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Outside-In Nationals Previews: Saturday

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Welcome back to Outside IN.  If you’re just tuning in, Go HERE for what to do on Thursday, And which games to watch on Friday.  But to summarize, Go see a show Thursday, Ride around on a bike, sit down between fields 3, and 4, on Friday, and watch 8 1v2 games unfold before your eyes.

The USA Ultimate Event guide is now up, and is viewable HERE.    

The link to yesterday’s Outside – in Tourism write up is HERE, if you want some Thursday and Friday night activity suggestions, and a couple places to rent a bike for transport around town.

But Saturday is moving day.  Some teams come in with the pool all but locked up, some come in all but knocked out, and some come in needing help, and some come in holding on for dear life, but with their destiny still in their hands.

If you wake up with time to spare, hit the Bagels forever on university.  

Or, even better, Gotham Bagels. According to our correspondent on the ground, Gotham Bagels is "5 greater than signs better than" Bagels Forever.  blogger won't let me type that, it converts it to gibberish.   I don't know if that just means just 'greater than' or "5x greater than."  But, it's definitely fish scales above Bagels Forever.   But, this is probably moot if, despite my best efforts, you’re probably driving, and hoteling, when you could be cribbin’ and biking. Just eat your complimentary waffle.

If you’re running short on time, McFood it is.  Let’s brown bag the lunch today, as we’ve been dipping deep into our paltry budget.  A little bread and some hard cheese, and an apple will tide you over through the day.  And Coffee.  Lot’s of it.  

I’ve got a few suggestions for games to watch Saturday, but much will depend on what happened Friday. But here we go with some pie in the sky predictions, starting with the boys.  And note, since we're in Wisconsin, we'll take our sky pie with cheddar.

Open Play preview, day 2.

Round 1
Saturday, I’d go Oregon vs Dartmouth at 830 on field 4.  Oregon Should be in good shape by now, but even after preparation, and planning, 8:30 will still feel early to the big Green Machine.  And I mean Oregon, not Dartmouth, whose mascot is The Big Green.   Or a giant anthropomorphic, Keg, but I kind of think Dartmouth has kiboshed that.

In Round 2, I’d go UNC v. Ohio at 10:30 on field 4, as a potentially important game,  and in Round 3 Texas v. Wilmington on field 5 at 1230,

The round 4 game at 2:30 game is tougher.  I’ll make my decision based on the Big board.  For someone, this game will be a must win pre-pre-quarter.  Watch that one.

But with no idea at this time as to what games will matter, let’s just say maybe Central Florida vs Ohio at 230.  Or Carleton v. Harvard.  Hmm.  State Schools or Private.  Which to watch?

Well, a lot depends on if you care to know that “actually, players dived.“  Or that Carleton would prefer ‘to go boldly’ rather than ‘to boldly go.’  I’m going state school grit for my entertainment dollar here.

On Saturday, The best Girls games to watch might be:

Round 1, If you want to get up early, catch Oregon v. Stanford at 8:30.  Should be solid, and the ‘Old Northwest’ battles still carry some cache.

Round 2:  then either the Iowa v. Washington game on field 1, or the Carleton v. UGA game at 10:30 on field 10. 

Round 3: I’d go Tufts UW at 12:30 on Field 4.  This brings together 2 prominent Callahan contenders, and has potential to be the off ramp to the dirt road.  The 3 seed gets the harder Match-up in pre-quarters, but, there don’t look to be too many pushover wins in prequarters. 

Round 4, Probably  UBC v. UGA at 2:30.   I’d make a dash to grab some food, and get ready for the play-in pre-quarters at 5:00.

Play will end fairly late on Saturday.  If you’ve been following the action well, you’re probably pretty tired.  There’s plenty to do in Madison on memorial day weekend, such as The  World’s Largest Brat fest?  That’s what USA ultimate is pushing.  The web site is HERE.  This involves highways, and exits and parking.  Aren't you biking like I suggested?

Plus, Brat fest just sounds like “crowds” to me, along with 3rd tier American Idol cover bands..  Of more interest to me is the PEOPLE’s Brat Fest, which sounds like Occupy Brat Fest.  It's on campus somewhere.  You're not actually going there.  Here is what you really want to do.  Why don’t you just go find a quiet place and catch the Spurs v. Grizzlies match up, and eat some local food?

I was told to go to the Old Fashioned downtown, get some cheese curds and a #38 (think it’s a Brat), but I can’t tell if they have the games on.  Bike down town, and walk around until you find something that looks good.  But, do get a brat, and some cheese curds.  It’s a thing.

It’s pushing 11 by now.  Unless you’re plan is some fear and loathing in Cheese country, I’d probably wind it down.   We’ll be changing venues for Sunday and moving to Madison Memorial High School.  Quarters start at 8:30a.m., and Semi Finals start at Noon.  And games will be continuing late into the twilight under the lights.  We'll also have the presentation of the 2013 Callahan MVP awards.  

We'll be back tomorrow with the Callahan preview.  Tune in sports fans.  I'll also publish my bracket, but, It's sort of an exercise in futility.  

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