Sunday, June 02, 2013

Westerns review... game 1.

Coach's perspective, round 1.

In other rounds, upsets included Nathan Hale of WA over Fairview of CO, Sheldon d. Garfield (in a game that Sheldon got off to a big lead then comfortably coasted), and tournament chalk buster Berkeley started their strong march to the finals.  But, I'm talking about personal experience.

From My coaching perspective.
Summit vs. Monarch.
Going into the game the teams have played 2 times.  In 2011, Monarch won by 1 point, at the cap.  But In 2012, Summit won by 1 point, at the cap.  It seems the teams are basically weird mirror images of each other.  Two mountain towns with short frisbee seasons.  Two teams of outstanding athletes, but athletes whose passions are divided among multiple sports.  Two towns where winter snows preclude year round club scenes to boost youth participation.

In other words, it's
For you community fans, it's a perfect continuity.

In 2011, the game was back and forth.  Both teams came to play.  Both were gunning for the 9th spot.  Monarch was suffering from traveling a time zone, and 100s of miles.  Summit had prom to deal with.  A fairly stacked deck.  But it was monarch's game, and rightfully so.

In 2012, the game was back and forth. My memories are all positive.  But the last point was a 15 minute, 35 mph wind Wasatch range storm in Utah.  And at the end of the day, Summit won.  

And, the rubber match would be no less exciting.  And let it be said, it was a joy to coach. As was the case in the past, it was an athletic H stack with a predisposition to ambition (Monarch) vs. the Summit teams same strengths, and failings in a Vert stack.  Athletic plays abound.  And, in the anti-climax of all, the horn goes off, as we score.  If memory serves, there were NUMEROUS lead changes.  

Summit goes up 1-0.  And technically, it was good Spock vs. good Spock.  But rock the Spock goatee.

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