Wednesday, August 24, 2005


last night played some co-ed ultimate... somehow i've developed a rep for being lazy. i prefer to think of myself as being smart. why should i motor around aimlessly in some 6 turnover point, only to be cut off if i make any in cut over 30 yards... 'men's play' on thursday, and theirs a couple old rhino guys out there, so it's good fun.

this a.m., the 3 mile tempo run, 20:40, felt pretty good, but i'm looking forward to the intervals (decreasing from mile repeats to 800's to shorter faster more frisbee like stuff by mid october.).
At that point, i'll publish my times, and if i'm not running faster than Alex, well, I'll lie.

Mountain bike ride this afternoon, then playing disc w/ some of the highschool kids.

I think I'm going to read, eat a little in interim. Might watch Bourne Supremacy...

Man I'm hungry.

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