Monday, August 15, 2005

further adventures of the albino rhino

little enough to report.
breakfast, a single pancake and cup o' coffee,
then 7.5 miles in 56... like 7:30's???
now some internet, then, back to headquarters to eat 2 more pancakes, and a pb and j smoothie.

frozen apple juice
frozen bannanas
frozen strawberries
2 cups of adams hippy peanut butter*



I've got a little runners knee (patellofemoral / chondromalacia / wussy-itis) so I may or may not bike today...

I'd like to finish off killer angels (by Shaara), and I might play a little more tiger woods 2005 on my xbox. But frankly, the game is too easy. They should have made it harder.

I should probably write a few lesson plans...

The obvious excitement that Jim and Alex have for the game right now, in contrast to the mundane nature of Idris' (and my own) blogs, confirm that I have in no way shaken (shook?) the ultimate bug at the tender age of 35.

I got to get to perth.

*Just kidding, more like 2 tablespoons.


Anonymous said...

Hey Luke,

Can you check your shiftyeye email? the sites down. historical records backed up as far as images and db go but it might be on its last legs and we don't pay for it. i'm going to move it over to a UNIX based account I guess with my SmithShop & Shiftees (details to follow). If you use web mail, i recommend saving any information you might need or mailing it off to a Yahoo/GMAIL account or something. It might go bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Luke! Luuuuuuke!! Write me back re: UPA magazine.

- mike


Luke said...

mike, this is not a bulletin board.

this is a serious site.