Tuesday, August 23, 2005

grip and rip.

short 4 mile run today... foot a little sore... frisbee tonight. Nice ride in the afternoon, but I dallied during the nap phase, so it was after 5 by the time I got back to the congested area. So I got stuck in the crowds. 6 people. Left a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole sport.

Today, I'm playing w/ the local co-ed group... I should probably go to the track, but frankly, I'm a little 'solo - runner - training - ed - out'.

Starting to cool here... they say we may have first snow this weekend (but up around 10,000 feet... I'd be suprised if I"m skiing before thanksgiving... ALTHOUGH I did ski in October last year... or the year before, can't remember... that was an anomaly... apparently used to be more common)...


Tommorrow the 5k tempo run, and bike. I think sectionals is coming up... I'm going home to take a nap.

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