Thursday, September 18, 2008


wednesday, went to play frisbee: no one showed. yeah bend. threw for 1 hour.
thursday, today, 90 minute run.

this weekend, coach, and a 3:00 run sunday. ble-yech.

gonna try to host a late fall frisbee tournament here: we got new fields, and a sweet field turf field.

more to follow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

below me.

at the risk of alienating toad...
lessee, friday, i took off.
saturday, i was at the bus depot (school) at 6:00 am, and spent a full day coaching. the girls killed it: they may or may not win state, but for now, they are untouchable. the boys were solid, but missing 1 stud, and one stud has a broken femur... so, i mean, we're all good. I did a 5 mile run.
sunday: 20 mile run. well, that's an estimate. I did 2:40 running, and i did the first 5km on a set time trial to get an estimate of pace. worst case, a 19 mile run. the first 10 miles was with a roommate who's training up for a later marathon. but i had to do 20. my expected training partner for the last 10 bailed... so i was on my lonesome. ugh.
monday, rest: frustrating cause the kids were doing hill repeats (which i like), so i was relegated to hi-5-ing every kid.
tuesday: today, 3x1 mile, at 6:20, 6:10, 6:00, then 3x800 at 3:05, 3:05, 2:50. all on grass, on a slowish course, with 2:00 rest between.

and ok, a little ultimate. i spent about an hour throwing with players, and my girl players were bombing it. absolutely bombing it. maybe this is the year for the team!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


frisbee first: at every practice, the frisbee players throw.
enough of that.

Sunday, 2:20 run (16-18 miles)
Monday, rest
Tuesday, The kids had a pool party, I ran there, 28 minutes, hills and running. probably 3.75 miles in about 28 min. Then 4 intervals, 6 on, (2 rest), 6 (3), 6 (3), 7, run 1 mile. I was running hard, I thought 6 equaled a mile, but lingering fatigue affected me, and according to mapmyrun, I was running about a 6:25 pace. So a quality workout, but slow.
Wed: ran easy, 3.5 miles, 28 minutes, but flat. Then 6 x 100 yards on the brand new sport turf field. My hip flexor was sore.
Thursday: Skipped the 2mile warm up run, (threw, instead), then played games with the kid on a designed recovery day. Then ran three miles on a track while I timed a kid doing a timed run for a scholarship. then ran 7 more miles. Total data: 10 miles, average 8:14. Knee was mildly achy, but not really. Tommorrow is rest.

Saturday, is a 4mile run, Sunday is a 2:45 run, 20 ish is the goal.

I'm trying to line up running partners for parts of the run. One of my room mates will do the first 10, then I'm hoping to get a fellow teacher to do the next 6... well then, I'm hoping to borrow CJ's dog for the last part. I mean, the dog can handle it.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

on and on and on.

lessee, tuesday was painful miles
wednesday was an easy 25 minute run, weights, a meeting, another meeting, and work until 10
thursday was the kids racing, then i did a night run of 45 minutes.
friday, hour:06 run, say 8.5 miles?
saturday, rest
sunday, 2:20 run, somewhere from 16-18 miles. I figure 17.

So something like 41 miles for the week.

I'm on a rushed plan to run portland marathon in a month. only mildly rushed, but I'm being pretty good with my rest days.

school is good.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


kind of a crappy workout today (i think), but the long miles this weekend make it kind of OK. 25 or 26 miles this weekend, then a 1.5 mile warmup, 3x1 mile repeats at 6:10, 6:00, 5:50 (over rolling grass with turns and stuff, not a track).

by comparison,
2 years ago was 4, 6, 5:55, 5:50, at 5:57.
3 years ago was 5 at 6:18, :15, :15, :05, :10.

I'll do 4 or 5 next week when we do them again, and I'll try to run them all 5 seconds faster. (goal would be 6:05, 5:50, 5:40, and 5:30). perhaps ambitious, but we'll see.

Monday, September 01, 2008

labor day.

nothing to do with frisbee, but friday, after a day of work, got some good sleep, then up pretty early to cheer on the kids in the sunrise to summit, then up to cultus. paddled upwind in some ridiculous wind with a full boat, met up with the rest of the crew, did camp stuff, ate hotdogs.

sunday, 13 mile run, stopped halfway to eat a burger at the lodge. ate a lot, drank coffee, etc.

today, 12 mile run, paddled back.

was going to time trial this mountain, but no in my party was in for it, so it was just long distance stuff, at a decent pace.