, games to 3 or 5 or whatever). The kids are getting it.

By getting it, I mean lots of blades, pushing, and shoving.

Some anecdotes...
At the running camp recently, the head coach Dave had left a walkie talkie w/ some straggling kids... they were freshmen, so even though there were technically no wrong trails to take, he was concerned by their tardiness after the long run... While standing 10 feet away from, in full view of the 35 or so student runners who were eating milling, drinking water, whatever, but hidden behind a tent, I did my best squeaky voiced impersonation of a 9th grader. Playing on the abillity of people to misunderstand walky talky chatter, I managed to keep Dave going for several minutes... It was especially ridiculous, because my voice was like some kind of cartoon character, and the walky talkie makes a huge electronic CHIRP everytime you release the button... did i mention I was 10 feet away (and to be fair, dave is a really bright guy)

me: he- he- hello? (CHIRP)
dave: is this the freshmen, come in, come in (CHIRP)
me: uh - uh- yeah, where do we turn? (CHIRP)
me: uh, leak? leak? what leak? (CHIRP)
me: B- Body? What body.(CHIRP)


Good times. Almost as exciting as the time we (Sockeye) bounced back from a disappointing semis loss to Ring of Fire to close off the Beer Tent at nationals and start carding everyone there... I may write a script treaty of it sometime (narrative doesn't really do it justice)... suffice to say, the 55 year old guy didn't initially think it was funny, but he came around.

I've bogged down in Killer angels... I kind of know the ending.

I picked up a Parenti book about 9/11 called the Terrorism Trap, and an Illustrated version of The Right Stuff... Yesterday I read Rain Fall, by Eisler. This hitman dude kicks some ass. Pretty good. Kind of sort of like what a Clancy book would be like, if Clancy didn't suck.

Later, more ultimate... tonight, one of my Library DVD's either 28 Days Later, Ronin, or Spartan. Haven't seen Spartan yet.

Monday, August 15, 2005

further adventures of the albino rhino

little enough to report.
breakfast, a single pancake and cup o' coffee,
then 7.5 miles in 56... like 7:30's???
now some internet, then, back to headquarters to eat 2 more pancakes, and a pb and j smoothie.

frozen apple juice
frozen bannanas
frozen strawberries
2 cups of adams hippy peanut butter*



I've got a little runners knee (patellofemoral / chondromalacia / wussy-itis) so I may or may not bike today...

I'd like to finish off killer angels (by Shaara), and I might play a little more tiger woods 2005 on my xbox. But frankly, the game is too easy. They should have made it harder.

I should probably write a few lesson plans...

The obvious excitement that Jim and Alex have for the game right now, in contrast to the mundane nature of Idris' (and my own) blogs, confirm that I have in no way shaken (shook?) the ultimate bug at the tender age of 35.

I got to get to perth.

*Just kidding, more like 2 tablespoons.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I've been out and about for a few days at a running camp, and I'm still number 42 on your program, but... Alex and Jim have been listing their track workouts... so i thought I'd join in on the bandwagon...

Monday 15 miles biking.
Tuesday 5 mile run to camp (gear was boated in)
Wednesday 3 mile hike to base of mountain, 5 miles (and 2000 feet) up, run/walk down, 3 mile jog back to camp.
Thursday 13 mile run
Friday 5 mile bike
Saturday 15 mile mt. bike ride.
sunday 15 mile mt. bike ride

I'm going to go play frisbee in a while.... lots of aches and pains after the week, but hopefully i'll be able to run hard for an hour or so.

Also, today, eggs, pancakes, coffee. mmm good.

Recent reads:

Running with the Buffalo, a year in the season of CU's outstanding cross country program. They run, a lot. And fast. These guys are running in the 30 minute 10 k range, which is fast. Their mileage is insane (to me), in the 80-100 mile range per week. Typical 'season in the life of' tale with it's share of ups and downs.

It raises the question, is there a 'curse of the sports writer in the locker room'? Are there any chronicled seasons that end with everyone alive healthy, and standing at the top of the podium?

Read Black Dahlia last week, by James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential). Read L.A. Confidential instead.

Currently reading The Killer Angels by Shaara, fictionalized novel dealing w/ Gettysburg. So far, so good.

The weeks of 3500 pages per week are drawing to a close. Kids back in school in 3 weeks, I'm in the office in 2...

C'est la vie.

The big summer wrap up is coming up, but here are my predictions for 2005-2006 school year and summer vacation.

80 plus days skiing. Here's to skiing where they don't keep the rocks, and avoiding broken bones.
3.50/gallon gas next summer. I hope I'm wrong.
A couple Weeks at Bandon lake learning to windsurf. I hope I'm right.
Return to tournament play, i.e., travelling a little to play in some more competitive gigs...

That is all.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


foot MAY be feeling better. Played a little low key frisbee this AM (dutch drill and mini)... playing some more, w/ a little more effort tonight. try and work on my syllabi... beyond that...
screw it. i'm going home to make some pancakes.

5 pm update. Read The Price of Loyalty today. It's good. Hardly the anti-Bush polemic it was made out to be, but hardly flattering. Probably fairly accurate description of modern media politiscs.

Monday, August 01, 2005

recent reads... updated

Read The Librarian, also by Beinhart. Like Wag the Dog, a politically themed mystery. 'Summer Reading.' Read The Godfather, by Puzo. No major departures from the movie, but a good read.

I've been reading a ton lately -- with school coming up, i'm not sure i'll have, uh, any time to read anything but curriculum related materials (i have to read a LOT of stuff to find something to have the kids read, plus I end up reading a lot of outside stuff just to bolster my own depth of knowledge. hmm. Do you bolster a depth?)

Next up... we shall see... Since I'm teaching religions of the World, I need to bone up on my comparative religion. And some religious related issues in history (crusades, arab-israeli wars, modern... wait a sec. I'm noticing a geographic consistency)...

i read Wag the Dog (Formerly American Hero) by Beinhart yesterday. Pretty good, even if you've seen the movie. The two are significantly different in their plots. I'd not read any of his stuff, but it's good entertaining summer reading.

I also read Reefer Madness, by that one guy, what's his name, he wrote Fast Food Nation. Interesting look at the black market economy in the US (marijuana, illegal immigrants, pornography) in a series of case studies. Fascinating, a little meandering.

Reread the Hitchhikers guide trilogy (quintology?) over the weekend. I liked it. I'd actually not read Mostly Harmless.