Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Outside-IN Guide to Champies, Sunday action. And Callahan Predictions...

So you've had a productive and fun Thursday/Friday? Made it through Moving day?  Well, let's ratchet up the tension shall we?  Knockout Round.

But first, Sunscreen.  I know it’s been cloudy, but, you’re spending a lot of time in it.  Keep that skin UV Free.  I like the Zinc based products, as I find they last longer than the PABA products.

After a quick breakfast, Catch the Quarterfinals.  I’ll let the folks at Skyd and other interweb type places prognosticate, But everyone pretty much took the chalk for their Semi-finalist predictions.  Enjoy the games, and then head over to Madison Memorial High School. 

It’s about 6 miles away.  Looks like I’d be having brunch at the Vietnamese Pho Restaurant in the neighborhood.

Welcome to Madison Memorial High School.
It’s Sunday.  Quarters, and Semis. I’ll be watching on ESPN3, I hope.

The games will be what the games will be.  Let’s talk about what we can know.  Top 5 Callahan Candidates, and predictions.  If you're a first time visitor to the Outside-IN, you'll want to check out some historical Callahan posts from the glory days of r.s.d., HERE, HERE, and HERE

Onto the Top 5 Candidates:
Clark, Jay (Georgia Tech)
High Caliber video.  Solid Tunes.  High level Club Experience.  And the sole top five finalist who wasn’t in the initial Skyd “Hey Pick one of these 5 dudes” list.  Just goes to show, a little guy with heart, and moxie, and a strong Computer Science Department, always has a hacker’s fighter’s chance.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

Pros: Hacked the Mainframe
Cons: Serious underdog.

Degirolamo, Tyler (Pitt)

Probably a favorite to win.  Has the hardware, with a 2012 national title, and the name recognition.  Didn’t subject me to Awolnation’s “Sail”.   Infact, none of the finalists did.  Dub step is dead.  His Team mate was top 5 finisher last year.  Senior.  And, a little daft punk on the tunes. 

Pros: National Champ, Senior
Cons:  Would he, or a healthy Thorne have been the Callahan nod?

Freechild, Dylan (University of Oregon)

It’s just a matter of time until Spikezilla brings the Callahan back to the Ultimate roots of founder Henry Callahan. Oregon get’s a lion’s share of the Calla-love, and one year it will be Dylan’s.  It Could be this year, as he is a great talent.  But, you have to wonder if the voters will shy away from Dylan the way that Heisman votes less often go to underclassmen.  Creative music choice.

Pros: Slow Jams the Highlights.
Cons: Youth

Hart, Brian (Wisconsin)

Undoubtedly talented, and hardly a no name, Mr. Hart suffers from the perception that the Hodag’s are group of interchangeable pasty kids who run stairs all the time and hit the weights (yo).  But Wisconsin has one Callahan in history, so it’s not out of the question.

Pros:  Darkhorse candidate (In the actual meaning of the expression, not as an exclamation)
Cons: The perceptions of the Academy

Mickle, Jimmy (University of Colorado)

Nexgen cred, monster pulls and great speed are nice.  But he’s going to win because flava flav can not be denied.

Pros:  Public Enemy beats.
Cons:  Seen as a chucker.

Actual Prediction: Degirolamo.


I’m actually impressed that two of the finalists don’t have videos.  Focused on the big prize?  Or a canny double bluff to garner support? 

Chastain, Claire (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

Undoubtedly good player.  Has a video, but more of a slide show.  Change of pace with the Taylor Swift.  Watch out for this one.  She came into the season as a hyped player, and the Seaweed are back in the show.  Trouble. Trouble.

Hoffmann, Liên (Northwestern)

No video?  No hype?  Crafty.  I say vote for her!  Groundswell movement has pushed her into the top 5.  And likely for good reason.  But, the national vote may escape her.

Miller, Rebecca (Iowa State University)

The Womens’ race is way more interesting than the boys race, as apparently, they don’t get caught up in the Calla-Hype.  Good job ladies, picking your own candidates.  (Nothing against you Skyd, but, punditry affects the experiment.  Just let people nominate, and vote.  Give ‘em some hydro-shorts afterwards). The video showcases her speed, d, and receiving skills, but voters definitely put a premium on disc skills.

Pros: Journey.  Duh.

Tajima, Claudia (Tufts University)
High Production Value video.  Big Game coverage, and experience.  Clearly valuable to a good team.
Pros: See above.
Cons:  Not a Huge fan of the music.

Zahniser, Bailey (University of Oregon)

Oregon has a hype machine, and their video production value is always high.  Playing a role on a top team for a few years helps. 

Cons:  Not a huge fan of the music.  Really.


It's going to be a long day, with the last Semi played under the lights.  

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