Friday, December 26, 2008

just kickin it on boxing day.

lessee. basically in a base phase kind of deal. Usually one hard workout per week. After the break, morning agillity training with a bunch of kids. Weird mix, since it's an open gym, mostly baseball, frisbee, but the baseball coach is a buddy, and he invited me and the frisbee kids to this open preseason deal. Should be fun. I'll have to figure out something to do on the other mornings other than sleep as i find it better to get up at the same time every day.

dec 26 80min skate (level 3), 50 min jog (lev 1) weights
dec 25 hike/ski say 2.5 hours. probably 1.5 of that was climbing, 30 min skiing, 30 min social, ski from the house very easy 1hour
dec 24 skate 1 hour, ski in town 2 hours -- easy but slow, skis were icing
dec 23 70 min skate (level 2/3) 1 hour skiing.(downhill)
dec 22 rest
dec 21 rest
dec 20 ski'd probably 15km. lifted
dec 19 rest
dec 18 1.5 hours classic ski, lifted
dec 17 skate 1.5 hours, easy
dec 16 1.5 hours classic ski, easy
dec 15 LT intervals on treadmill, weights, core
dec 14 ski 1hour. run 1hour
dec 13 ski 2 hours with kids
dec 12 rest
dec 11 ski 1 hour with kids
dec 10 ski 1 hour easy
dec 9 ski 1 hour easy
dec 8 rest
dec 7 ski, run

Saturday, December 06, 2008

state of the luke

Sigh. I've been relegated to having to post frisbee tags to my blog to get a post on ultimate talk. Bummer. The kids today have no idea what they're missing.

Today was sick. First day on snow. Coaching, So we did a 4 mile loop, with drills coming back up the hill. Then a couple kms of drills of no pole on a loop. Then I squeezed in another 4 mile loop.

Then we played a fun game.

Pretty sketch skiing. 3 inches of snow ontop of the highway. but it was totally workable, and not hard on the skis at all.

Then, a burrito, a coffee, 2 hours guitar, and an 8 mile run, 8min pace.

Then some weights and core: really light: more focused on PT type excercises and some pistol squats, pushups, incine bench, deadlift, calf eccentric work, and core. 30 minutes exactly, which is my limit for lifting.

Then a good meal, a pint, and some ski care.

Tomorrow, ski, run or bike, and organize at the new house.

Weekly totals, Mon-Sun
run 35-37
ski twice, 2.5 hours
bike once 1.75 hours
lift twice

It's a base week: When i start ski racing (i'm no good, but i have a plan) I'll run less. And I did no intensity this week. If I had my druthers, I'd do no intensity for a 3 month period with lactate threshold runs, then switch to easy and hard runs. I have to modify.

Winter plan is a little different from the past as it will include running:
Ski: 4-5 days per week. Race 2x per month
Run: 3x per week. Intervals through January, then switch intervals to skiing and running as steady only.
Frisbee: Limited opps to throw, but will do one early morning set of cones/shuttle runs in the gym to be as ready as i can be for kaimana.
Weights: 1-3 times per week with attention to core, stretch, flex, and maintenance.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

teaching zone

1) get 7 players who know how to play zone
2) get your team together
3) if they know how to throw and catch well, play agressor squad vs new players
4) if they are new players... use a red kickball and let the players throw the ball around so that they can have completions. If they need to, just let them throw it around... and bounces are cool.
5) Use a teaching technique called 'freeze and discuss.' where you let the play develop then call freeze. then discuss positional issues. use this as an opportunity to move people around.

To develop speed, incorporate this workout in the early season: not the late season.
run laps around the field: run the diagonols at a dead run with good form. then jog the endzone. Repeat for 20 t 30 min. Note. This is an early season workout. Not a late season workout. This is to develop form, and develop conditioning. Focus on form.

Then, 10 minutes of throwing. Focus on crisp throws, imagining a mark... Alternatively, 10 minutes of mark drill. College kids, do this now, and you will improve.