Monday, November 06, 2006

push it along.

congrats jim on the 200'000 hit mark. i'm at a lowly 35K or so. you'll be glad to know, a student asked of a disc w/ a visored playor: is that 'Jim'? i said no. i should have said 'no, jim neither wears visors nor dives.'

so thursday was weights and roller skiing... and friday was a trip to eugene to preview the course... we warmed up the kids, and i snuck in a workout... over 8 k, i got 3 miles at around 18after a 2 mile warmup... that's fast for me.... on saturday, between watching 1A races, i ran another fast 8K, including a 'race' against a team captain... we ran the following times (like, out of the car, no warmup)

3.303 (this was actually a short 'k', and scott declared victory).

so i lost the race, which turned out to be 4.7 when scott goes: 'i win'... i got my 'best 5 k' at 19:10, and a total time of 32 for the 8 k...

so two really snappy workouts... and a nice time on the state course... so i'm calling my pr for the year 19:10... i think i would have gone sub 19 if scott had held it together... but next years goal is sub 18... i've already started organizing a 'race'... the friends and family on course race... there are two options... on friday, we run, or better, on saturday, we run during the 'open course' portion... friday would be no one in the way, but i'm inclined to make it saturday, and you have to weave through the various people there.... here's the plan, kind of a white elephant prize, you bring a prize, and LAST gets first pick, FIRST gets second, and then NEXT TO LAST, then SECOND, and so on... the pool will be coaches, family friends, etc. You have to understand, there were 11 athletes families there, then another 30 kids and their families who came to support: XC is big at summit... could be a fun 25 or 30 person run... with brothers, sisters, moms, dads... should be cool... i predict 5th or 6th for me... ideally it will be an event w/ a bbq at the field site (if it's friday)... i'll let you know...

uh, sunday, 20 miles of biking, 40 minutes of roller skiing, read french for 2 hours...

today, monday, 1.5 hours of frisbee coaching, 40 minutes of biking, lifted weights (squats, chinups, benchpress)... uh, i'm tired...


ps. girls were 5th : if our 'frontrunner' (the girl w/ the broken femur) had run, they'd have been 2nd, and the presumable order of finish would have been, gradewise, 10,9,9,9,10,12,9,11... of course, wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which fills up first, but it seems to bode well, that 9,9,9,10,12,9,11 bodes well for next year... and hopefully lacy comes back strong as all medical info seems to suggest...

the boys... well, we didn't qualify a team but one freshman went (17th) as the top overall frosh, and our other boy went 17:50 after a season of struggling w/ asthma (a big deal to a kid who's never had it)... so we'll see. i'm happy w/ the work of all the athletes, down to the slow fat kid who made every race... and hopefully they'll improve over the year.

and play frisbee.


Anonymous said...

9,9,9,10,12,9,11 bodes well for next year...
but you are dealing with teenage girls and their bodies are changing. With girls so much more than boys, you don't know what's going to show up the next.


Luke said...

uh, true that. anecdotally, it is said that stress fractures tend to manifest themselves in sophmore girls (i don't know of any studies, but the head coach is keen to stay in tune w/ the girls during)... point is, they'll be strong: how strong, who knows, and honestly, i don't really care as long as they do the work, have fun, and give it their best effort... the success comes as a result of that or it doesn't, but it's just high school sports.